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Don’t Make Your Bed Day
SatDec 21

Don’t Make Your Bed Day – December 21, 2024

Don’t Make Your Bed Day is on December 21, and we can’t wait. Maybe you’re the kind who loves a freshly made bed each day. Or, you’re someone who can’t be bothered. Does it seem like a pointless chore? Can you never find the time? What’s great is that Don’t Make Your Bed Day can be for anyone. We know the benefits of making beds every morning. But did you know there’s a scientific case for keeping beds unmade? Either way, feel free to make the day your own.

History of Don’t Make Your Bed Day

The world has an enterprising fifth-grader to thank for Don’t Make Your Bed Day. In 2014, Shannon Barba of Tijeras in New Mexico started a petition after every teen’s heart. Barba wrote how she had made her bed every day since she was four to make her parents proud. But she felt the chore was pointless and was getting increasingly sick of it.

Barba called for Don’t Make Your Bed Day on December 21. Why December 21? She reasoned that it was the shortest day of the year when people were likely to spend the least amount of time out of bed. If you’re anything like Barba, you know the joys of an unmade, messy bed. The petition may have gotten her out of a tedious chore, but it turns out she may have been on to something.

Despite the universal case for tidying beds, a research team from England’s King University urges people otherwise. Their studies show that leaving a bed unmade during the day can remove moisture from bedsheets. Mites thrive in moist conditions. When we tuck our beds in neatly, we inadvertently provide germs a safe space away from sunlight. Unmade beds expose bacteria to sunlight — eventually dehydrating and killing them.

What’s more, not making your bed in the morning doesn’t necessarily make you lazy. It just means you’re a different personality type. Psychologists believe that people who place no importance on this activity don’t like structure. They prefer not knowing what to expect to keep things interesting. Of course, there are proven benefits to making your bed each morning. It’s just a matter of deciding how important the task is to you.

Don’t Make Your Bed Day timeline

500 A.D.
Origins Of ‘Hit The Hay’

Most people sleep on a bag stuffed with hay on the floor — hence, the term ‘hit the hay.’

Cotton Sheets Make An Appearance

The cotton gin revolutionizes cotton production and ushers in an era of cotton sheets.

The Case For Unmade Beds

Researchers in England believe unmade beds help kill bacteria and grime.

Messiness And Creativity

Studies by researchers at the University of Minnesota find strong correlations between unruly spaces and creativity.

Don’t Make Your Bed Day FAQs

What is Don’t Make Your Bed Day?

The day came about when fifth-grader Shannon Barba petitioned to have a Don’t Make Your Bed Day. She had been making her bed since the age of four and had had enough. Don’t Make Your Bed Day falls on December 21 — the shortest day of the year to coincide with a day when people would spend the least amount of time out of bed. 

Why should you not make your bed every day?

According to studies, leaving beds unmade can remove moisture from sheets and mattresses. Mites will dehydrate without moisture and eventually die.

Why does my bed make me so happy?

Sleeping releases a hormone called ‘melatonin’ that helps our bodies relax. When we wake up, it takes time for the effects of melatonin to dissipate. This is the reason why sometimes it can be so difficult to tear ourselves away from our beds.  

How To Celebrate Don’t Make Your Bed Day

  1. Don’t make your bed

    Enjoy the glorious mess that is your bed today. Crumpled sheets? Scattered pillows? Let them and yourself be.

  2. Sleep in

    Save yourself the trouble of making your bed by just staying in it. If it’s cold out, take today to snuggle in for some extra, much-needed snooze time.

  3. Read books on messiness

    Are you feeling guilty about a messy bed? Read books about how a little chaos is good for you. There are several reasons — both anecdotal and backed by research.

5 Facts About Bed Sheets That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. How authentic is your Egyptian cotton?

    Most of the Egyptian cotton bed sheets sold worldwide are fake.

  2. Avoid certain labels

    Don’t buy labels that say ‘easy care,’ ‘wrinkle-free,’ or ‘permanent press’ since these fabrics probably contain toxins.

  3. Hemp leads the way

    Hemp sheets work with body temperatures to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

  4. Bed sheets impact our health

    The wrong fabric can cause infections, itchy skin, or induce sleepless nights.

  5. Never go by thread count

    Instead, look at fiber length — the longer the thread, the better.

Why We Love Don’t Make Your Bed Day

  1. Oh, to be carefree for once

    Don’t Make Your Bed Day tells us it’s okay not to be perfect all the time. The way we see it, messy beds are signs that we’re only human after all.

  2. Imperfect ‘hygge’

    In a world obsessed with living for the Gram, messy beds say otherwise. ‘Life is messy.’ Unmade beds embrace this reality, making homes better and cozier for it.

  3. Deviation from routine

    Not making your bed can be a small but significant break from routine. It helps if you’re someone who can’t function without to-do lists and are looking to change things up.

Don’t Make Your Bed Day dates

2024December 21Saturday
2025December 21Sunday
2026December 21Monday
2027December 21Tuesday
2028December 21Thursday

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