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National Apple Betty Day
SatOct 5

National Apple Betty Day – October 5, 2024

On October 5 every year, we mark National Apple Betty Day to celebrate this yummy dessert baked in oats and cinnamon. The American version (Brown Betty or simply Betty) of what is sometimes called a cobbler, apple crisp, or crumble, dates back to the colonial period. The sweet aroma of an Apple Betty fills homes with warmth even as the temperature plummets outside. The timing couldn’t be better; with tart apples fresh off the tree almost begging to be used for this autumn treat.

History of National Apple Betty Day

Betty is a traditional dessert in the United States. As the name implies, it is usually made with apples, but other recipes might adopt pears or berries. Brown Betty belongs to the same family as apple crisps and cobblers. Sweetened crumbs are stuffed into the layers of baked fruit and served with whipped cream or lemon sauce.

The origin of this dessert is somewhat shrouded in mystery. It is said to have evolved from the classic English bread pudding. According to “The Oxford Companion to Food,” the dish gets its name from its creator — an African-American woman of the same name. The “Brown” in Brown Betty is said to denote her skin color, having mixed racial origins.

Naming desserts after those who create them was a staple of colonial times. The recipe consisted of lemon juice, sandwich bread, brown sugar, Granny Smith apples, butter, and cinnamon. In 1864, the dessert made its first appearance in print when “Brown Betty” was mentioned in an article in “Yale Literary Magazine.”

Brown Betty is traditionally supplemented by cream-based sides such as ice cream or whipped cream. Mixed with the apple flavor and bread crumbs, the cream caps a delicious dessert that tastes just like heaven.

A Brown Betty is the perfect addition to your lineup of holiday meals. Not only is it wonderfully tasty, but it is also ridiculously simple to make. Lovers of apple pies will love the Brown Betty as it packs a delicious flavor. Celebrate this delicious holiday with foodies everywhere today by diving into a Brown Betty!

National Apple Betty Day timeline

Brown Betty is Mentioned in Print

The dessert is mentioned in “Yale Literary Magazine,” making its first appearance in print.

Cracker Crumbs is Added to a Recipe

The Brown Betty recipe adopts cracker crumbs and apple sauce.

A Brown Betty Recipe Wins a Prize

The recipe for Brown Betty is included in the winning essay for the American Public Health Association Lomb Prize for Practical, Sanitary, and Economic Cooking Adapted to Persons of Moderate and Small Means.

The Brown Betty Pudding Recipe is Published

The recipe for Brown Betty Pudding is included in the 1901 publication of “The Original Picayune Creole Cookbook.”

National Apple Betty Day FAQs

What is the difference between apple crisp and apple Betty?

Although they are similar, the toppings set them apart. The butter, brown sugar, and flour are what makes the Apple Betty’s topping crispy. Apple crisp topping, on the other hand, typically features oats.

Are apple cobbler and apple crumble the same?

The cobbler is a baked fruit, deep-dish dessert with pie dough or dropped-biscuit topping. Apple crumble, meanwhile, has a topping combination of butter, flour, and sugar.

How should you store apple crisp?

The best way to preserve cooked apple crisp is to cover with a fitted lid or plastic wrap and refrigerate.

How to Celebrate Apple Betty Day

  1. Eat a Brown Betty

    Get this amazing dessert from your local store and enjoy it with family and friends. You can also whip up a batch yourself if you’re a whiz in the kitchen.

  2. Try a new topping

    Try out fun toppings for your dish. From lemon sauce to whipped cream, there are lots of interesting flavors to add.

  3. Research recipes

    Go online and search for new, creative recipes to add a fun twist. Invite friends over and share fun recipe ideas.

5 Facts About Apples That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Powerful admirers

    The Apple Betty is said to have been the dessert of choice of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

  2. No stranger to fame

    Apples are among the world’s most cultivated tree fruits.

  3. Size doesn’t always matter

    Apples grow on small-sized deciduous trees.

  4. Asian origins

    Apple trees were first discovered in Western Asia.

  5. Planting seeds of deliciousness

    Apples made their way into North America through European colonists.

Why We Love Apple Betty Day

  1. We love apples

    Apple Betty includes tons of healthy ingredients in its preparation. From lemon to apple itself, this dessert certainly has a healthy side.

  2. A White House favorite

    Rumor has it that a one-time resident of the White House loved this dish for dessert. That’s all the motivation we need.

  3. Loads of recipes

    With lots of topping choices, there is so much you can do with this dish. You can try different flavor options to thrill your palate.

National Apple Betty Day dates

2024October 5Saturday
2025October 5Sunday
2026October 5Monday
2027October 5Tuesday
2028October 5Thursday

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