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SatOct 5

National Kiss a Wrestler Day – October 5, 2024

They’re big and strong, straining under their rippling muscles. But for all that power, wrestlers need love, too!  This October 5, celebrate National Kiss a Wrestler Day and show your respect for one of the world’s oldest and toughest athletic endeavors.   Mythology suggests the gods themselves created wrestling. It demands all the elements an athlete strives for — speed, strength, endurance, improvisation, and the mental fortitude to push through adversity.

Although Kiss a Wrestler Day seems to be an internet-inspired holiday, it may be connected  to the rock band, Kiss, and its promotional effort to link up with the World Championship of Wrestling (WCW) back in 2000. The idea was to have a wrestler known as The Demon, appear in makeup as one of the Kiss characters. Suffice it to say, the deal fell through. But this day remains as a way to honor wrestlers, past and present.

National Kiss a Wrestler Day timeline

​13,000 B.C.
​Wrestling is born

​There are cave drawings in France depicting Babylonian and Egyptian wrestling bouts where wrestlers are using most of the holds known to the modern-day sport.

​The U.S. hosts the first tournament

​The first organized national wrestling tournament takes place in New York City.

Greco-Roman wrestling debuts in the modern Olympics

Greco-Roman wrestling is introduced as an Olympic discipline. ​

​Freestyle wrestling joins the Olympics

Freestyle wrestling begins its modern Olympic journey in St. Louis.

National Kiss a Wrestler Day Activities

  1. Go to an event

    Wrestling events are held throughout the year. Attending in person helps you appreciate the athleticism and skill involved in one of the world’s oldest sports.

  2. Adjust your diet

    Wrestling has very strict weight classes and demands a rigorous diet in order for a wrestler to compete in the appropriate division. Take on the challenge and try a “wrestler’s diet” for a little while. Enjoy lean meats and vegetables, avoid foods with high sodium and saturated fats and watch as your energy and strength soar!

  3. Learn about other cultures

    Whether in the form of Sombo (Russia), Judo (Japan), or Freestyle (USA and Great Britain), the different styles of wrestling embrace cultural aspects of their places of origin. Learn about the various backgrounds of each — and gain a new level of respect for the sport and the countries where each style was founded.

​5 No-holds-barred Wrestling Facts

  1. ​Wrestling is in the world’s oldest book

    In the book of Genesis, the prophet, Jacob, wrestles with an angel in the Bible.

  2. Wrestling is more popular than you think​

    High school wrestling ranks sixth in participation for all boys' sports.

  3. ​Wrestling generates income for colleges

    ​Of all NCAA Championships, collegiate wrestling ranks in the top five for revenue.

  4. ​Wrestling is diverse

    ​Wrestling competitions are held all around the world, with almost 200 nations actively hosting events.

  5. ​Wrestling is not just for men

    ​Since 1994, the number of women who wrestle in high school has grown from 800 to over 16,500. Women’s wrestling has been a recognized Olympic sport since 2004.

Why We Love National Kiss a Wrestler Day

  1. Wrestling is a sport of the gods

    Zeus became ruler of the Earth after a wrestling match with his father, Cronus. In addition, both Hercules and Theseus were famous for wrestling mythical creatures.

  2. Wrestling is theatrical

    Sometimes referred to as "American Style," professional wrestling organizations like the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and Impact Wrestling run events throughout the world. Fights are choreographed, highly theatrical and mixed with dramatic stories. "Feuds" between fighters further promote matches.

  3. Wrestling builds athletic “X-factors”

    Wrestling encompasses a number of unquantifiable skills including self-reliance, self-confidence and self-discipline — not to mention sportsmanship and the respect for one’s opponent.

National Kiss a Wrestler Day dates

2024October 5Saturday
2025October 5Sunday
2026October 5Monday
2027October 5Tuesday
2028October 5Thursday

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