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National Caribbean Civility Day – October 5, 2024

On National Caribbean Civility Day, which is celebrated every October 5, humanitarians are honored for their contributions to the goals of peace and progress in a grand awards ceremony hosted by the World Civility Presidential Club. People of all ages attend this prestigious event. The club honors people who serve their country and communities. It recognizes those who support the vulnerable and the underprivileged by organizing charity drives and fundraisers and volunteering at local hospitals and children’s homes. This occasion also serves as an opportunity to support future leaders of society.

History of National Caribbean Civility Day

According to experts, civility extends beyond good manners and attentive listening to include sharing our own beliefs and values with others through some type of engagement with the intent of sincere respect towards one another. This also necessitates being willing and open to having our opinions and biases challenged by others who have different, and possibly wholly unique, perspectives. Our ability to act civilly is inextricably linked to our ability to understand our own emotions. Understanding our own feelings allows us to recognize how we are feeling in real-time and gives us a greater ability to empathize with others.

Understanding our personal feelings can assist us in evaluating the things that emotionally trigger us, allowing us to become more aware and in tune with how we can, could, and may react and feel in certain situations. Being open to taking the time to understand our thoughts and emotions in these situations can lead to self-recognition and acceptance of how the same or similar situations may affect others, including those with entirely different perspectives. For example, the National Archives recently recognized Reverend Dr. Sharon Styles Anderson for establishing Emotional Civility Day to help the world acknowledge a connection between the way we feel and how we interact with others.

Allow us to introduce National Caribbean Civility Day, established by the World Civility Presidential Club in 2020, which honors humanitarians who work to bring peace and reconciliation to the Caribbean. Every year there is a glitzy awards ceremony at which society members are celebrated for their noble achievements. It is a highlight in the social calendars of the Caribbean community, and many young people have emerged from the club to go on to become business leaders, government officials, and great orators.

National Caribbean Civility Day timeline

The World Civility Presidential Club is Founded

The World Civility Presidential Club is established in Canada.

The Club Gets a New Leader

Dr. Christopher Imumolen, a social entrepreneur and business mogul, is named the World Civility Presidential Club's new ambassador.

October 5, 2020
National Caribbean Civility Day is Created

National Caribbean Civility Day is created by the World Civility Presidential Club to honor humanitarians who work to bring peace and reconciliation to the Caribbean.

Literature for Leaders

Dr. Raymond Harlall, Ambassador of the World Civility Presidential Club, and Sir Clyde Clyde Rivers publish their book “The Handbook to Developing Human Equity: World Civility – The Missing Element.”

National Caribbean Civility Day FAQs

How do you cultivate civility?

Hire people who are respectful of others. Embody and reward desired behavior. Train business leaders, managers, and employees to be civil and respectful to others.

What is social civility?

Social civility is defined as the degree to which people feel a sense of duty or obligation to society and whether they assist others through voluntary activities.

What does it mean to “act with civility”?

Civility is the act of showing regard for others by being polite even when someone has offended you. The word is derived from the Latin word ‘civilis,’ which means relating to public life, befitting a citizen, or being friendly and nice to everyone.

National Caribbean Civility Day Activities

  1. Buy a ticket to the next National Caribbean Civility Day event

    Since its inception, this grand event that celebrates the humanitarian acts of some of the Caribbean’s most honorable civilians has been a social highlight and an event many aspire to attend. Attending this event could allow you to meet some very interesting people.

  2. Seek humanitarian role models

    Humanitarians actively promote human welfare and social reforms and have no bias against human suffering based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, or national divisions. These individuals are incredibly inspirational, and reading about them might motivate you to follow in their footsteps.

  3. Learn about all things Caribbean

    Educating yourself about the history and cultural heritage of the Caribbean islands can help in forging an intimate connection with its people. Also, keeping abreast of current affairs in the region can give one a fair idea about major public issues.

5 Interesting Facts About Caribbean Culture

  1. Food brings people together

    Food preparation is a social activity that many family members participate in before the meal is shared with extended family members.

  2. Reggae was born there

    Many popular types of music that have spread throughout the world originated in the Caribbean, like reggae.

  3. Religion is important

    Many Caribbean countries, particularly those colonized by Spain, are Catholic, while others practice various other religions.

  4. Festivities and carnivals are part of life

    Every year, various countries in the region host hundreds of festivals and carnivals.

  5. Death is prolonged in a spiritual sense

    Jamaicans hold nine-night celebrations in a tradition known as the Nine Night, as they believe that the spirit of the deceased stays in the home for nine days.

Why We Love National Caribbean Civility Day

  1. The Caribbean becomes the world’s stage

    Every October, the world watches when the National Caribbean Civility Day celebrations are underway. It has become an event that many flock to so they can be part of the group that celebrates and honors those who have made a lasting impact on people and their lives through acts of humanitarianism.

  2. Young leaders are encouraged and inspired

    When young people and the future leaders of a country are shown how acts of kindness and selflessness are rewarded and honored, they will become inspired to do the same when they grow up and can become humanitarian figures in their own right. We love how this results from a special day that should be honored throughout the world.

  3. Humanitarian acts are celebrated

    Often, when people do good or provide relief and support for people in need, they don’t want to be celebrated or seen as attention-seeking. Honoring them and celebrating their actions can inspire more people to do the same. One of the ways we as a society can improve is by showcasing acts of change and growth.

National Caribbean Civility Day dates

2024October 5Saturday
2025October 5Sunday
2026October 5Monday
2027October 5Tuesday
2028October 5Thursday

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