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National Absinthe Day – March 5

On National Absinthe Day, observed each year on March 5, we celebrate the drink known as “the green fairy.” Absinthe originated in Switzerland in the 18th century and rose to popularity in early 20th century France, especially with artists and writers. The drink enjoys a mystique and is often associated with bohemian culture, making it an especially fun drink to enjoy today!

Red Nose Day – March 24

Get your red nose at the ready, March 24 is Red Nose Day! This special holiday got its start in England in 1988, and today its one of the largest fundraisers in the UK. The day is sponsored by Comic Relief, a British charity that raises money for people in need in the United Kingdom and Africa. Red Nose Day happens every two years on the second or third Friday in March. In the past 30 years, the event has raise over £1billion. The day features a telethon, TV specials, and events around the country.

National Winston Churchill Day – April 9

Winston Churchill Day is celebrated on April 9 because on this day in 1963 President John Fitzgerald Kennedy signed a bill into law making Winston Churchill — the soldier, author, and indefatigable British Prime Minister — an honorary citizen of the United States. It wasn’t his birthday, or even the day of his death (he was still very much alive) but the day did have military significance for us all. Sir Winston Churchill, who was knighted by the Queen for his wartime service to England, is credited with unifying the British people to resist the intensive bombing of Britain by Germany during World War II. It was on April 9 in 1940 that Germany eluded the British blockade and invaded Norway. Some would say that was the real start of World War II. But that isn’t the reason we celebrate it on April 9. No, we celebrate Winston Churchill Day then because that is when the slow workings of the US Congress finally got around to presenting the bill to the President to be signed. Some things never change. To commemorate Winston Churchill Day on April 9 we have great facts and pithy quotes to help you “keep calm and carry on.”

St. George’s Day – April 23

Did you know that the iconic flag of England is much more than just a red cross over a white background? It is actually St. George's Cross—a symbol that is so closely intertwined with English national identity, that St. George has his own national holiday. On April 23, we celebrate the patron saint of England, who has captivated the imaginations of the British since the Crusades and the Hundred Years' War. Perhaps the most British of all holidays, this special day is a unique opportunity to let your English flag fly, literally and figuratively. Get out the Punch and Judy dolls and grab your fish & chips—it's St. George's Day!

National Lemon Cream Pie Day — November 29

We hope your sweet tooth is ready to celebrate National Lemon Cream Pie Day on November 29th. We know this time of year is more typically associated with pumpkin pie, but honestly we’ll take any excuse to celebrate any kind of pie—especially a pie that's been around for thousands of years. Historians say lemon desserts have been around since the Middle Ages! Whipped cream, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer: it didn’t show up until the 16th century. It first appeared in recipes in Italy in the mid-1500s and then traveled to France and showed up in recipes there just after 1600. Somewhere between then and now, someone had the brilliant idea to marry them together in a way that’s basically sunshine baked into a pie dish. So grab your fork and let’s dig in to this delectable holiday.
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