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SunOct 27

Cranky Co-Workers Day – October 27, 2024

We all have that cranky co-worker in the office who is always in a bad mood, so take October 27 as the day to make some fun of said co-worker’s attitude by celebrating Cranky Co-Workers Day, and joining them. Yes, there’s a day for that, not just because we need a day of silly fun, but also because our daily toil requires a routine breaker. Many of us will most likely spend a good chunk of our working years dealing with people coming from all sorts of backgrounds. Oftentimes, there will be that person who will be in a cranky, grouchy mood no matter how good they actually have it. This day celebrates such co-workers and their moods. You can simply let them be, or you could put on your own frown for the day and be as negative as you wish to be.

History of Cranky Co-Workers Day

We have Thomas and Ruth Roy to thank for the quirky holiday called Cranky Co-Workers Day. The couple introduced the holiday as part of their holiday company, Wellcat Holidays. They have several such holidays to their name. In fact, there’s even a National Slap Your Irritating Co-Worker Day (October 23) and a National Grouch Day (October 15).

While we do not endorse violence or anything similar, we do encourage you to make fun of the serious and cranky moods of your co-workers by either becoming jokingly cranky yourself or just letting the co-workers be as cranky as they want. However, while you’re at it, make sure that the “fun” isn’t negatively impacting your work environment.

You can have fun with the day by tossing your professional and relaxed attitude away for the day. Wear a constant frown on your face, complain about little things, and drink black coffee in order to perfect that frown. Involve your co-workers too: the more, the merrier. When the original cranky person walks into the room and starts complaining about something, join in and agree with everything they are saying. You can make the day more fun by sending cranky emojis to your co-workers throughout the day. If none of this is up your alley, but you still want to join in on the fun, you can simply let your cranky co-workers be by allowing them to be as cranky as they want instead of telling them to cheer up or pointing out positives.

Cranky Co-Workers Day timeline

Wellcat Holidays

Thomas and Ruth Roy create the Wellcat Holidays as a way of celebrating quirky holidays all year round.

Research Shows Crankiness is Bad for Health

Studies show that being in a constant cranky mood can negatively impact physical and mental health, not only of the cranky person but of their colleagues too.

Articles on Letting Off Steam at Work

Articles appear on safely dealing with the anger caused and felt at work without jeopardizing said job.

May 2020
Fun at Work Helps Increase Productivity

Research shows that employees having fun in their workplaces will likely be more productive, learn new skills more easily, and bond more with co-workers.

Cranky Co-Workers Day FAQs

How do you deal with cranky co-workers?

You can deal with your cranky co-workers by first trying to focus on the task at hand. Remain professional in your dealing, stay cool, and just carry on. In case their cranky mood is impeding the task at hand, talk to them about their behavior and once they cool down, you can continue working. Remember, a co-worker’s cranky behavior is not your responsibility to fix.

Is there a national co-worker day?

There is Cranky Co-Worker Day on October 27 and also National Slap Your Annoying Co-Worker Day, on October 23.

What should you do when a co-worker is in a bad mood?

If your co-worker is in a bad mood, but you need to get started on something ASAP, then you can attempt to have an open dialogue with them. As you are having the conversation with them, be sure that you are not critical or harsh of them as a person, but just their attitude which is impeding productivity. If this does not help, it may be necessary to go up in the chain of command for a solution.

Cranky Co-Workers Day Activities

  1. Let it go

    This is for all those people who are always in a good mood no matter what. Become Elsa for the day and just let it go. Be as cranky as you want. Let people know that you too are a human being who cannot always be happy.

  2. Let your cranky co-workers be

    Always having someone be in a cranky mood around you can be taxing on your mental wellbeing. Ignore such negative energies around you by going about your day and concentrating on your tasks. You do not have to bear this emotional burden and you do not need to react on this day.

  3. Make cranky faces with your food

    If you are not in the mood to be cranky on this day, but you still want to celebrate the day, here’s something you can do: Prepare some lunch for the day and make a cranky face with it. If you are making a sandwich or having rice, you can garnish both by making frowns on them using food items like a carrot, olives, or beans.

5 Facts About Emotions That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Comprising of electrochemical signals

    The emotions we feel on a daily basis are the result of electrochemical signals that our brains release throughout our life

  2. No such thing as “good or bad” emotions

    All emotions are valid as they come from nature, and it is human beings that have labeled them as “good” or “bad”.

  3. For protection

    Certain emotions that we feel, like fear or anger, can often act as protective against forces in our environment by spurring us to take action.

  4. Colors affect emotions

    Colors and their different shades tend to affect our emotions — blue is calming, while orange and red are energy creating.

  5. Let it out for control

    The more you control your emotions by not letting them out, the more there is a chance for them to intensify and either explode in unseemly behavior or do you harm emotionally and physically.

Why We Love Cranky Co-Workers Day

  1. It’s a celebration of cranky co-workers

    Yes, cranky co-workers can sometimes be exhausting to have around, especially with their constant complaining about anything and everything. But this day celebrates them for the kind of life and energy they lend to the office environment. Having them around reinstates what is good and great because after all, what is light without a little darkness?

  2. It’s a celebration of emotions

    One of the greatest joys of being alive is being able to feel all the emotions there are. Emotions, be it happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, or just plain jolly, allow us to celebrate and feel the happenings around us. They can be the driving forces behind our reactions and actions in life.

  3. It’s a light-hearted coping strategy

    Research has shown that keeping emotions within can result in them becoming intensified. This could also result in you going through that emotion for a longer period of time. This is why it is essential that you let the emotion out by talking about it to someone, making fun of it, or just being cranky, if that helps.

Cranky Co-Workers Day dates

2024October 27Sunday
2025October 27Monday
2026October 27Tuesday
2027October 27Wednesday
2028October 27Friday

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