Defeat Diabetes Month – April 2023

Defeat Diabetes Month is observed in April each year. It is the initiative of the Defeat Diabetes Foundation (D.D.F.). It is projected that around 643 million people worldwide will be living with diabetes by 2030. Through this observation, the D.D.F. raises awareness about the preventable nature of Type 2 diabetes and focuses on the multitude of lifestyle and dietary changes that can be implemented to minimize the chances of contracting the disease.

History of Defeat Diabetes Month

Type 2 diabetes is a life-threatening autoimmune disorder and a chronic condition that makes people vulnerable to several illnesses. Some resultant ailments such as vision loss, renal failure, heart attack, and stroke can take a serious turn.
April is designated as Defeat Diabetes Month by the Defeat Diabetes Foundation (D.D.F.). Through its progressive programs and an integrated approach to collecting resources, the D.D.F. has taken the lead to eliminate the chances of contracting the disease within our lifetime.

Since 1998, the D.D.F. has been a leading force in the field, investing in sustainable and research-based solutions aimed at identifying, preventing, and managing Type 2 diabetes. Eradicating diabetes is a social responsibility that will require a long-term plan that includes providing affordable care for vulnerable patients. Diabetic sufferers can pursue a productive, healthy, and happy life through self-management and regular care.

The D.D.F. calls for a complete revaluation of how we live our lives. With unsustainable structures such as dining out and in-house work becoming the norm, our desire to pursue healthier, more active lives has diminished. A sedentary lifestyle has wide-reaching consequences for our health. According to the American Diabetes Association (A.D.A.), 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year. Since diabetes is an epidemic, the D.D.F. believes that efforts must be made at both individual and systemic levels to rein in the disease with interventionist public-health campaigns, awareness ads in print/broadcast media, and the annual observation of Defeat Diabetes Month.

Consuming fresh, unprocessed food and working out regularly not only reduces your risk but is key to living a healthy lifestyle free from lethargy and unproductiveness.

Defeat Diabetes Month timeline

1552 B.C.
The First Symptom

Egyptian physician Hesy-Ra attributes frequent urination as the first known symptom of a mysterious disease.

2nd Century
The Urine Experts

Greek physician Aretaeus describes diabetes as a chronic ailment that leads to a speedy death among patients.

19th Century
The Cause of Diabetes

French physiologist Claude Bernard theorizes the glycogenic action of the liver and correctly identifies the root cause of diabetes.

Insulin is Adopted

Canadian physicians Frederick Banting and Charles Herbert Best successfully treat diabetic patients with insulin.

Defeat Diabetes Month FAQs

What are the three Ps of diabetes?

The three Ps of diabetes are polyuria, polydipsia, and polyphagia, which deal with the instability in urination, thirst, and appetite, respectively.

Can anyone get Type 2 diabetes?

Yes! Type 2 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder with multiple risk factors, including obesity, heredity, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Is fatigue a symptom of diabetes?

The most common symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, increased thirst, and persistent fatigue.

How to Observe Defeat Diabetes Month

  1. Take a test

    Since this isn’t the mid-1800s, and you don’t have to taste your urine to determine if you have diabetes, a simple and painless way of diagnosing the disease is readily available over the counter. This April, normalize testing for diabetes and understand your risk factors.

  2. Skip the fries

    A balanced diet is a proven way of minimizing your chances of diabetes. French fries and other carbohydrate-dense food groups blind our taste buds and load us up with unnecessary calories that can lead us to obesity.

  3. Get active

    Exercise has an immediate impact on our body by lowering our blood glucose and strengthening insulin sensitivity throughout our body. Taking a brisk walk after a meal triggers the uptake of glucose from our bloodstream and suppresses the elevated blood sugar level. By taking a pledge to get active, we can defeat diabetes.

5 Facts About Diabetes You Haven’t Heard Yet

  1. It’s avoidable

    Knowing your risk factors can drastically decrease your chance of getting Type 2 diabetes.

  2. It’s on the rise

    Type 2 diabetes patients in the U.S. have almost doubled in the last 20 years.

  3. Associated diseases

    Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, amputation, kidney failure, and strokes in sufferers.

  4. It’s not just a sugar thing

    The main risk factors of diabetes are genes and obesity, and not the daily consumption of sugar.

  5. Artificial sweeteners aren’t the answer

    A jump in glucose is triggered not just by raw sugar, but by carbohydrates that can’t be substituted by an artificial sweetener.

Why Defeat Diabetes Month is Important

  1. It supports the sufferers

    Diabetes is a chronic disease, and control requires a lot of patience and persistence. From the regular monitoring of blood sugar to suppressing constant cravings, it takes a lot to live a life with diabetes. This April, offer a supporting hand to those in need and express your sympathy for their suffering.

  2. It promotes a healthy lifestyle

    The Defeat Diabetes Foundation promotes the prevention of diabetes by arming people with comprehensive knowledge about nutrition and exercise. Consuming fresh and unprocessed food and picking up a workout of your choice not only suppresses your risk factors but is also key to living a healthy lifestyle free from lethargy and unproductiveness.

  3. It is preventable

    The chances of contracting diabetes can be effectively minimized by pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle that includes having a balanced meal and 30 minutes of activity every day. The singular aim of Defeat Diabetes Month is to create awareness about the prevention and management of the disease.

Defeat Diabetes Month dates

2023April 1Saturday
2024April 1Monday
2025April 1Tuesday
2026April 1Wednesday
2027April 1Thursday
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