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National Hero Week – February 9-15, 2025

National Hero Week takes place during the second week of February. This year, it takes place from February 9 to 15. It is a week dedicated to the amazing superheroes we all love and cherish from our childhood. Superheroes show us courage and conviction in the face of great odds. Their stories teach us the importance of having a good heart and an unyielding mind. National Hero Week is also about appreciating greatness in the simple things of life.

History of National Hero Week

We humans always wish to be better than others in every sense. Whether it be finances, family background, race, culture, strength, looks, intelligence, and so on, we love to be the best out there. This desire to be better than others sparked the fantasy of superheroes. All these ideas only needed a skilled writer to write about them.

The comic books were already printing stories about cartoon characters. Lee Falk introduced the concept of superheroes through his creation of the character which he called Phantom. He described Phantom as a costumed fictional superhero.DC Comics ushered in the Golden Age of Comics with the creation of Superman. They followed up with more iconic superheroes who all became remarkably familiar, even to those who are not interested in superheroes. After five years since the release of the first DC comic book, Marvel entered the fray by releasing Captain Marvel. But the breakthrough for Marvel came in 1962 when comic book legend Stan Lee released Spiderman.

Comic books became popular at a time when the U.S. and Europe were facing wars. The comic books provided much-needed relief for people and played a big part in raising their hopes. After World War II, the golden age of comic books slowly ended. But the popularity of the characters never faded. The Superman movie release took the comic book characters to the big screen. Now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most successful film franchises in the world.

National Hero Week timeline

The Creation of Phantom

Lee Falk releases the first costumed fictional superhero story.

The First Female Superhero

Fletcher Hanks introduces Fantomah, the first female superhero.

Superheroes to the Big Screen

“Superman” hit the big screen and starts the era of superhero movies.

National Superhero Day

Marvel comics employees create the first National Superhero Day.

National Hero Week FAQs

How does reading about heroes affect us?

The stories of heroes can inspire us to be better people. They can motivate us to do good for others without expecting anything in return.

How do heroes inspire us?

Heroes exemplify values and show qualities that we admire. Their lives are perfect examples of how to overcome challenges.

Who is a hero in your life and why?

A hero can be anyone who puts his life in the line to save someone else.

National Hero Week Activities

  1. Watch some superhero movies

    This is a day about superheroes. Let us spend this day watching some of our favorite superhero movies.

  2. Share about your favorite superhero

    Share the story of your favorite superhero. Most heroes have a tragic side, explain why the tragic side is important for your hero.

  3. Appreciate the real-life heroes

    Superheroes are fun. We have real-life superheroes in health care, safety, and police forces who save lives. Use this day to appreciate their effort for the safety of others.

5 Facts About Superheroes That You Should Know

  1. Bald Superman

    Superman was first supposed to be a bald character obsessed with world domination.

  2. The grey Hulk

    The Hulk was supposed to be grey and later changed to green to make the print look good.

  3. Michael Jackson as Spidey

    Jackson wanted to play the role of Spider-Man.

  4. The largest comic book market

    Japan is the largest market for comic books.

  5. Superheroes and WWII

    Historians believe superhero characters helped to calm people who were worried about the threat of war during and after WWII.

Why We Love National Hero Week

  1. A week for inspirations is good for the soul

    Superheroes are fictional characters created to inspire us to do good. We love that they try to bring something positive to the world.

  2. We love fantasy

    Most heroes belong to a fantasy world. We love the intriguing concepts and styles used in fantasy worlds and this is a week to explore them.

  3. What is life without some super powers

    Superpowers are fun. But unfortunately, we are bound by the laws of Physics. We love that there is a week for us to admire the made-up powers of our heroes.

National Hero Week dates

2022February 13Sunday
2023February 12Sunday
2024February 11Sunday
2025February 9Sunday
2026February 8Sunday

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