January 15th holidays

January 15th is the fifteenth day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, Wikipedia went online, Gaddafi was proclaimed premier of Libya, the Pentagon was dedicated in Arlington, Virginia, and James Naismith published the rules to the game of basketball. Famous birthdays include Drew Brees and Martin Luther King, Jr., and Edward Teller. January 15th also marks Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and National Hat Day.

We have 9 holidays listed for January 15.


Martin Luther King's Birthday

Look into the personal story of the civil right's leader, Martin Luther King.


National Bagel Day

Bagels have a history that is richer than your favorite cream cheese spread!


National Hat Day

Where do we even begin? There are so many varieties in so many different styles!


Indian Army Day

Salute the first commander-in-chief and the succeeding generals of the Indian Army today.


National Booch Day

Why is kombucha tea so famous? Because it has numerous properties that can improve your life.


National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day

Raid your kitchen for those neglected veggies and fruits and get juicing.


National Pothole Day

Join road users everywhere as we shed light on a real spanner in the works.


National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Even if you’re strictly vanilla or chocolate, add some pink tartness to your ice cream today.


Wikipedia Day

Explore the love for research by checking out some of the most famous Wikipedia pages.