National Internship Awareness Month – April 1, 2019


Internships as we know them weren’t invented till the 1960s, and those programs were mostly to “test” out a field before students stepped into them after college. Today, over 60% of the employers interviewed said they were far more likely to hire candidates with internships than candidates without one on their resume. Considering an enormous number of internships in America are unpaid, it is only right we recognize April as National Internship Awareness Month and support the young people working so hard to build a strong resume.

National Internship Awareness Month - History


Modern internships rise

Programs intended to test out different careers before college graduation came into being.


Apprenticeships reappear

Medical professions, in particular, reapplied the concept of apprenticeships into their training processes.


Indentured servitude

In exchange for passage to the New World, Europeans would bargain away their freedom as indentured servants, bound to their contract-holders from anywhere from 4 to 7 years.


Medieval guild apprenticeships

To be initiated into guilds in the Middle Ages, young people committed themselves to apprenticeships where they would learn under the tutelage of a master for up to 7 years.

How to Observe National Internship Awareness Month

  1. Treat an intern to a coffee

    They deserve it. Trust us, they’re a poor millennial, and their job may not pay them. Give the poor kid some caffeine.

  2. Take pride in yourself

    If you are reading this and you are an intern, take a moment to feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. You’ve taken your first step into the adult world, and that's something you can stick on your mom's fridge.

  3. Make a treat for the office

    Show your appreciation for the people at your work place by bringing a treat that everyone can enjoy. Make muffins, or buy some cookies. It’s an excellent way to show your employer or intern you are grateful for their help.

Why National Internship Awareness Month is Important

  1. It teaches practical experiences

    In a safe environment, young professionals learn valuable skills which will follow them into their chosen professions. It truly is a test-run, a taste of what your chosen occupation is like off paper.

  2. It recognizes hard work

    Millennials get a bad rep for being lazy, but millions of young Americans are working hard for their unpaid internships. They do this because they know their labors will go toward building a viable resumé in today’s treacherous economy.

  3. It gives you your potential first job

    One of the great things about internships is they are a means through which you could get your first job. Once an internship concludes, it’s wise to check and see if your employer has any open jobs. It saves you from a grueling job search, and it saves the company from interviewing a bunch of people they don’t know.

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