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Pickle Time Week – February 9-15, 2025

Pickle Time Week takes place during the second full week in February in the United States. This year, it takes place from February 9 to 15. The purpose of the celebration is to give pickles a little bit of love. None of us really give much thought to pickles yet we consume them in large quantities, especially in restaurants. In fact, a good burger is unimaginable without a side of pickles! If you are a fan of pickles and want to celebrate their role in the modern diet, then pickle Time Week is a great day to do so. All you need to do is grab your favorite jar of pickles and dig in.

History of Pickle Time Week

Pickle Time Week was started by the Pickle Packers Association in 1949, but the history of pickles goes back thousands of years. It all started with the pickling of cucumbers in India. Yet, the word comes from the Dutch word ‘pekel,’ which means ‘brine.’ This is an apt name because in order to pickle vegetables you need two ingredients, salt and vinegar. Both of these things prevent bacteria from growing and spoiling the vegetables and it is this property of pickles that makes them so popular.

During the 17th and 18th centuries in the U.S., farmers would pickle their own vegetables for winter storage. They would usually pickle cabbage, cucumbers, and other vegetables to make them last all season. The pickling process back then was time-consuming and labor-intensive. The invention of paraffin wax helped to create a seal for food preserved in glass jars. The invention of the mason jar was important since its heavy glass could tolerate the temperatures and keep pickles fresh for longer.

It was Eastern European Jews who immigrated to New York during the 19th century that introduced dill pickles to the United States. Cucumbers were picked, washed, and placed in huge wooden barrels. The barrels were then filled with garlic, spices, dill, kosher salt, and freshwater. The entire mixture was then allowed to ferment for several months. A short fermentation time would produce fewer sour pickles, while a longer fermentation time would produce a more sour pickle. Today you can find many different pickles in the supermarket.

Pickle Time Week timeline

2030 B.C.
Start of Pickles

Indians begin making pickled cucumbers.

Late 1800s
Pickles in America

Pickles are introduced to America by Eastern Europeans.

Pickling is Revolutionized

The pickle revolution starts with the invention of paraffin wax and mason jars.

Mt. Olive Pickle Company

The biggest pickle brand in the U.S. begins operating.

Pickle Time Week FAQs

What is a pickle?

A pickle is a cucumber that has been pickled in brine, vinegar, or other solution and left to ferment for a period of time.

What is in a pickle?

They have been preserved in a special solution called brine. The brine is made of vinegar, salt, and special seasonings.

What is an Indian pickle called?

Achaar is a catch-all term for pickle, a popular condiment in Indian cuisine.

Pickle Time Week Activities

  1. Eat pickles

    The celebrations of Pickle Time Week are incomplete without devouring your favorite pickles. Eat pickles on their own or as an accompaniment to your favorite foods.

  2. Make your own pickles

    Another way to celebrate Pickle Time Week is by making your very own pickles! Emulate your favorite recipes or look them up online. Who knows? You might discover that you have a hidden talent for pickling!

  3. Host a pickle potluck

    Bring all your pickle-loving friends together in one grand celebration of Pickle Time Week. Ask everyone to bring their favorite pickles and taste the varieties on offer. You might find your new favorite pickle this way!

5 Interesting Facts About Pickles

  1. Approximately 20% of pickles are sold refrigerated

    This keeps them fresh much longer.

  2. The sound when biting into a pickle

    The noise that’s made when a pickle is bitten into is called the “snap.”

  3. Snap-less pickles are also available

    They are often called denture dills.

  4. Americans love pickles a lot

    Seven out of 10 American households eat pickles.

  5. Not all pickles are equally popular

    Dill pickles are the most popular pickle.

Why We Love Pickle Time Week

  1. Pickles are delicious

    Pickle Time Week is celebrated across the U.S. because they are delightful to the mouth. They instantly elevate the taste of whatever they are eaten with. And they are really versatile too!

  2. Pickles have a long history

    Can you believe that pickles are more than a thousand years old? Pickle Time Week is also a celebration of a recipe that humans have enjoyed for so long. The food has traveled through continents and is loved by many.

  3. They are easy to make

    Pickles are easy to make even if you are not a pro at cooking. Pickle Time Week encourages us to take up pickling and try some recipes. Don’t hesitate to experiment!

Pickle Time Week dates

2022February 13Sunday
2023February 12Sunday
2024February 11Sunday
2025February 9Sunday
2026February 8Sunday

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