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SatOct 5

Republic Day in Portugal – October 5, 2024

Republic Day in Portugal is celebrated on October 5 every year and is also known as ‘Implantation of the Republic’ in Portugal. This important day marks the overthrow of the monarchy, the House of Braganca, in 1910. The monarchy had been in power since the 11th century and was replaced by a republican form of government in a bloodless revolution. It also brought about civil and religious liberties. It is a public holiday with schools, state offices, and some restaurants being closed. Like other public holidays in Portugal, Republic Day is not moved to a weekday if it falls on a weekend.

History of Republic Day in Portugal

Republic Day in Portugal commemorates the deposition of the centuries-old Portuguese monarchy and the establishment of the First Portuguese Republic. It was the result of a coup led by the “Portuguese Republican Party.”

By 1910, the Portuguese Kingdom was in the middle of a crisis with people increasingly resenting the royal family due to the 1890 British Ultimatum which demanded the retreat of the Portuguese military forces from the territory between the colonies of Angola and Mozambique, the royal family’s expenses, the assassination of the King and his heir, transforming religious and social views, instability of political parties, Joao Franco’s dictatorship, and the regime’s inability to adapt to modern times. This national anger helped proponents of the Republican Party to take advantage of the situation. The party skillfully presented itself as the only one capable of returning the country to its original glorious status and advancing its progress.

The military was reluctant to fight the nearly two thousand soldiers and sailors that rebelled between October 3 and 4, and so the Republic was proclaimed the next day from the Lisbon City Hall. A provisional government led by Teófilo Braga led the country till the Constitution was approved, marking the beginning of the First Republic. National symbols like the national anthem and the flag were changed, along with some changes in civil and religious liberties.

The deposed King Manuel II departed from Ericeira and lived out the rest of his days in exile.
At the time, Portugal was worried about being recognized by other countries as most European states were monarchies. But soon enough, through skillful diplomacy by the Foreign Affairs Minister, the country was officially recognized by the United Kingdom, France, China, Spain, Italy, Russia, and others.

Republic Day in Portugal timeline

Treaty of Zamora

Afonso Henriques — also known as Afonso I —is proclaimed the First King of Portugal.

The Discovery of Brazil

Pedro Álvares Cabral sets sail seeking to reach India but a storm changes his course and he lands in South America.


King Charles and his son and heir Prince Luís Filipe of Bragança are assassinated in Lisbon.

The Republic Party Takes Over

The monarchy is abolished and a republican government is formed.

Republic Day in Portugal FAQs

What languages are spoken in Portugal?

Portuguese is the common language of the country and is the most widely spoken. English is the second most spoken language as Portugal regularly attracts international visitors from the United States, U.K. as well as the rest of Europe.

Is Portugal expensive to visit?

Portugal is among the least expensive holiday destinations in Western Europe and will set you back around 68 to 115 euros per person for each day. It’s a great holiday place if you’re looking to make a trip on a budget as it’s much cheaper than many European options.

What food is Portugal known for?

Seafood and pork are popular foods in Portugal. Some of the must-have dishes are bacalhau or salted cod, custard tart, Iberian black pork, duck rice, grilled sardines, steak sandwich, and seafood stew just to list a few. Did you know tempura was actually invented by the Portuguese? Another reason to love this place!

How to Observe Republic Day in Portugal

  1. Visit Portugal

    Visit Portugal to celebrate its Republic Day and honor the people who struggled to bring about a revolution. Enjoy the celebrations at the Lisbon City Hall, wave the flag, go sightseeing and join in on the fun.

  2. Immerse yourself in the culture

    Bring Portugal to you if you can’t visit the country by immersing yourself in its vibrant culture. Read some Portuguese literature, watch some movies and cook some delicious traditional Portuguese food.

  3. Throw a party

    Show your national pride by throwing a party to celebrate Republic Day. Light up the sky with some fireworks and remark on the years of effort and struggle that have made the nation it is today.

5 Facts About Portugal That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. It’s amongst the oldest nations in Europe

    It’s been constantly inhabited since prehistoric times by the Celts, Carthaginians, and Romans just to name a few.

  2. It’s one of the most peaceful countries

    It has a low crime rate, high standard of living, and a high average life expectancy too.

  3. England is its oldest friend

    Portugal signed the “Treaty of Windsor” with England in 1386 — which is probably the longest-running alliance between modern nations.

  4. One of the worst disasters

    An extremely violent earthquake of a magnitude of 8.5 to nine befell Lisbon in 1755, causing a widespread fire and a huge tsunami that nearly wiped out the city.

  5. First place to ban life imprisonment

    It abolished life imprisonment in 1884 and no one has been executed for a crime since 1846.

Why Republic Day in Portugal is Important

  1. It marks the overthrowing of the monarchy

    The people of Portugal were growing increasingly resentful of the monarchy for various reasons. The revolution finally put an end to it and paved the way for a different form of government.

  2. National pride

    It’s a great day to show off your pride in being Portuguese. Take this day to immerse yourself in your culture and learn more about the many events that have made Portugal the great nation it is today.

  3. It was a bloodless revolution

    It’s commendable to note that unlike many other coups and revolutions in the region, the event involved no bloodshed. This serves as an important lesson even in today’s day and age that not all revolutions need casualties.

Republic Day in Portugal dates

2024October 5Saturday
2025October 5Sunday
2026October 5Monday
2027October 5Tuesday
2028October 5Thursday

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