​National Mentoring Day – October 27, 2019

Sun Oct 27

If we asked you to think of a mentor that shaped you into who you are today, could you think of a name? It’s time to celebrate them! National Mentoring Day was created to highlight the importance of mentoring in all forms. Award-winning business mentor Chelsey Baker founded the holiday with the aim to focus on how rewarding mentoring can be for everyone involved.

​National Mentoring Day - History

​October 2015

​The first annual National Mentoring Day

​National Mentoring Day was launched for the first time in the U.K. Many events took place including a mentoring summit in London.

March 2014

National Mentoring Day founded

​Chelsey Baker began the project that is National Mentoring Day.


​A month of celebrating mentors

National Mentoring Month focused national attention on the need for mentors in hopes of growing the mentor community.

How to Observe ​National Mentoring Day

  1. Send a thank you

    If a name came to mind when we asked to think of a mentor from your past, write them a thank you card. Not only is it a kind gesture to show you appreciated their help, but it serves as a reminder of the impact mentors have on their mentees.

  2. Become a mentor

    Share the importance of mentoring by becoming part of the mentor community. Get in touch with local businesses, schools, and universities to see how you can be a part of the contributions mentors make.

  3. Create a mentoring event

    If you're already a mentor or know of a program, help create an event to celebrate the results of mentoring. It can be a social media campaign sharing mentoring stories with a hashtag — or setting up a meeting to share tips on successful practices.

Mentoring By The Numbers

  1. Mentoring means business

    Percentage of mentored small businesses that survive for five years or more: 70

  2. ​Major value

    Percentage of mentees who say mentors are valuable: 97

  3. ​Effective mentoring creates effective results

    Percentage of businesses that saw an increase in productivity thanks to mentoring: 67

  4. More businesses could use a little help from friends

    ​Only 25% of small- and medium-sized businesses currently make use of business mentors

Why ​National Mentoring Day is Important

  1. Stories so touching — we might cry

    The holiday gives mentors and mentees a reason to share experiences that have helped their growth, goals, and career. Keep tissues at the ready.

  2. Worldwide mentor collaboration

    It gives mentors, key influencers, and leaders from around the world a chance to celebrate the work done — and also work together to find even more ways to make an impact. When more minds unite, more ideas are formed.

  3. Shows us all the ways

    This holiday also highlights the different forms mentoring can take. From youth mentoring to business mentoring, having an adviser can help at any stage in life or in your career.

​National Mentoring Day dates
2019October 27Sunday
2020October 27Tuesday
2021October 27Wednesday
2022October 27Thursday
2023October 27Friday