We know it can be a bit of a drag to get out of bed, make the commute, occasionally spill coffee on your shirt along the way… it’s all in a day’s work, literally! Over a third of our day is spent at work — for some, maybe more — and while some of our work days can get a little humdrum, work-related holidays were created to combat just that! There are over 20 holidays that celebrate work, workplaces, and different job titles. What’s a holiday you want to celebrate about work?

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National Internship Awareness Month, ,
Jan 10 Monday
National Clean Your Desk Day,
Jan 12 Wednesday
National Pharmacist Day, ,
Jan 24 Monday
Community Manager Appreciation Day
Jan 28 Friday
National Fun at Work Day,
Feb 1 Monday
National Sickie Day,
Feb 3 Wednesday
National Women Physicians Day,
Mar 19 Friday
Certified Nurses Day, ,
Apr 16 Friday
Wear Pajamas to Work Day,
Apr 18 Sunday
National Lineman Appreciation Day,
Apr 25 Sunday
National Hug a Plumber Day,
Apr 28 Wednesday
Administrative Professionals Day,
May 11 Tuesday
National Third Shift Workers Day, ,
May 12 Wednesday
National Receptionists Day,
Jun 2 Wednesday
National Leave the Office Early Day,
Jun 21 Monday
National Take Your Cat to Work Day, ,
Jun 25 Friday
National Take Your Dog to Work Day, , ,
Aug 5 Thursday
Work Like a Dog Day, ,
Oct 19 Tuesday
National Pharmacy Technician Day, ,
Oct 20 Wednesday
National Medical Assistants Day, ,
Oct 23 Saturday
National Paralegal Day,
Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day , ,
Nov 1 Monday
Job Action Day,
Nov 6 Saturday
National Team Manager Day, ,
Nov 10 Wednesday
International Accounting Day, ,
Nov 16 Tuesday
National Entrepreneur's Day,
Dec 6 Monday
National Miners Day, ,
Dec 8 Wednesday
National Bartender Day, ,
Oct 6-12
National Physician Assistant Week,