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ThuDec 5

Bathtub Party Day – December 5, 2024

Bathtub Party Day is a unique event celebrated on December 5 each year. Yes, you read it right; there’s a holiday for that! Few things measure up to the relaxation power of a long soak in the bathtub, wouldn’t you agree? Since its invention, the bathtub has played an important role in our lives for sanitation and fun. Whether it’s a party for two with scented candles and rose petals, or a crowded splash around, Bathtub Party Day is all about having some good old bathtub fun.

History of Bathtub Party Day

A bathtub party is a perfect opportunity to let go of all your tension and stress. Combining the relaxing effect of a soak in the tub with the excellent company will have you purring with delight. This observance emphasizes the importance of taking time to pamper yourself. Life can be a tough journey, so let off a little steam as you throw yourself a bathtub party today!

It’s no secret that a beautiful bathtub can significantly improve the aesthetic of your bathroom. An elegant bathtub can also work wonders in terms of boosting property value. Prospective homeowners are usually on the lookout for family-friendly fixtures like a bathtub. Bathtubs have been an integral fixture in homes all over the world. The earliest mention of the bathtub comes from Crete in 1700 B.C. However, John Michael Kohler officially invented the first bathtub in 1883. Kohler was the co-founder of the Kohler company. He fixed a cast-iron horse trough with decorative feet combined with an enamel finish, creating the claw-foot design.

The history and creator of this holiday are subject to debate. Some claim Wellcat Holidays founded the holiday, but it’s unclear when the holiday was first celebrated. The early 2000s seem to be the safest bet for when the holiday was created. However, one thing is for sure; Bathtub Party Day is here to stay. Take advantage of this holiday to reconnect with your fun side. Get your favorite bath bomb and be lost to the world for a time.

Bathtub Party Day timeline

1700 B.C.
The First Record of Bathtubs

The earliest variant of the modern bathtub appears in Crete.

The Kohler Company is Founded

The Kohler Company is founded, with Jacob Vollrath and John Michael Kohler among the founders.

The First Bathtub is Created

John Michael Kohler invents the bathtub.

Colored Bath Fixtures are Introduced

The Crane Company introduces the first colored bath fixtures.

Bathtub Party Day FAQs

What is the most expensive bathtub in the world?

Designed by Simon Krapf, the Le Grand Queen is the most expensive bathtub in the world, with an estimated value of $1,7 million. The bathtub was carved with over 10 tons of a rare gemstone called Caijou.

Is there a golden bathtub?

The Golden Bathtub is made entirely of gold and is valued at about $990,000.

What is the biggest bathtub in the world?

The world’s largest tub spans an incredible 72 feet in length. It can hold a staggering 6,340 gallons and comes fitted with a jacuzzi pool, steam rooms, LCD screens, and a water pool, among other features.

Bathtub Party Day Activities

  1. Watch a movie in the tub

    Watching a movie is among the best ways to relax in the tub, and the “Hot Tub Time Machine” movie is the perfect selection.

  2. Host a party

    Invite your partner into the tub for a fun time. If you have little ones, get them all in at once to enjoy a fun splash.

  3. Try a new bath bomb

    Bath bombs have become more popular over the years. There is a wide range to select from and this holiday is the ideal time to spring for something new.

5 Facts About Bathtubs That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Desert ready

    The average bathtub can carry about 52 gallons of water.

  2. Bathe in gold

    Italy-based manufacturer Devon & Devon created a gold-coated tub.

  3. Close quarters

    On the Titanic, only two bathtubs were available to over 700 passengers in third class.

  4. Scary numbers

    Approximately 360 people drown in a bathtub each year.

  5. Celebrity treatment

    Marilyn Monroe was rumored to bathe in champagne; it would take about 350 bottles to fill the tub

Why We Love Bathtub Party Day

  1. We love hot baths

    Taking a hot bath can help boost oxygen intake, clear out your sinuses, and boost circulation in the body.

  2. It has a healing effect

    Warm water can reduce inflammation, is an effective stress reliever, and eases sore muscles and joints.

  3. It gets us clean

    The dirt and grime accrued during daily activities can be harmful to our skin and overall health. A soak in the bathtub is exactly what the doctor prescribes to get you feeling and looking fresh.

Bathtub Party Day dates

2024December 5Thursday
2025December 5Friday
2026December 5Saturday
2027December 5Sunday
2028December 5Tuesday

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