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WedApr 2

Day of Hope – April 2, 2025

Day of Hope is held on the first Wednesday in April every year. It is a day of inspiration and motivation for everyone to wake up to the need to rescue children and adults who are passing through phases of abuse of different kinds, sicknesses, and traumatic experiences. Did you know that children die daily from abuse and molestation in the U.S.? The primary purpose of observing this day is to strive to put an end to child abuse and neglect. It is time to rise to the call and give hope to the hopeless, in whatever little way we can.

History of Day of Hope

When all is lost, hope is all we have, which keeps us pressing towards a better future and able to retain our humanity and sanity. The world is filled with several individuals who are battling with living a life of happiness and fulfillment, and in turn, lots of children exist everywhere who are experiencing some degree of abuse, neglect, deprivation, or molestation.

It is painful but true that millions of children who should be well protected, loved, and taken care of are made to go through debilitating experiences which are harmful to them both physically and mentally — and which have, in many cases, led to their deaths. It pegs a big dent on our humanity, on our conscience as a race, which birthed the idea behind the Day of Hope.

Championed by Yvonne Fedderson and Sara O’Meara, Day of Hope began with their non-profit humanitarian organization, International Orphans Inc., which was later renamed ‘Childhelp. Its main aim is to fight for the welfare of children all over the world and make these children know that they are not unloved. It seeks to provide help and succor to child victims all around the world, and also sensitize all and sundry about the need to protect and ensure the safety of children.

Research has found that children who have gone through harsh and abusive childhoods are at risk of also becoming abusive, resorting to alcohol and drugs, engaging in criminal activities, or even committing suicide. But more than that, we have a responsibility to ensure the safety of children everywhere, which is what the Day of Hope stands to remind us of.

Day of Hope timeline

Geneva Declaration

The League of Nations adopts the ‘Declaration of the Rights of the Children,’ which is drafted by Eglantyne Jebb and inspired by the work of Janus Korczak.

Children’s Fund

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is established to cater to children's welfare.

International Orphans Incorporated

Yvonne Fedderson and Sara O’Meara set up the non-profit organization to help orphans in Japan and later rename it Childhelp with a focus to help children all over the world.

2000 Congressional Resolution

The United States House of Representatives assign the National Day of Hope by a congressional resolution.

Day of Hope FAQs

Why is this day called the Day of Hope?

This is because it is a day set aside to bring hope to children facing abuse and neglect and stretch a hand of support to them.

What are the signs of child abuse and neglect?

There are various signs of child abuse and neglect in children. While some may show on their bodies in cases of physical abuse, it might lead to unusual quietness and withdrawal from others in the children, or the child in such cases putting up what we might term as ‘tantrums.’ We need to observe well and get appropriate authorities to confirm and help such a child.

What should you do in cases of suspected child abuse?

The best step to take is to contact the proper authorities and report to them so they can investigate and take the necessary procedures.

How to Observe Day of Hope

  1. Volunteer at an N.G.O.

    Find a Childhelp near you and volunteer to help children facing abuse and neglect. In the absence of a Childhelp chapter in your community or country, you can start one, or join any similar organization to champion the child welfare cause.

  2. Donate to the cause

    Your financial contribution would go a long way to help children in need all over the world. Many children need a home, therapy, treatment, and more as a resultant effect of abuse and neglect; money is crucial in solving these problems.

  3. Spread the word

    Raise awareness as much as you can about child abuse and neglect, its dangers to the lives of children, and its resultant effect on society. Get on your social media platforms, community and spread the word.

5 Facts About Child Abuse That Will Make You Cry

  1. Sexual molestation

    According to research, one in every ten boys or girls in the United States will be sexually abused before 18.

  2. Child deaths

    Millions of children die all over the world every year from abuse and neglect.

  3. The most common form of child abuse

    Neglect is the most common form of child abuse, wherein the child’s caretaker is not providing the needed physical and emotional needs necessary for the child’s healthy development.

  4. Abused children, adult criminals

    Studies have shown that many criminals are mostly a result of an abusive childhood which had an impact on them mentally.

  5. Child abuse reports

    In the United States, after every 10 seconds, a case of child abuse is reported.

Why Day of Hope is Important

  1. To stop child abuse

    The major reason for this day is to stop child abuse all over the world. Thousands of children die every day from abuse, which is not a good thing in itself.

  2. To support the needy

    Fundraising on Day of Hope helps to support needy children all over the world. Children without families or with terminal diseases are given a chance to a better life and care.

  3. To give hope to the hopeless

    Just like the name implies, Day of Hope is a day to bring hope to all children facing abuse and neglect, and humanity in general. It is a day to remind them of our united love and care for all the lovable children in the world.

Day of Hope dates

2022April 6Wednesday
2023April 5Wednesday
2024April 3Wednesday
2025April 2Wednesday
2026April 1Wednesday

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