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International Fun at Work Day – April 1, 2023

International Fun at Work Day on April 1 is one of our favorite holidays at National Today because what other day are we going to get the chance to party and work at the same time? While we are firm believers in loving what we do and doing what we love, we acknowledge the fact that the repetitive daily grind of the same type of work — even the work we are passionate about — can get extremely boring. This type of monotony can lead to frequent burnouts, which is not at all healthy, both mentally and physically. International Fun at Work Day ensures work colleagues have the added element of fun as they go about their daily tasks. Apparently, fun days go hand-in-hand because International Fun at Work Day coincides with April Fools.

History of International Fun at Work Day

Thinking of creating a fun environment in your professional setting on International Fun at Work Day? Don’t worry, we got you covered with some brilliant ideas that you can directly implement or take inspiration from. For now, let’s take a brief trip down memory lane to learn more about the fun day.

The first International Fun at Work Day was celebrated back in 1996 by a company called Playfair. Playfair’s owners, who were running a business of bringing fun to academic induction ceremonies, believed that employees having a fun and relaxed environment are more productive and effective in their assignments as compared to employees who have a rigid workplace. This approach not only led to higher sales and profit levels for PlayFair, but it also went on to make them a recognized and much-sought-after company in the industry.

Countless studies have shown that companies that prioritize their employees’ well-being have seen higher productivity levels. Moreover, human beings are social animals that require constant change to prompt inspiration. If no new stimulations exist in their surroundings, there’s a risk of the same cycle of ideas being repeated.

While International Fun at Work Day does take place every April 1, if, by chance, the day falls on a weekend, then the celebrations are shifted to the first Thursday of April. Because, of course, you cannot have fun at work if you are not working that day. We hope you are making preparations to commemorate the occasion. Since many of us are working from home now, there might be new challenges to how you can celebrate the occasion with your colleagues. But don’t let that stop you from making the most of the day.

International Fun at Work Day timeline

Fun at Work Research Study

Donald T. Phillips and Norman E. Brinker, two researchers, conduct a study that shows that having fun at work increases productivity.

First International Fun at Work Day Celebrated

PlayFair creates and celebrates International Fun at Work Day for the first time.

Fun at Work Increases Creativity

Erin R. Fluegge-Woolf, a Ph.D. student, discovers that a fun workplace environment stimulates creative juices and allows for increased work engagement.

Fun at Work Not Necessarily Great

A research study finds that it is not necessarily the case that having fun at work will always lead to an increase in productivity levels as it entirely depends on the individuals.

International Fun at Work Day FAQs

What fun office activities can I plan for my colleagues?

There’s a surfeit of fun activities you can do with your colleagues. Whether you want to play board games, watch TV shows/movies, or have trivia hours, you can do it all. But, of course, get permission from your seniors first before you do any of the above.

Does it have to be a weekday to celebrate International Fun at Work Day?

You can also celebrate the day on a weekend with your colleagues, but it may not have the same charm as compared to you celebrating it on a regular weekday at work.

My boss is against the day. What should I do to convince them to celebrate it?

You can prepare a list of all the beneficial things that celebrating the day could do for the company. From increased creativity and productivity levels to increased employee happiness and retention, there are many things you can tell your boss to convince them and bring them over to the fun side.

How To Celebrate/Observe International Fun at Work Day

  1. Enjoy over a plate of food

    Food brings everyone together, regardless of background. And enjoying food with your colleagues can help shape bonds and solidarity over things like work-related stress. You do not have to have elaborate food arrangements — simple food, which you always eat at work, can do the trick too!

  2. Plan games in the office

    Make it interesting by planning and participating in games. It could be a board game, a scavenger hunt, or Q-&-A sessions, all of them centered around your company and industry. You can break into teams to increase the stakes in the competition.

  3. Make the best of the situation

    Many of us are now working from home and, because of this, we are missing our workplaces as well as our colleagues, having not met each other for months now. You can still make the best of your situation by planning activities that you can all do while at home. Having a reward and penalty system can make it all the more interesting.

5 Facts About Employee Productivity That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Meetings can lower productivity

    50% of employees believe that most meetings lower productivity as many are not needed and happen too frequently.

  2. Alcohol can increase creativity

    Having a moderate 0.075 intoxication level can lead to an increase in an employee’s creativity levels.

  3. Multitasking not good for productivity

    Studies reveal that multitasking actually reduces productivity and increases stress — all of which leads to unhappy work environments.

  4. Unique employee benefits better for productivity

    Employee productivity improves when employees are provided with better compensatory benefits like medical aid, free food, enough days of leave, etc.

  5. Better sleep, better productivity

    On average, an employee receiving anywhere between 7–10 hours of sleep every night is 20% more productive than normal.

Why We Love International Fun at Work Day

  1. It’s a celebration of our dedication

    The time and energy we spend on our work are a testament to our dedication. We deserve to be celebrated for the skills and experience we bring into our workplaces. By celebrating this day, we are also appreciating our company, our colleagues, and our industry.

  2. It’s a celebration of fun

    Fun is much needed in today’s day and age of the constant hustle and bustle, and bringing fun into our work lives helps break the monotony. It brings a breath of fresh air as well as a splash of color into an otherwise dull environment.

  3. It’s a celebration of life

    While it is true that we work to live, it often happens that we either live to work or forget to live while working. Stop and smell the roses. And bring them to your colleagues, too, because who doesn’t love getting a token of appreciation?

International Fun at Work Day dates

2022April 1Friday
2023April 1Saturday
2024April 1Monday
2025April 1Tuesday
2026April 1Wednesday

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