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SatFeb 8

Molasses Bar Day – February 8, 2025

Molasses Bar Day is celebrated every year on February 8. If you have never tasted molasses, then Molasses Bar Day is the perfect day to treat yourself to this yummy dish. Molasses, also known as black treacle in Britain, is essentially a thick sugary syrup made from sugarcane or sugar beets. Molasses contain large amounts of calcium, iron, and magnesium. Beet molasses is 50% sugar by weight, and if the manufacturer is feeling adventurous, sugar is sometimes extracted from beet molasses through molasses desugarization. But for cooking, we mostly use cane molasses. Molasses is mainly used as a sugar substitute.

History of Molasses Bar Day

The word ‘honey’ translates to ‘mel’ in Latin, which resulted in the emergence of the word ‘melaco’ in Portuguese. Finally, ‘molasses’ derives from the two former mentioned words. From Latin to the word ‘molasses,’ there is a sugary tinge in each word. From as early as the 1500s, molasses has been used as a sweetener for food. There are a wide variety of uses for it in cooking — molasses are regularly used for making cookies, gingerbread, sauces, dark rye bread, beers, and molasses bars. In Middle Eastern culture, molasses is produced from dates, grapes, and pomegranates. In baking and cooking, cane molasses was unhesitantly used.

It was popular in America as early as the 19th century when it was plentiful and commonly used as a sweetener in foods and as an ingredient for brewing beer during colonial times. So much so that even George Washington published a molasses beer recipe! The harvesting of sugar cane and stripping it of its leaves was the process of making molasses. People would extract its juice by crushing, cutting, or smashing the sugar cane. The juice is boiled to concentrate it and start the sugar crystallization process. This process is known to contain the highest sugar content.

The first syrup is usually referred to in the Southern states of the United States as cane syrup and not molasses. The second boiling procedure consists of extracting sugar which results in a bitter taste. The third boiling of the sugar syrup yields dark, viscous blackstrap molasses that is known for its robust flavor. Unlike highly refined sugars, molasses contains significant amounts of vitamin B6 and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese. Having only a tablespoon can provide up to 20% of the recommended daily value of each of those nutrients.

Molasses Bar Day timeline

Molasses Appear in Print

A Portuguese book heralds the invention of a brand new sweetener.

Molasses Act

High taxes are levied on molasses by the British via the Molasses Act.

Molasses Are a Favorite

They are more popular in America than refined sugar.

Great Molasses Flood

A huge vat of molasses at the Purity Distilling Company in Boston explodes spilling two million liters of molasses on the streets.

Molasses Bar Day FAQs

What are molasses made of?

It’s made from boiling down sugar cane or sugar beet juice. Molasses contain some minerals and vitamins and several antioxidants. It appears with a syrup-like consistency that is thick and brown. Not forgetting its sweet flavor.

Is eating molasses good for you?

When enjoyed in moderation, blackstrap molasses can add a hint of sweetness to many foods, along with several important vitamins and minerals. Each spoon of molasses syrup is made up of the required amount of iron we need daily, which is 20%.

Why are molasses bad for you?

While molasses can be a good alternative to refined sugar, consuming too much of any added sugar can have adverse effects. Large amounts of molasses are particularly harmful to individuals who have diabetes. Also, molasses can cause digestive problems like diarrhea or loose stools.

Molasses Bar Day Activities

  1. Make molasses bars

    The best way to celebrate Molasses Bar Day is to make your molasses bars and see what all the fuss is about. Bake away on this day!

  2. Share molasses bars

    The next step after making molasses bars is sharing them. Pack and batch and distribute them among friends and family.

  3. Switch your sweeteners

    On Molasses Bar Day, ditch refined sugar for molasses. Add molasses to your beverages, cookies, and other foods of your choice.

5 Facts About Molasses That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. A different name in the U.K.

    Britishers call molasses “treacle.”

  2. Molasses and alcohol

    Some vodka and rum brands use molasses.

  3. A black golden syrup-type liquid

    The quality of the molasses depends on how the sugar is refined.

  4. The Great Molasses Flood caused a mess

    It took six months to clean the streets of Boston after the flood.

  5. Molasses as a fruit

    Pomegranate molasses are quite common too.

Why We Love Molasses Bar Day

  1. Molasses bars are delicious

    The reason why we love and celebrate Molasses Bar Day is that we love molasses bars. They are easy to make, delicious, and quite nutritious too.

  2. Trying a new recipe

    If you have made molasses bars before, fret not. Molasses Bar Day inspires us to come up with innovative recipes using molasses as a sweetener.

  3. Sharing with friends

    Molasses Bar Day becomes even more enjoyable when you celebrate the delicious treat with your friends. That’s a reason good enough to love the day.

Molasses Bar Day dates

2025February 8Saturday
2026February 8Sunday
2027February 8Monday
2028February 8Tuesday
2029February 8Thursday

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