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National Salute to Veteran Patients – February 9-15, 2025

The National Salute to Veteran Patients takes place during the week of February 14 every year. This year, it takes place from February 9 to 15. The purpose of the holiday is to honor and pay tribute to the brave military veterans who receive medical care at Veterans Affairs (V.A.) medical facilities. The holiday also seeks to create more awareness about the importance of these centers and encourage more people to visit and volunteer.

History of National Salute to Veteran Patients

Though the history of National Salute to Veteran Patients is largely unclear, the basis for the holiday has been clearly set out. According to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, there are three main reasons behind the creation of this holiday, which are — to pay tribute to veterans, to encourage people to visit and volunteer their services to veteran medical centers, and finally, to increase community awareness about the role of the V.A medical centers.

According to statistics provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs, just under 100,000 veterans visit the medical centers every single day. And each year, more than nine million veterans also receive medical treatment. These centers are run by the Veterans Health Administration (V.H.A), which is the largest integrated healthcare system in the United States. There are over 1,200 facilities run by the V.H.A, 171 of which are V.A. medical centers. In addition to this, there are also 1,112 outpatient centers as well. These statistics underscore the need for more helping hands in the program.

V.H.A medical centers offer a wide range of medical services to patients. These services include orthopedics, mental health care, surgery, critical care, radiology, pharmacy, physical therapy, speech pathology, neurology, and much more.

During the week, a host of activities to create awareness take place at various centers, such as recreational activities, Valentine’s gifting, and school visits. This year, make it a point of duty to celebrate and appreciate the veterans whose selfless service has contributed to the safety and peace of our country.

National Salute to Veteran Patients timeline

The Armed Forces

The United States Armed Forces is created.

The U.S. Army is Established

The United States Army is formally established by the Congress of the Federation.

The U.S. Navy is Created

The United States Congress establishes the United States Navy.

The Marine Corps is Established

The United States Marine Corps is created by Congress.

The Air Force is Created

The National Security Act of 1947 creates the U.S Air Force.

National Salute to Veteran Patients FAQs

What qualifies you to be a veteran?

Veterans are people who have done active service in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, who were discharged under conditions other than dishonorable.

What is the minimum number of years a person must serve in the U.S. Armed Forces?

The minimum number of years for serving in the U.S military is eight years, which includes four years of active service and four years of inactive service.

How many branches make up the U.S Armed Forces?

The United States Armed Forces is divided into six branches: the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Space Force.

How to Observe National Salute to Veteran Patients

  1. Become a volunteer

    Apart from honoring veterans, one of the most important reasons for this holiday is to encourage people to volunteer. Contact your nearest V.A medical center and volunteer both your time and resources.

  2. Visit a V.A medical center

    One visit and a cheerful conversation might go a long way in brightening a patient’s day. Visit a V.A medical center with a bouquet of flowers, a lovely book, or just your awesome presence.

  3. Share your knowledge

    More people need to learn about National Salute to Veteran Patients. Share this post with your social media contacts, using the hashtag #salutetoveteranpatients.

5 Shocking Facts About The United States Armed Forces

  1. The U.S military spends big

    In 2019, the U.S allocated $693 billion to the U.S military.

  2. One of a kind

    The United States Space Force is the first and only independent space force in the entire world.

  3. The Armed Forces existed before America did

    The United States Armed Forces were established a year before America gained independence.

  4. Many U.S. presidents served in the military

    Out of 44 U.S Presidents, up to 31 have served in the U.S military.

  5. Women were once barred from enlisting

    Women weren’t allowed to join the U.S military until 1948.

Why National Salute to Veteran Patients is Important

  1. It honors bravery and sacrifice

    This day is a great opportunity to honor the selfless men and women who laid down their lives for our country. Even if their active years of service are over, they stand tall as heroes in our hearts.

  2. It creates awareness

    Veterans are a group of people that may be easily forgotten because their active days of service are over. However, this holiday reminds us of these brave individuals.

  3. It encourages volunteer efforts

    National Salute to Veteran Patients helps to spur and inspire volunteer efforts among people. Volunteering, which might come in the form of visits, activities, or even donations, is a good way to lend support to veterans.

National Salute to Veteran Patients dates

2022February 13Sunday
2023February 12Sunday
2024February 11Sunday
2025February 9Sunday
2026February 8Sunday

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