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ThuFeb 27

National Strawberry Day – February 27, 2025

National Strawberry Day falls on February 27 every year, adding an extra aphrodisiac to this month of love. Devilishly sweet, and also delightfully low in calories, they’re the perfect food to make you feel naughty and nice at the same time. Grown both around the U.S. and around the world almost year-round, you’re never far from a supplier of this tasty tongue-tickler to help you celebrate National Strawberry Day!

History of National Strawberry Day

Strawberries have grown in the wild for thousands of years, and it was the French who first brought this delicious red berry into their gardens for cultivation in the 14th century. Not long afterward, English Archbishop Thomas Wolsey created the winning combination of strawberries and cream for Henry VIII’s court that so many people still enjoy today.

However, the early species of strawberries were very different from those we feast on now. It wasn’t until 1712 that a French excursion to Chile resulted in the mixing of different types of strawberry plants, and the garden strawberry we know today was born.

In the early 19th century, love for strawberries spread quickly when strawberries and cream were seen as a luxury, and the invention of the railroad meant that they could be transported quickly all around the country. New York produced bumper crops and farms also sprang up in Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, and Tennessee. Now, 75% of U.S. strawberries are grown in California, but they are still grown in every state.

The berry’s name may be due to a number of reasons: some argue that it comes from the Old English “streawberige” because of its straw-like fronds. Others suggest that they’re so called because of farmers mulching them with straw, and there are also accounts that the berries were sold on straw skewers at markets. 

The origins of National Strawberry Day are unclear, but it has been celebrated since at least 2013. Its heart-shape and bright red color make it a symbol of love that is perfect for the romantic month of February.

National Strawberry Day timeline

Straight From the Forest

The French take the wild strawberry from the forest and into their gardens for harvesting.

The Medical Mouthful

Botanists begin naming different species of strawberry, and it is used widely for medicinal purposes.

The Spy who Picked Me

The French Spy Amédée-François Frézier travels to Chile and learns of the sweeter beach strawberries, which he later introduces to Europe.

The Bigger the Better

Commercial strawberry producers increase demand by cultivating the fruit to enhance its sweet smell, size, color, and shape like a heart.

National Strawberry Day FAQs

What is the best month for strawberries?

Due to the varied locations where strawberries are cultivated and grown, the strawberry season runs from January to November.


What does the strawberry symbolize?

Due to its shape like a heart and its rich, red color, the strawberry is a symbol of love and is commonly associated with Venus, the Goddess of Love. 


Is there a national fruit day?

February is also National Cherry Month and National Grapefruit Month so it’s a great time for anyone with a sweet tooth to celebrate with a delicious and healthy option.

National Strawberry Day Activities

  1. Harvest your own Strawberries

    If you’ve thought ahead, you’ll have planted your strawberry seeds last April and now the plants will be bearing their delicious red fruit. So you only need to pluck them off the stalks and feast on nature’s bounty.

  2. Try Strawberry Carving

    Put your creativity to the test and try carving strawberries to impress your friends. With a little dexterity, you can sculpt them into roses in honor of their plant family.

  3. Listen to Some Strawberry Songs

    There are many great songs featuring this delicious fruit, from ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ by The Beatles to Coldplay’s ‘Strawberry Swing.’ Why not make a playlist as a musical backdrop to the day?

5 Facts About Strawberries That Make Them Even Sweeter

  1. They were a Roman remedy

    The Ancient Romans believed the fruit had medicinal purposes and prescribed them for minor ailments like sore throats, as well as more serious problems like a fever and long-term issues like depression.

  2. They’re not like any other fruit

    The Strawberry is not technically considered a berry as its seeds are on the outside (around 200 of them) — in fact, it’s the only fruit with external seeds, giving it its own special category.

  3. Each one is unique

    Strawberries’ flavor can be very variable, and this is because they’re influenced by a variety of factors, including type, the weather, and the time of harvest.

  4. They’re part of a floral family

    The tasty fruit is a member of the rose family, which explains its fragrant scent and bright color.

  5. They’re great for your love life

    The magnesium, potassium, and folate found in strawberries mean they encourage a healthy libido and makes this romantic fruit an aphrodisiac for many.

Why We Love National Strawberry Day

  1. It means spring has sprung

    The Strawberry is the first fruit to ripen in the spring. So when the first strawberries appear, it’s a sure sign that warmer weather is on the way and you can taste a new season in the air.

  2. You can support local farmers

    Strawberries are so versatile that they are grown in every single U.S. state and Canadian province. That means wherever you are, you can celebrate with a punnet of local produce.

  3. Strawberries encourage healthy hearts

    Strawberries are believed to help reduce the risk of heart disease and even certain cancers thanks to their vitamins, fiber, potassium, and acids. So eating them can give short-term pleasure as well as long-term results.

National Strawberry Day dates

2025February 27Thursday
2026February 27Friday
2027February 27Saturday
2028February 27Sunday
2029February 27Tuesday

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