We know it can be a bit of a drag to get out of bed, make the commute, occasionally spill coffee on your shirt along the way… it’s all in a day’s work, literally! Over a third of our day is spent at work — for some, maybe more — and while some of our work days can get a little humdrum, work-related holidays were created to combat just that! There are over 20 holidays that celebrate work, workplaces, and different job titles. What’s a holiday you want to celebrate about work?

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Jan 12 Sunday
National Pharmacist Day, ,
Jan 13 Monday
National Clean Your Desk Day,
Jan 25 Saturday
Community Manager Appreciation Day
Jan 31 Friday
National Fun at Work Day,
Feb 3 Monday
National Women Physicians Day,
Apr 16 Thursday
Wear Pajamas to Work Day,
Apr 18 Saturday
National Lineman Appreciation Day,
Apr 22 Wednesday
Administrative Professionals Day,
Apr 25 Saturday
National Hug a Plumber Day,
May 13 Wednesday
National Receptionists Day,
Jun 2 Tuesday
National Leave the Office Early Day,
Jun 22 Monday
National Take Your Cat to Work Day, ,
Jun 26 Friday
National Take Your Dog to Work Day, , ,
Aug 5 Wednesday
Work Like a Dog Day, ,
Oct 20 Tuesday
National Pharmacy Technician Day, ,
Oct 21 Wednesday
National Medical Assistants Day, ,
Oct 23 Friday
National Paralegal Day,
Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day , ,
Nov 2 Monday
Job Action Day,
Nov 6 Friday
National Team Manager Day, ,
Nov 10 Tuesday
International Accounting Day, ,
Nov 17 Tuesday
National Entrepreneur's Day,
Dec 6 Sunday
National Miners Day, ,
Dec 8 Tuesday
National Bartender Day, ,
National Internship Awareness Month, ,
Oct 6-12
National Physician Assistant Week,