Pop Culture Holidays

Pop culture is a part of our every day lives. It’s in the TV shows we watch, the podcasts we listen to, the social media feeds we read, and it is the basis of a lot of the interpersonal and societal conversations we engage in. Without pop culture, we’d certainly be bored! That’s why there are over 60 holidays dedicated to its many facets, including celebrity birthdays, days that celebrate particular industries and job titles in pop culture, and days dedicated to different fandoms or different “worlds” that pop culture have created for us.

National DJ Day,
National Compliment Day
World Nutella Day, , ,
Bob Marley's Birthday,
Galentine's Day, , ,
Rihanna’s Birthday, ,
National Pokemon Day,
Justin Bieber's Birthday, ,
National Cereal Day,
Quentin Tarantino's Birthday, ,
Lady Gaga's Birthday,
Selena Day, , ,
National Superhero Day
Star Wars Day,
Towel Day,
Prince’s Birthday, , ,
National Donald Duck Day,
Tupac's Birthday, , ,
National Garfield the Cat Day, ,
Bourdain Day, , , ,
Global Beatles Day, , ,
National Bingo Day, ,
World UFO Day, , , ,
Bastille Day, , ,
World Emoji Day,
National Moon Day, , , , ,
Selena Gomez's Birthday, , ,
Harry Potter's Birthday, ,
Spider-Man Day
Barack Obama’s Birthday, ,
National Book Lovers Day, ,
International Lefthanders Day
Kobe Bryant Day, , , , ,
Beyoncé’s Birthday,
Batman Day,
Hobbit Day , ,
National Singles Day ,
National Comic Book Day, ,
Johnny Appleseed Day, ,
National No Excuses Day, ,
National Starbucks Day, ,
National Mad Hatter Day, ,
​National Frappe Day,
National Hug a Drummer Day, ,
Cardi B's Birthday,
National Grouch Day
​National I Love Lucy Day,
Eminem's Birthday, ,
National Edge Day, , ,
​Back to the Future Day ,
National Croc Day, , ,
Drake's Birthday, ,
Katy Perry's Birthday,
National Art Day
Sesame Street Day
National Metal Day, ,
National Drummer Day, ,
Mickey Mouse Day
Mickey Mouse’s Birthday, , , ,
Minnie Mouse's Birthday,
National Princess Day,
Taylor Swift’s Birthday,
Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day
National Emo Day, , , ,
Festivus, , , ,