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FriJun 14

National Strawberry Shortcake Day – June 14, 2024

Every year National Strawberry Shortcake Day is celebrated on June 14 at the peak of the strawberry season. Strawberries are found all year round nowadays but this wasn’t always the case. Previously, it was only harvested in the summer months. Even now, the strawberries that come in the summer months are juicier and tastier. Strawberries are eaten in all sorts of ways during this time by slicing, dicing, mixing, and cutting them and, at times, using them to make something flavorful like strawberry shortcake. Besides National Strawberry Shortcake Day, this lip-smacking sweet dessert is also popularly enjoyed on July 4 — Independence Day.

History of National Strawberry Shortcake Day

Strawberry shortcake’s general history is not very well documented, however, the first known mention of shortcake was in 1588, as that’s when a recipe for the dessert appeared in an English cookbook. 

In the mid-19th century, strawberry shortcake was being served at various places, but in a biscuit or a fruit dessert sort of way. It was even served with sweetened cream or butter on many occasions, just to amplify the taste. The dessert started gaining popularity all over the United States and soon people started organizing strawberry shortcake parties where they invited friends and family to come over for brunch or dinner around the peak of the strawberry summer season.

Soon afterward, people started requesting a specific day during summer to celebrate this cake. Finally, the day of June 14 was declared as the National Strawberry Shortcake Day in celebration of this dish.

National Strawberry Shortcake Day timeline

First Mention

Shortcake is mentioned for the first time in an English cookbook.

New Dimension

Strawberry shortcake becomes massively popular after it is layered with sweetened cream and unsalted butter.

Replacing Cream

The sweetened cream and butter used in strawberry shortcake is replaced with heavy whipped cream.

National Holiday Petitions

Requests to make National Strawberry Shortcake Day a national holiday begin.

National Strawberry Shortcake Day FAQs

Why are they called strawberry shortcakes?

Many people mistakenly think that the name is derived from the cake’s height, but that’s not true. The name ‘shortcake’ comes from a really old English cooking description for short. Now, what is ‘short,’ one might ask? It is usually referred to as something that is made crisp but with extra fat added. Shortcake is a crunchy, brittle cake that is made of butter.

Do you serve strawberry shortcake hot or cold?

There is no fixed rule for this. However, shortcake tastes excellent if they are served slightly warm, even just at room temperature. It can be stored in an airtight container for 1–2 days once it has cooled down.

How long is strawberry shortcake good for?

If you’re filling and frosting the cake, then it is advisable to not keep it in the fridge for more than two days before serving. When it’s out, it’s okay to be left out on the table for a few hours. It can be kept in the fridge in an airtight container for quite a few days.

National Strawberry Shortcake Day Activities

  1. Bake it

    This is a no-brainer. On National Strawberry Shortcake Day, why not bake your own strawberry-laden shortcake?

  2. Enjoy it with friends and family

    If you’re baking a strawberry shortcake it’s not right to eat it all alone. It’s always better to invite your friends and family for brunch and spend some quality time enjoying this dessert with your loved ones.

  3. Help a local bakery

    On National Strawberry Shortcake Day, go to a local bakery and help them out, either by volunteering your time or simply by buying some of their delicious baked goods!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Strawberries And Shortcake

  1. Shortcake is a sweet biscuit

    In the true American sense, a shortcake is basically a sweetened biscuit — it is crumbly and crispy due to the baking soda or baking powder used

  2. Typical ingredients

    Flour, butter, eggs, baking powder or baking soda, lots of sugar, a pinch of salt, milk, or cream are the usual ingredients for baking a shortcake.

  3. Seeds on the outside

    The strawberry is probably the only fruit that has seeds on the outside and not inside.

  4. Per person capacity

    Each year, almost 1.8 pounds of frozen strawberries are eaten by Americans.

  5. The largest strawberry shortcake

    The Pasadena Strawberry Festival presented the world’s largest strawberry shortcake back in 2012 — it was made with 280 pounds of whipped cream icing and also used as much as 3,200 pounds of strawberries.

Why We Love National Strawberry Shortcake Day

  1. No reason needed to eat cake

    No one needs an excuse to eat cake, right? Anyhow, National Strawberry Shortcake Day gives us a legitimate reason to indulge in as much cake as we want.

  2. Quality family time

    On National Strawberry Shortcake Day, when you’re baking a cake at home, the best way is to enjoy it with friends and family. At the peak of summer, it’s a good time to take a break and spend some quality time together.

  3. Helping small businesses

    National Strawberry Shortcake Day is a perfect opportunity to help local strawberry farmers or local in-house bakers. This day gives everyone a chance to help these small businesses make some sales.

National Strawberry Shortcake Day dates

2024June 14Friday
2025June 14Saturday
2026June 14Sunday
2027June 14Monday
2028June 14Wednesday

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