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SunFeb 2

Scout Sunday – February 2, 2025

Scout Sunday is celebrated on the Sunday before February 8 every year and this year the day will be marked on February 2. Since 1910, school pupils have been imbibing good deeds, survival skills, and moral underpinnings via the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts of America are descended from the British Boy Scouts, which were created in 1908 in reaction to the success of Robert Baden-Scouting Powell’s for Boys. Indonesia’s national scouting organization, Gerakan Pramuka Indonesia, has over 17 million members, making it the world’s largest scouting organization.

History of Scout Sunday

Lord Bowden-Powell founded Scouts after the South African War. In 1907, Baden-Powell gathered 22 boys, some from public schools and others from working-class families, and placed them in a camp under his command. The outcome of that camp is now known to the entire globe.

The book, “Scouting for Boys” was released in six fortnightly installments in 1908 at 4d per copy. The book sold well. Scout Patrols were founded by the boys to test out new ideas. What was meant to be a training manual for existing groups became the guidebook for a new global movement. Powell’s deep comprehension of boys clearly hit a nerve. As a result, the book has been translated into a variety of languages and dialects.

During the third World Scout Jamboree in 1929, he was given a new automobile, which happened to be a Rolls-Royce. This automobile was quickly dubbed Jam-Roll. He also acquired an Eccles Caravan, dubbed Eccles Cake, so Scouts attending the occasion were treated to a Jam-Roll towing an Eccles Cake. This combination suited the Baden-Powells well in their subsequent journeys throughout Europe. Baden-Powell also had a significant influence on youth education. The global Scouting movement expanded under his diligent leadership. By 1922, there were over a million Scouts in 32 nations; by 1939, the number of scouts had risen to more than 3.3 million.

Scout Sunday timeline

Girls are Allowed to Join

The decision is made to enable girls to join all categories.

The 100 Year Anniversary

The Scout Association commemorates the 100-year anniversary of scouting.

LGBT Members Allowed to Join

The Boy Scouts of America lifts its prohibition on LGBT members, enabling gay youngsters to join the organization.

The Scouts’ Team Goes Broke

The Boy Scouts Association declares bankruptcy in response to multiple lawsuits alleging child sexual abuse by certain Scout leaders.

Scout Sunday FAQs

What does reverent mean in Boy Scouts?

It means a scout is devoted to his or her religious views while also respecting those of others.

What age do you have to be to join the Scouts?

Children can join Cubs at the age of eight and Scouts at the age of 10 and a half. Explorer Scouting begins at the age of 14 and continues until the scout reaches the age of 18.

What is the Cub Scout Law?

The Cub Scout Law is a set of rules that all Cub Scouts must follow.

How to Observe Scout Sunday

  1. Wear your scout uniform

    Sit in the front of the church, synagogue, or mosque with your troop. Wear your uniform to your home church if your unit is not sponsored by a faith-based group.

  2. Serve as church ushers and distribute church bulletins

    At the start of the service, hold a flag ceremony. During the service, recite the Scout Oath and Law.

  3. Think of ways to continue the tradition into adulthood

    Go camping and do map reading exercises. Do this even if it’s just for the fun of it.

5 Intriguing Facts About Scout Day

  1. Five nations don't have any scout organizations

    These are Andorra, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and Vatican City, the latter of which is frequently overlooked.

  2. The relation between astronomers and scouts

    Eleven of the 12 men who would eventually walk on the moon were former scouts.

  3. The first scout to become a President

    President John F. Kennedy was the first scout to be elected President.

  4. Atheists are still prohibited

    While girls and the LGBTIQ community have received the nod, atheists are still not allowed to enroll in the organization.

  5. Scouts make up 85 % of FBI agents

    Scouting teaches one to be resilient, investigative, and agile by nature; qualities that help them pass the rigorous examination processes to be an FBI agent.

Why Scout Sunday is Important

  1. We become our ideal self

    Scouting teaches us many important life lessons and values. We learn to be attentive to others, helpful to everyone, and accountable to ourselves.

  2. Scouts are respected

    Society admires anyone who has undergone training as a scout. Most of these people turn out to be good, productive members of society.

  3. We learn to be religious without being orthodox

    Religion is fundamental to happiness. But in BSA, it’s not about attending the church, learning the Bible, or comprehending theology. Religion is first acknowledging who and what God is; second, making the most out of the life He has given us and doing what He desires us to do.

Scout Sunday dates

2022February 6Sunday
2023February 5Sunday
2024February 4Sunday
2025February 2Sunday
2026February 8Sunday

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