World Teachers Day – October 5, 2019

Sat Oct 5

On October 5, take time to celebrate World Teachers’ Day—a worldwide event launched by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) in 1994. Just as Matilda had Ms. Honey, Harry had Dumbledore, and Cady had Ms. Norbury, chances are that you, too, had a favorite teacher who helped you become the person you are today. Considering that teachers mold future generations, taking one day every year to say “thank you” is the least we can do.

World Teachers Day - History


Education Becomes a Right

The Universal of Declaration Human Rights preserves education as a primary right.


Teachers’ Needs are Addressed

The Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers is signed.


A Game Changer for Education Occurs

Education for All (EFA) is established in Jomtien, Thailand.


Higher Education Needs are Addressed

The Recommendation concerning the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel is signed.


Education for All is Reaffirmed

The World Education Forum is held in Dakar, Senegal.


Education Quality Goals are Set

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is adopted by the United Nations and achieving quality education comes in at goal number 4.

How to Observe World Teachers Day

  1. Show Them You Care

    Kids can show their appreciation by giving their teacher a heartfelt “thank you” card, surprising them with homemade crafts or drawings, or by writing a poem with their teachers’ name and all the reasons they value them.

  2. Make Them Feel Special

    Parents are grateful for teachers, too, so it’s important for them to show it. Talk with your PTA to set up a raffle—gift cards, coffee mugs, and water bottles make great prizes—provide the teachers with coffee or ask parents to participate in a potluck breakfast for teachers before the school day begins.

  3. Give Them the Royal Treatment

    Being a teacher can be stressful, exhausting, and frustrating, so on World Teachers' Day, administration should pamper their teachers. Having lunch catered or surprising teachers with a 10 minute massage are great ways to let teachers know that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. If October 5 falls on a weekend, celebrate on the Friday before or the Monday after.

5 Shocking Facts About Teachers And Education

  1. Confucius was the First Teacher

    Historically, Confucius is considered to be the first private teacher in history.

  2. Education is Needed For All

    According to UNESCO, the world needs 69 Million teachers in order to achieve the goal of providing universal primary and secondary education by 2030.

  3. Educators are Absent in Africa

    Sub-Saharan Africa is the area facing the greatest deficit of teachers.

  4. Teacher Standards are Plummeting

    According to UNESCO, less than 75% of teachers in one-third of the world’s countries only meet the minimum teacher training standards.

  5. Proficiency in Learning is Down

    6 out of 10 children worldwide—a total of 617 million—do not meet the minimum requirements for competency in mathematics and reading.

Why World Teachers Day is Important

  1. It Celebrates Teachers

    Waking up at the crack of dawn, having the patience of a saint, and being a positive influence is stressful work—let’s face it, Cady would still be a mean girl if it wasn’t for Ms. Norbury. On World Teachers' Day, gifts, praise, and parties are great ways to show you care. And with the Regina George’s of the world, it’s safe to say that teachers deserve all the celebration they receive.

  2. It Highlights Current Issues

    Sure, having summers off is a highly coveted perk, but there are still many issues within the education system. This includes attaining academic freedoms, creating autonomy for education institutions, and developing professionalism within higher education personnel. Fortunately, World Teachers' Day enables these issues to be discussed each year in faculty meetings, webinars, seminars, and conferences.

  3. It Applauds Progress, but Challenges Stagnation

    Although the education system and the role teachers play in it have come a long way, there is still a long way to go. Because of this, the United Nations created the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal for Education and World Teachers' Day is an annual reminder of this goal and how much more needs to be done to attain it.

World Teachers Day dates
2019October 5Saturday
2020October 5Monday
2021October 5Tuesday
2022October 5Wednesday
2023October 5Thursday