It’s delicious, it’s nutritious, and it’s super versatile. Yep, we are talking about fruit! A bowl of “nature’s candy” has the ability to transport you to a warm, tropical island. A bite of pineapple? Delectable. A bite into an apple? Good for you, and good tasting. Does it get any better than ripe, refreshing fruit? It doesn’t. That’s why we have dedicated almost 15 holidays to it every year.

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National Cherry Month,
National Strawberry Month,
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, ,
National Papaya Month,
Banana Pudding Lovers Month, , , ,
Jan 3 Monday
National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day,
Feb 27 Sunday
National Strawberry Day, ,
Apr 13 Wednesday
National Peach Cobbler Day, ,
May 13 Thursday
National Fruit Cocktail Day, ,
May 16 Sunday
National Mimosa Day, , ,
May 20 Thursday
National Pick Strawberries Day,
May 21 Friday
National Strawberries and Cream Day, ,
Jun 1 Tuesday
National Olive Day, ,
Jun 21 Monday
National Smoothie Day, , , ,
Jul 7 Wednesday
National Strawberry Sundae Day, , , ,
Jul 16 Friday
National Cherry Day, ,
Jul 31 Saturday
National Avocado Day, , ,
Aug 3 Tuesday
National Watermelon Day,
Sep 16 Thursday
National Pawpaw Day
Sep 26 Sunday
Better Breakfast Day, , , , ,
Oct 31 Sunday
​National Caramel Apple Day, ,
Dec 1 Wednesday
Eat a Red Apple Day,