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National Homegating Day – February 9, 2025

National Homegating Day is celebrated every year in the United States during Super Bowl Sunday. This year, it takes place on February 9. On this day, the time-honored tradition of tailgating is brought indoors. Irrespective of the cold weather and you not feeling like making the drive to the game, you can still celebrate Super Bowl Sunday. Enjoy the game as usual but inside the comfort of your home. National Homegating Day brings together families and friends when they could not make it to the stadium. Each year more and more fans get together to celebrate National Homegating Day. What a fun way to get everyone included in the always-awaited football championship game!

History of National Homegating Day

National Homegating Day was founded by the president of Tailgating Challenge, Luke Lorick, in September 2019. According to him, he simply wanted to take the tailgating experience indoors! This is the day to move the tailgating events to your home. National Homegating Day encourages us to do all the things one would normally do at a tailgate — games, grilling, food, friends, fun, and soaking in the festivities together. Celebrate this fun day by firing up the grill and setting up a Superbowl Sunday party for your family or friends.

But how did the Tailgating Challenge come to be? It all started with Luke Lorick being tired of large corporations demanding long workweeks of more than 50 hours. Determined to do something about it and make workweeks fun. Lorick decided to put his long-time passion for tailgating to work, resulting in the establishment of Tailgating Challenge. Since establishing such in 2012, Luke Lorick has been hailed as an expert on all tailgating and homegating-related initiatives.

Luke is also the founder of National Tailgating Day. This day is observed on the first Saturday of September each year. For the unversed, tailgating is a common American activity. When an American says they are tailgating, it means they will be cooking food and having drinks out at the back of their car in the park before going into a public event such as the Super Bowl game! So naturally, National Homegating Day means doing all of the above activities indoors, preferably in the comfort of your home.

National Homegating Day timeline

The Super Bowl

This event emerges from a merger between the N.F.L. and American Football League.

The First Game

The first Super Bowl game is played in Los Angeles.

Rise in Popularity

Heightened media and public interest in the game arise.

The Most Expensive Commercial Slot

A 30-second commercial spot during the Super Bowl is priced at approximately $4.8 million.

National Homegating Day FAQs

Why is Super Bowl so famous?

More than 168 million people tuned in for the game, making it the most viewed program in the history of the U.S. Due to the high number of viewers during the game, companies have been interested in buying commercial airtime at a high price.

Why is it called the Super Bowl?

The third Super Bowl was officially given that name by Lamar Hunt. According to legend, Hunt knew his daughter played with a toy called the Super Ball and it stuck in his head when the league was looking for a name for the event.

Why is Super Bowl on a Sunday?

The N.F.L. commissioner Roger Goodell defends the league’s Super Bowl date by saying that Sunday draws a bigger T.V. audience than Saturday.

National Homegating Day Activities

  1. Homegate with your family or friends

    Celebrate the annual National Homegating Day by, of course, homegating! Host fellow football fans and get the good times rolling. Do not forget to organize a barbecue and stock up on drinks and snacks.

  2. Throw a party

    You can still celebrate National Homegating Day even if you are not, particularly a football fan! National Homegating Day is all about having a good time. So, throw a party and live it up to mark the occasion.

  3. Play a sport

    After eating and drinking, play a sport with your friends to celebrate National Homegating Day. After all, it is a sporty occasion and it is the custom of the day. You can also tune in to the Super Bowl game on television.

5 Interesting Facts About The Super Bowl

  1. The second-highest eating day for Americans

    About eight million pounds of guacamole are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

  2. First team to win a Super Bowl

    In 1967, the Green Bay Packers won over the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10.

  3. Performing bands/artists aren’t paid

    The N.F.L. only covers the expenses and production costs but does not pay the performers themselves.

  4. Brother coaches competing

    In 2013, Jim Harbaugh, with the San Francisco 49ers, and John Harbaugh with the Baltimore Ravens faced each other in a game.

  5. They’re not held in cold stadiums

    The N.F.L. does not hold the Super Bowl in stadiums with a climate of less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why We Love National Homegating Day

  1. It is an inclusive event

    The best thing about National Homegating Day is that it is inclusive. The celebration makes sure that no one feels left out on Super Bowl Sunday and everyone gets to enjoy the game in their own way.

  2. We love the Super Bowl

    National Homegating Day is a direct response to the Super Bowl game and maybe that is why many fans love it! It makes them feel connected to the game even when they are not attending the games in person.

  3. It is fun

    National Homegating Day is so much fun! In fact, it is a day to forget about all the worries of weekdays and soak in the energy of Super Bowl Sunday. Add to that the company of your friends and National Homegating Day and it will be an event like no other.

National Homegating Day dates

2022February 13Sunday
2023February 12Sunday
2024February 11Sunday
2025February 9Sunday
2026February 8Sunday

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