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ThuFeb 27

National Kahlua Day – February 27, 2025

National Kahlua Day is celebrated on February 27 every year as a tribute to one of the greatest rich, creamy, alcoholic, coffee dessert beverages — yes, it is none other than Kahlua! Did you know that Kahlua is the world’s number one coffee liqueur? People love this coffee-flavored, rum-based liqueur. 

History of National Kahlua Day

When it comes to slightly sinful beverages loved by many, there is perhaps no better example than a glass of Kahlua! Kahlua is a coffee-flavored liqueur that originated in Hawaii. It is made from sugar cane, rum, and coffee beans. Some interpret the word ‘Kahlua’ as ‘lemonade’ in the Hawaiian language, which makes sense because it tastes like a combination of espresso and lemonade. 

Kahlua has been said to be around for decades — since 1869 to be exact! However, the solid origins of Kahlua can be traced back to its invention in 1936. It was invented by two men, Senior Blanco and Montalvo Lara; they were also known as the Alvarez brothers. One was a food inventor who gave birth to an idea of rich and tasteful Arabica coffee, and the other was a chemist. They came together and created Kahlua from the finest ingredients that grow side by side in rural Veracruz.

In 1940, Kahlua was exported to the U.S., and it became a favorite drink of many. In the 1960s, Kahlua company led a creative ad campaign and created a female leadership, which was unique at that time. This gained media attention

Later in the 1980s, Kahlua grew in popularity and became the number one selling coffee liqueur in the world. Today, Kahlua is a brand with a unique history and an amazing history. It is loved by many in the world. Kahlua is the most famous of all Hawaiian drinks, and there are many different ways to enjoy it, but remember to drink and celebrate responsibly.

National Kahlua Day timeline

Kahlua is Born

The first Kahlua is prepared in Mexico.

Kahlua Goes to the U.S.

Kahlua reaches the U.S., and people absolutely love it.

Kahlua Becomes a Media Sensation

Kahlua receives national attention in America due to creative ads.

Kahlua Hits Big

Kahlua remains the number one coffee liqueur worldwide.

National Kahlua Day FAQs

Is Kahlua good to drink straight?

Absolutely, you can go ahead and grab a bottle of Kahlua and drink up!

Is Kahlua high in alcohol?

The alcohol content of Kahlua is 20%.

Does Kahlua keep you awake?

Although Kahlua contains caffeine, it is in very small amounts. So, it won’t keep you up all night.

National Kahlua Day Activities

  1. Enjoy Kahlua

    The best way to celebrate National Kahlua Day is by drinking it. Whether you taste it with coffee, hot chocolate, or other creamy chocolate, just enjoy it.

  2. Organize a Kahlua party

    Organize a Kahlua party with your friends and family and have a chill and safe party in your home!

  3. Present a Kahlua to someone

    What is the joy of having a Kahlua yourself? Share a Kahlua with your co-workers or someone who needs a drink.

5 Delicious Facts About Kahlua That Makes You Crave For One!

  1. “The House of Acolhua people”

    The word ‘Kahlua’ means “House of the Acolhua people” in the Veracruz Nahuatl language.

  2. That’s long!

    It takes seven years to create one bottle of Kahlua.

  3. Kahlua is not of American origin

    Contrary to what most people believe, Kahlua is not an American drink, it was first produced in Veracruz, Mexico.

  4. They lowered the alcohol content

    The current versions of Kahlua contain about 20% of alcohol, but the earlier versions contained 26%.

  5. World’s popular drink

    The world’s most popular Kahlua drink, the Black Russian, was created back in 1949.

Why We Love National Kahlua Day

  1. Kahlua is for every occasion

    Kahlua is a kind of drink that is perfect for every occasion. Are you having a good day? Kahlua! Are you having a bad day? Kahlua!

  2. Kahlua is a flexible drink.

    Kahlua is a flexible star of several delicious cocktail recipes. You can pair it with almost anything, or you can just sip the coffee liqueur by itself!

  3. It has coffee!

    What more do you need! The full-bodied, rich and sweet flavor of Kahlua tastes strongly like coffee. So, why say no?

National Kahlua Day dates

2025February 27Thursday
2026February 27Friday
2027February 27Saturday
2028February 27Sunday
2029February 27Tuesday

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