Anosmia Awareness Day – February 27, 2022

Anosmia Awareness Day is observed on February 27 every year. It is a day to spread awareness about anosmia, which is the loss of the sense of smell, or as some people call it, nose blind. Did you know that loss of smell is associated with diseases that affect brain cells like Alzheimer’s in the future? Yes, loss of sense of smell is not to be taken lightly, and people need to be educated to prevent anosmia.

History of Anosmia Awareness Day

The medical term for the loss of smell is known as anosmia. It is most often caused by an infection or injury to your nose or brain and can be temporary or permanent depending on what has happened. There are two types of loss of smell — hyposmia and anosmia. Hyposmia is a partial loss of the sense of smell, whereas anosmia is when someone has completely lost their ability to smell anything at all! 

Anosmia Awareness Day was established by Daniel Shein in 2012. Shein was diagnosed with anosmia in the fifth grade. But it was not until 2011 that he started his research about anosmia and decided to create an organization called Anosmia Awareness.

This is a non-profit organization to spread awareness for those without a sense of smell. They are also on a path to encourage research centers around the world to research treatment options for anosmia. 

Anosmia affects over 200,000 people in the U.S. alone, and there is no real cure or treatment for it at this time. However, many of these patients have found ways to work around their condition with the help of others so you can too! Losing your sense of smell can be a scary thing. You may think that you are going to lose all of the wonderful things in life, like smelling flowers or tasting food, but there are some things that people with anosmia find helpful! So, be strong and pay a visit to your doctor. 

Anosmia Awareness Day timeline

An Unfortunate Diagnosis

Daniel Shein is diagnosed with anosmia in the fifth grade.

Schein Begins His Quest

Shein begins researching and learning about anosmia and plans to establish Anosmia Awareness.

The First Anosmia Awareness Day

Schein launches the first Anosmia Awareness Day.

More People Get To Know about Anosmia

People get to know about anosmia through the works of Anosmia Awareness.

Anosmia Awareness Day FAQs

What causes no smell in the nose?

The most common causes of anosmia include nasal congestion, allergy, sinus infection, or air pollution. However, there are many factors that cause anosmia.

Can you recover from anosmia?

Currently, there is no known cure or treatment for congenital anosmia. However, many factors cause anosmia.

Is anosmia a disability?

Anosmia is classified as an invisible disability since smell is a vital sense for humans to function properly.

How to Observe Anosmia Awareness Day

  1. Spread awareness

    The best way to celebrate Anosmia Awareness Day is by raising awareness and educating your friends and family about the disease. Share on social media and let everyone you know be aware of this disease.

  2. Learn about the disease

    Learn more about anosmia and other illnesses that cause loss of smell. You can read, talk with your doctor, or surf the internet to discover more about this disease.

  3. Try to mimic the life of an anosmia patient

    Ever wondered what your world would be without your sense of smell? Try exploring your world without smell for a few minutes, and you’ll know how difficult life would be.

5 Bizarre Facts About Smell That’ll Scare You

  1. Your smell is renewed every month

    Your scent cells can regenerate and are renewed every 30 to 60 days.

  2. That is a lot!

    A human being's nose can detect at least one trillion distinct scents.

  3. Boy, dogs can smell you!

    Dogs can distinguish non-identical twins based on odor, and they have more scent cells than humans, almost 44 times more.

  4. Age-related anosmia is linked to race

    According to research, African-Americans and Hispanics experience age-related loss of smelling earlier than Caucasians.

  5. Smelling is unique

    Everyone has their unique identity odor similar to a fingerprint, which means no two people can smell things the same way.

Why Anosmia Awareness Day Is Important

  1. It raises awareness

    Anosmia Awareness Day raises awareness about one of the most under-noticed but horrible diseases known to man. In these crucial times, people must know about it.

  2. It gives people a chance

    There might be some people, maybe someone from your friends or family circle, who might be suffering from anosmia without them knowing. So, educating them about anosmia helps them receive treatment at the right time.

  3. This is a meaningful day

    Anosmia Awareness Day is a meaningful day where people learn and know about this illness. This way, they can contribute to supporting the people who are suffering from anosmia in need.

Anosmia Awareness Day dates

2022February 27Sunday
2023February 27Monday
2024February 27Tuesday
2025February 27Thursday
2026February 27Friday

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