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World Snowboard Day – December 21, 2024

World Snowboard Day is commemorated on December 21 to celebrate this exciting sport and its 60-year history. Snowboarding became a popular American recreational sport in the late 20th century after surprising the globe in the 1960s. Although sales of snowboards and sporting equipment have decreased in recent years, this sport remains an important feature of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. There are regional-level bodies that govern and regulate the sport internationally and also exist to attract people from all places to this sport. World Snowboard Day comes in as a flagship premier event for the snowboarding community.

History of World Snowboard Day

America is famous for having a unique spectrum of sports. Many are played mainly in America but have spread out in the world because of their popularity. Baseball, American Football, and Ice Hockey are some of the prime examples, but these are not all. Snowboarding is also a sport that is native to the American people and has evolved over the years into a modern Olympics sport.

Originating as a father’s gift to his daughter, the idea came from gluing two skis together to make a wide enough seat for the girl to sit on as the father pulled the skis together to let the daughter surf on the snow. The toy became so popular among his daughter’s friends that demand for the same toy started coming in from people and the man had to license the concept of the toy to a manufacturer for mass production. Can you guess who the father was? It was Sherman Poppen, an engineer from Michigan.

Word spread, and soon a skateboarder Tom Sims (pioneer of designing a snowboard) joined Poppen and together they held a snowboarding competition in Michigan which attracted people from all over the country. The sporting competition gained attention worldwide. The Welsh and Danish specifically were among the pioneers of the sport and sponsored international level competitions.

The first competition to give a cash prize was the National Surfing Championship in Muskegon, Michigan; with similar competitions emerging in other countries too. The first World Championship was held at Soda Springs, CA in 1983. Two years later the first Snowboarding Worldcup was held in Zürs, Austria which further cemented the sports identity. To regulate the sport, the International Snowboarding Federation (I.S.F.) was founded in 1990. When it became a part of the Winter Olympics in 1998, it was the biggest year in the sport’s history.

World Snowboard Day timeline

A snow sport

Snowboarding is introduced by the Americans as it took inspiration from regular skateboarding.

Winter Olympic Sport

Snowboarding becomes part of the Winter Olympic Sports at Nagano.

Inaugural Celebrations

The first World Snowboard Day is celebrated in 2006 as an initiative by the EuoSIMA and W.S.F.

Decreasing Interest in the Sport

Data has reported a steady decrease in the interest taken by people in snowboarding.

World Snowboard Day FAQs

Who is the regulatory body for Snowboarding in the U.S.?

U.S. Ski and Snowboard is a national governing body for ski and snowboarding in the United States.

How long does it take to learn snowboarding?

It depends on the training and hours one is willing to invest. It can take a week to a full season to learn the art of snowboarding

Can I still snowboard in my thirties?

The plain and simple answer is, Yes! You can ski, snowboard, or whatever else your heart desires, as long as you are exercising and taking care of your body and health regularly. Any sudden misadventure will always have a negative toll, but a composed approach is possible at any age.

World Snowboard Day Activities

  1. Go for snowboarding

    Even if you haven’t ever snowboarded, you can still go to a snowboarding site and learn to surf the snow with the help of a trainer. Trust us, you will love the experience.

  2. Attend a snowboarding sports event

    Be a spectator of this fun sporting event as it is not just a sport, it is a culture. Meet the players and interact with them, engage in a discussion over how they chose this as a career option. Get inspired!

  3. Talk about snowboarding

    Talk about snowboarding with your friends and share your experiences on social media for the world to know. Share stories, cover a live event, and post photos and videos on your channels.

5 Facts About World Snowboard Day Everyone Should Know

  1. Maximum number of flips

    The maximum number of flips in a single run is four.

  2. 430 resorts

    There are 430 resorts for snowboarding in the U.S. alone.

  3. The youngest person to win an event

    Chloe Kim, 14, was the youngest person to win a snowboarding event.

  4. The most celebrated snowboarder

    Shaun White has won 16 medals in the X-Games — the most by any snowboarder!

  5. More dangerous than skiing

    Snowboarding is considered by experts to be more dangerous than skiing.

Why We Love World Snowboard Day

  1. It is an American Sports

    Just like Baseball, Basketball, and American Football, snowboarding is also a truly American sport. We love watching our players excel in these sports.

  2. It is a good workout

    Apart from being exciting and full of adrenaline, it is a great workout. If you are interested in flexing your muscles while having a full dose of adrenaline in a controlled environment then snowboarding is the perfect sport for you.

  3. A good betting option

    If done right, and through legal channels, placing a bet in a snowboard competition can earn you a decent fortune. Wanna place a bet?

World Snowboard Day dates

2022December 21Wednesday
2023December 21Thursday
2024December 21Saturday
2025December 21Sunday
2026December 21Monday

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