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SunFeb 9

Super Chicken Wing Day – February 9, 2025

Super Chicken Wing Day is a famous event celebrated on the second Sunday of February. This year, it takes place on February 9. This day is perfect for anyone who has a love for the combination of chicken wings, eating, and football. You guessed it right: Super Chicken Wing Day falls on the same Sunday as the Super Bowl. The newfound festivity is a spin-off of National Chicken Wing Day, which falls in July. Because Americans love eating chicken wings so much, they decided to create another holiday as an excuse to eat more chicken while watching their beloved athletes play football during the Super Bowl.

History of Super Chicken Wing Day

Super Chicken Wing Day is a day where chicken wings remind everyone how scrumptious life is. For the year 2023, Super Chicken Wing Day lands on February 12. The earliest-known trace of this holiday was in 1964 in Buffalo, New York. Frank Bellissimo owned a bar called the Anchor Bar. One night, Teressa Bellissimo, Frank’s wife, wanted to cook for his sons and their friends, who were starving and looking for a midnight snack. All she had was chicken meant to be made into broth, but instead, she deep-fried them and mixed them in with hot sauce. What came to be is the now famed and known Buffalo Chicken Wings. Customers even then loved it and kept coming back to the bar just to order some good ol’ Buffalo chicken wings. The food item became so sought after that, by 1977, the Mayor of Buffalo declared July 29 to be National Chicken Wing Day.

Eventually, in the 1980s, people consumed less of the entire chicken and opted for the chicken’s wings, resulting in a cheaper rate. Bars followed the bandwagon of including chicken wings in their menus, and the combo of sports and wings became a hit when TVs were placed in sports bars. In the 1990s, fast food restaurants like KFC and McDonald’s also started selling wings.

When the Buffalo Bills played in the Super Bowl for four consecutive years from 1990 to 1993, the link was made. There was already Buffalo Wing Day, but Super Chicken Wing Day became another day to celebrate wings on Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Chicken Wing Day timeline

The Spicy Buffalo

On October 30, Teressa Bellissimo creates buffalo wings in Buffalo, New York.

Nationally Acclaimed Wings

The Mayor of Buffalo declares July 27 as National Chicken Wing Day.

Intertwining Football

The Buffalo Bills play in the Super Bowl for four consecutive years.

The Chicken Wings Tradition

Super Chicken Wing Day continues to be celebrated on Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Chicken Wing Day FAQs

Who ate 444 wings?

Patrick Bertoletti won the Wing Bowl 2015 by eating 444 chicken wings in 26 minutes.

How many chicken wings are eaten during the Super Bowl?

According to the National Chicken Council, the average consumption of wings during Super Bowl Sunday is around 1.42 billion.

How else do you call chicken wings?

Other ways to refer to chicken wings are hot wings, buffalo wings, and even just wings.

Super Chicken Wing Day Activities

  1. Cook some wings

    Cook some chicken wings the way you like them! Make your favorite paired dip with it and let your family try some of your good ol’ wings.

  2. Order some wings

    Don’t feel like getting up and cooking? Just search online and find out where to get some discounted wings. Because of the holiday, there are definitely restaurants selling some chicken wings for a lower price, if not for free.

  3. Gather your family and friends

    This day is also the perfect time to watch the Super Bowl! Invite your relatives and friends to watch the competitive sport of football that America knows and loves.

5 Facts About Chicken Wings You Ought To Know About

  1. The world record for chicken wings

    A man named Molly Schuyler ate 501 wings in the span of 30 minutes during an event called Wing Bowl 26 in 2018.

  2. Americans love to eat chicken wings

    In 2013, over 27 billion chicken wings were consumed and 1.38 billion chicken wings were eaten during the Super Bowl.

  3. There was a shortage of chicken wings

    The supply shrank, making the demand and price for chicken wings increase in 2013.

  4. The most popular wing dipping sauce

    Contrary to popular belief, ranch dressing is more popular than blue cheese to pair with chicken wings.

  5. Chicken wings are white meat

    People generally think chicken wings are dark meat as they contain a lot of collagen, which keeps the wings moist and juicy when fried, but they are considered white meat.

Why We Love Super Chicken Wing Day

  1. They are easy to make

    Chicken wings can be made with different techniques, batter, and marination, depending on your preference. But the great thing to know is that chicken wings hold a lot of moisture when cooked, so they can’t taste bad.

  2. They are so yummy

    Chicken wings are such a versatile food item. Whether you want a midnight snack or a full meal, you can never go wrong with chicken wings. It’s also a great addition whenever your friends or family have a potluck.

  3. They are easy to find

    Whether it is your favorite restaurant, local pub, or large food chain, there are probably chicken wings on their menu. Finding them doesn’t take long, and you can enjoy them right there and then.

Super Chicken Wing Day dates

2022February 13Sunday
2023February 12Sunday
2024February 11Sunday
2025February 9Sunday
2026February 8Sunday

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