Global Child Nutrition Month – April 2023

Global Child Nutrition Month, which takes place during April every year, is one of the most important international events. To put it quite simply, children are the future. We must make sure that we do what we can while they are young to help ensure they become intelligent, cultured, good-natured human beings that will not only continue to grow a society we built for them but also further develop it and make it modern, all-encompassing, diverse and inclusive for all. And what better way to do that than making sure our kids are fed, looked after, and given the right resources to live nourished and healthy lives.

History of Global Child Nutrition Month

Given the fact that kids today face such a significant responsibility, essentially building the future for humankind, we need to make sure that, globally, communities are raising strong, capable kids through sound education systems. These systems should provide them with a safe harbor and feed them nutritious food.

This is where the Global Child Nutrition Foundation (G.C.N.F.) comes in. It was established in 2006 to improve access to nutritional food for the world’s schoolchildren. The G.C.N.F. also assists governments worldwide in developing locally-sourced national school meal programs, developing markets for farmers, creating opportunities for female entrepreneurs, and, ultimately, becoming self-sufficient from international aid.

April was selected as the month to which international awareness around children’s health and nutrition would be dedicated. The most crucial goal of Global Child Nutrition Month is to address and bring awareness to malnutrition, and encourage countries worldwide to eradicate this inhumane act in which children are not being provided with the adequate amount of nutrition to grow, learn, and flourish.

Often, malnutrition is considered a problem only in second- or third-world countries, or in war-torn countries where the population far outnumbers the available resources. While it is more prevalent in these developing countries, it is also a problem in countries like the United States, France, and the United Kingdom. According to their vision statement, the Global Child Nutrition Foundation envisions a future in which school meals sustainably nourish all children, allowing them, their families, communities, and nations to thrive.

Global Child Nutrition Month timeline

Shifting the Focus

U.S. Congress encourages the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to support breastfeeding and maternal and child nutrition.

Let Our Children Live

The Child Survival Initiative, established by the USAID, brings a tenfold increase in funding for vitamin A.

Africa in Need

The World Health Organization puts together a consultation on nutrition and HIV/AIDS in Africa.

For the Children

The Global Child Nutrition Foundation is established in Seattle in the United States.

Learning and Growing

The Global Child Nutrition Foundation publishes a report that shows that more kids get fed when school meals are marked as national budget items.

Global Child Nutrition Month FAQs

How do schools celebrate Global Child Nutrition Month?

Are you a teacher? Your school can celebrate nutrition by teaching it in classes, meeting
with school nutrition staff to ensure healthy dietary choices and all the resources are fully stocked year-round, and by choosing a physical activity to promote each week to get the kids outside and get them moving.

What nutrition is needed in early childhood?

Young children’s diets are frequently grain-based, with little fruit, vegetables, eggs, dairy, fish, or meat.

What are the seven types of nutrition?

Not many people know this, but there are actually more than 40 different kinds of nutrients in food. They can generally be classified into one of seven major groups: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and water. It is essential to have a diet that includes all of the above food groups.

How to Observe Global Child Nutrition Month

  1. Learn about nutrition

    Even as adults, we don’t necessarily grasp the importance of nutrition and how we should be incorporating proper levels of it in our daily lives. There are many resources and helpful, illustrative tools out there, like the food nutrition pyramid, that is even used in schools to teach kids about food groups and how much of each group you should get to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. So, do some research, read up on how different foods are categorized, or you can even do a short online course.

  2. Show kids that food can be fun

    As we all know, kids can be picky eaters, and getting them to eat from different food groups can be pretty tricky. So, involve them in the food-making process, and let them play with their food within reason and away from sharp knives. Involving kids in selecting produce, prepping meals, and creating delicious dishes can undoubtedly do wonders for their nutrition as they will want to partake in the fun of creating and eating the food that is made. This way, they also learn about nutrition.

  3. Learn to cook

    We live in a world where time is money, and people work two or even three jobs to care for their families. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are thousands of easy recipes online that require a minimum number of ingredients and basic cooking knowledge that can feed families and still taste good. So, try taking some cooking classes, or gift your spouse with some lessons to make sure someone in the household is responsible for preparing healthy meals.

5 Proven Facts About Nutrition

  1. Veggies are very good for you

    Vegetables are extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, making them essential to your daily food intake.

  2. Refined carbohydrates are the enemy

    These include grains that are harmful to your health, and eating them may result in rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin.

  3. Lifestyle changes trump dieting

    Forget dieting; adopting a healthy lifestyle is the only way to ensure long-term weight loss and improved health for life.

  4. Unprocessed food always wins

    When food is processed, many of the beneficial nutrients get removed, which is why seeking out unprocessed food should be a priority.

  5. Added sugar is bad for your kids

    It has been proven that added sugar contains empty calories and is thought to be a significant cause of diseases.

Why Global Child Nutrition Month is Important

  1. Healthy families emerge

    Through encouraging families to better provide for their children, healthier approaches to food and cooking are achieved. Think about a household that focuses on providing children with nutritional meals and enough brain foods like fruit and veggies; chances are, the parents are also eating healthily, or at least will be inspired to start doing so to support their kids. This means healthier communities will also emerge.

  2. It feeds and inspires children

    When children are taken care of, given a roof over their head, and provided with good, nutritional food, they will have more energy and the ability to focus on their education. Doing schoolwork and homework requires a lot of stamina, insight, and energy, so it is essential to bring awareness to the causes of eradicating malnutrition. Children become inspired and want to learn when they don’t have growling tummies or food-related diseases.

  3. It actively encourages development and improvement

    An international call to ensure that kids worldwide are well looked after and fed inspires countries and communities to work harder to provide their children with the necessary resources to thrive. It starts at home, flows through schools, and becomes part of our daily lives. That is why it is crucial to bring awareness to and observe international months like Global Child Nutrition Month.

Global Child Nutrition Month dates

2023April 1Saturday
2024April 1Monday
2025April 1Tuesday
2026April 1Wednesday
2027April 1Thursday
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