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National Pothole Day
WedJan 15

National Pothole Day – January 15, 2025

National Pothole Day on January 15 is an observance that highlights the ever-growing problem of potholes on our roads. There is nothing more irritating than trying to avoid potholes while driving down the road. The only thing that could be worse would be driving in a heavy downpour while swerving to avoid them. National Pothole Day was established to bring attention to the ever-increasing pothole menace on our highways.

History of National Pothole Day

Potholes are a constant nuisance for drivers everywhere, yet they’ve been around since the dawn of time, and the name has been in use for centuries.

Each day, it seems like a new pothole appears on the roads you frequently use, making your journey increasingly dangerous. Modern potholes are the result of excessive wear caused by rain and sun, as well as repetitive vehicle movement across the road. Hot-patch is frequently employed to repair it, but when the road swells and contracts due to the changing heat, this makeshift patch is often pushed out again during the next heavy downpour.

Potholes have been around for a while, and the name stems from the roads that were created during the Roman Empire’s reign. Pottery producers in the 1400s and 1500s in England took advantage of the ruts carved into roadways by wagon and coach wheels. They would dig further into these deep ruts to uncover clay deposits beneath in their search for a cost-effective source of raw materials for crafting clay pots. Teamsters who drove wagons and coaches across the roads were aware of who or what produced the holes, which is why they called them ‘pot-holes.’

Aside from the harsh and fluctuating winter weather conditions causing havoc on the roads, drivers, too, play a part. Water causes cracks, potholes, as well as other issues that make traveling unpleasant, but we all contribute to the problem by driving our cars every day, even while lamenting the condition of the roads.

Roads really aren’t permanent structures. Regular use and the weight of road traffic will damage them over time. As the roads we drive on age, they will deteriorate more and more, resulting in new potholes.

National Pothole Day timeline

Potholes are Named

Potters in the 1400s and 1500s give potholes their name as they create holes in roads while trying to access clay deposits.

The Archbald Pothole is Discovered

A coal miner discovers the 42-feet wide and 38-feet deep Archbald Pothole in eastern Pennsylvania.

Americans Adopt the Term

Vehicle use rises in popularity and the term ‘pothole’ becomes commonplace in America.

High Repair Numbers are Recorded

New York City’s Daily Pothole Mill & Pave claims to have completed repairs on 70,858 potholes across the city as of May 18.

National Pothole Day FAQs

What weather conditions worsen potholes?

One of the most common causes of the infamous pothole is winter weather. This is because roads are made up of more than just asphalt on the top layer. There’s also a large pile of rocks and soil underneath. Whenever it rains, the water can sometimes penetrate into the asphalt.

Is it possible to avoid potholes?

Usually, potholes can be avoided if preservation techniques are applied in time before significant damage occurs. The most crucial method of preventing potholes is to seal gaps in the asphalt.

How does rain cause potholes?

When there is heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, the water collects on the roads. When moisture penetrates the foundation beneath the asphalt, potholes begin to form. That layer will weaken and, ultimately, wear down as a result of this.

How to Observe National Pothole Day

  1. Raise awareness

    The best way to observe this holiday is to draw attention to the presence of potholes on our roads. You can find your own unique approach to creating awareness of the dangers of potholes.

  2. Leave your car at home

    The steady movement of vehicles on our roads contributes to the creation of potholes. Take the bus or take a walk, one thing’s for sure; the roads will be thanking you!

  3. Learn more about them

    Research about the causes of potholes and apply your newfound knowledge. Share the information with others, little drops can leave a lasting impact.

5 Facts About Potholes That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Stuck in the mud

    According to an A.A.A. survey, 16 million drivers throughout the country had their vehicles damaged by potholes between 2013 and 2018.

  2. High costs

    The average cost of repairing pothole-related vehicle damage in the United States is $300.

  3. Outnumbered

    In the United States, estimates suggest there are over 55 million potholes.

  4. Ice cream-filled potholes

    People all around the world have devised ingenious ways to bring attention to potholes; Chicago artist Jim Bachor covered potholes with ice cream mosaics.

  5. Even higher costs

    A.A.A. reveals that pothole damage costs Americans $3 billion per year.

Why National Pothole Day is Important

  1. Roads provide an economic return

    When we invest in our local roads, they kick back a decent economic return. Local economies are stimulated when our local roads are at their functional best.

  2. The environment benefits

    We get more conscious of our environment when we focus on issues such as this one. We get to evaluate our impact on the environment and see how we can contribute to making things better.

  3. Safer roads

    It’s no secret that potholes are dangerous. Swerving to avoid these nasty holes can land you in a lot of trouble. By raising awareness and encouraging action, we make our roads safer.

National Pothole Day dates

2025January 15Wednesday
2026January 15Thursday
2027January 15Friday
2028January 15Saturday
2029January 15Monday

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