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TueSep 17

National Apple Dumpling Day – September 17, 2024

National Apple Dumpling Day is celebrated on September 17. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what does an apple dumpling a day do? It keeps you ‘filled’ for the day! In a country where apples are available year-round, dedicating a day to the world’s favorite fruit delicacy is our definition of fun and food creativity.

History of National Apple Dumpling Day

Apple as a noble fruit is the favorite fruit of a lot of people and usually the first fruit of the day. An apple dumpling is a pastry made from peeled apples that are cut into quarters, filled with sweets, and wrapped in dough for either baking or boiling, and served with any topping of your choice.

Apple dumplings are a common food in the northeastern United States, especially around Pennsylvania. As the country’s favorite pudding, it is often also eaten for breakfast or dessert. The crust, filling, and sauce for apple dumplings are arguably some of the most appealing parts of the pastry due to their sweetness.

On this day, we celebrate America’s favorite pastry, which has been dubbed a “cultural staple” by food historians due to its acceptance and consumption among all social classes. Annual apple dumpling festivals are held in the towns of Atwood, Illinois, Stuart, Virginia, and Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania.

National Apple Dumpling Day timeline

Apple Dumplings Make a Cookbook Appearance

Hannah Glasse publishes two apple dumpling recipes in her cookbook.

Identified as America's Common Food

Botanist Pehr Kalm reports having apple dumplings at every meal.

Apple Dumplings’ New Recipe

Eliza Leslie includes a recipe for baked apple dumplings in her cookbook.

Top American Food

Mark Twain includes baked apple dumplings on a list of unmatched American foods.

National Apple Dumpling Day FAQs

Are apple dumplings hard to make?

Apple Dumplings are quite easy to make and are time-consuming pastries. Try your hand at any basic recipe to test your skills. Alternate these recipes once in a while to find what is best for you.

Do I have to put my apple dumplings in the fridge?

You can leave your dumplings out at room temperature for about two days, although it is best to refrigerate them if they contain perishable fillings.

Can I reheat dumplings?

Absolutely! Pop them in the microwave for a minute or less or reheat them in the oven and serve them with sauce or cream.

National Apple Dumpling Day Activities

  1. Get yourself some apple dumplings

    You can either make or order your favorite apple dumpling recipe and enjoy it with a good movie and a cup of tea. You might even fall into a peaceful slumber almost straight after.

  2. Invite a friend or family over

    “’Tis the season to be jolly!” Food has always been a way to bring families and friends together. Use this opportunity to have people over and offer them apple dumplings with a tall glass of apple juice, and if they can’t be physically present, have it delivered to them.

  3. Try various recipes

    The recipe for making apple dumplings is quite simple and almost universal. Go on the internet or social media to see how others make their apple dumplings, try one or more of these recipes, and experience variety — after all, it is the spice of life.

5 Facts About Apples Worth Munching On

  1. It makes love confessions easy

    In ancient Greece, to throw an apple at someone was to declare one's love.

  2. It is a patient fruit

    Apple trees usually take four to five years to produce their first fruit.

  3. China produces more of it

    The Chinese account for more than half the world's production of apples.

  4. It can be available all year round

    After they are harvested, agricultural facilities are used to keep apples fresh year-round.

  5. It is America’s most beloved fruit

    From pies to dumplings, apples are one of the most popular fruits consumed in the United States.

Why We Love National Apple Dumpling Day

  1. Eat! Eat!! Eat!!!

    What do we love more than food? Eating good food! Apple dumplings are known to be irresistible, sweet-savory pastries and we love nothing more than being given the opportunity to eat them all day.

  2. For the culture and the community

    National Apple Dumpling Day is a day recognized by most Americans due to the long-standing tradition of eating apple dumplings and their status in all households irrespective of social class. Apple dumplings are pastries that provide inclusion to all as it is a readily available pastry.

  3. What to do with all those apples?

    Having an abundance of fruit can be overwhelming and the same goes for eating the same thing, the same way for a while. We love National Apple Dumpling Day because we get to try out other recipes with our apples.

National Apple Dumpling Day dates

2024September 17Tuesday
2025September 17Wednesday
2026September 17Thursday
2027September 17Friday
2028September 17Sunday

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