Healthy Food

Health food holidays are here to help us finish strong and keep up our healthy lifestyle every day of the year. And with the help of over 35 different health holidays occurring throughout the year, there’s always a day to celebrate being healthy. Turn that health kick into a healthy lifestyle with the help of some fresh, hand-picked, healthy food holidays.

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National Hot Tea Month,
National Oatmeal Month,
National Grapefruit Month,
National Celery Month,
National Nutrition Month
National Soy Foods Month,
National Mediterranean Diet Month, , ,
National Salad Month, ,
National Strawberry Month,
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, ,
Turkey Lovers Month, , ,
National Watermelon Month, ,
Better Breakfast Month, ,
Health Literacy Month, ,
National Pescatarian Month, , , ,
Vegetarian Month,
Jan 5 Wednesday
National Keto Day ,
Jan 11 Tuesday
National Milk Day,
Jan 26 Wednesday
National Green Juice Day
Feb 3 Thursday
National Carrot Cake Day,
Feb 27 Sunday
National Protein day,
National Strawberry Day, ,
Mar 7 Monday
National Cereal Day,
Mar 23 Wednesday
National Chia Day, ,
Mar 26 Saturday
National Spinach Day,
Apr 4 Monday
International Carrot Day, ,
Apr 30 Saturday
National Oatmeal Cookie Day, ,
National Raisin Day,
May 13 Friday
International Hummus Day, ,
National Fruit Cocktail Day, ,
May 17 Tuesday
National Walnut Day,
May 24 Tuesday
National Asparagus Day, ,
Jun 1 Wednesday
National Olive Day, ,
Jun 3 Friday
National Egg Day, , ,
Jun 5 Sunday
National Veggie Burger Day, ,
Jun 10 Friday
National Iced Tea Day,
Jun 17 Friday
National Eat Your Vegetables Day, ,
Jun 18 Saturday
International Sushi Day,
Jun 19 Sunday
Turkey Lovers’ Day,
Jun 21 Tuesday
National Smoothie Day, , , ,
Jul 3 Saturday
National Eat Beans Day,
Jul 4 Sunday
National Caesar Salad Day,
Jul 11 Sunday
National Rainier Cherry Day, ,
Jul 16 Friday
National Cherry Day, ,
Jul 22 Thursday
Mango Day, ,
Jul 31 Saturday
National Avocado Day, , ,
Aug 22 Sunday
World Plant Milk Day, ,
Sep 26 Sunday
Better Breakfast Day, , , , ,
Oct 15 Friday
National Mushroom Day
Oct 29 Friday
National Oatmeal Day
Dec 1 Wednesday
Eat a Red Apple Day,
Dec 14 Tuesday
Roast Chestnuts Day, ,
Dec 19 Sunday
National Oatmeal Muffin Day , ,
Dec 22 Wednesday
National Date Nut Bread Day, ,
Jan 3-9
Folic Acid Awareness Week