Pop Culture Holidays

Though you might not have heard of all of these holidays, you definitely know the pop icons that inspired them, from Mickey Mouse to the Beatles. In fact, we love to celebrate 24 fantastic pop culture holidays every year.

Jan. 2National Science Fiction DayPop CultureU.S.
Jan. 3JRR Tolkien DayPop CultureU.S.
Jan. 7National Bobblehead DayPop CultureU.S.
Jan. 13National Rubber Ducky DayActivities, Pop CultureU.S.
Feb. 13Galentine's DayPop CultureU.S.
Mar. 7National Cereal DayFood, Health, Pop CultureU.S.
Mar. 9National Barbie DayBrand, Pop Culture, ShoppingU.S.
Mar. 10National Landline Telephone DayPop CultureU.S.
Mar. 19National Let’s Laugh DayActivities, Family, Health, Pop CultureU.S.
Apr. 28National Superhero DayPop CultureU.S.
Apr. 30International Jazz DayPop CultureWorld
May 4Star Wars DayPop CultureWorld
Jun. 9National Donald Duck DayPop CultureU.S.
Jun. 19National Garfield the Cat DayPop CultureU.S.
Jun. 25World Beatles DayPop CultureWorld
Jun. 30World Social Media DayPop CultureWorld
Jul. 17World Emoji DayPop CultureWorld
Aug. 1Spider-Man DayPop CultureU.S.
Sep. 17Batman DayPop CultureU.S.
Sep. 25National Comic Book DayPop CultureU.S.
Nov. 10Sesame Street DayPop CultureU.S.
Nov. 18Mickey Mouse DayBrand, Pop CultureU.S.
Dec. 18Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf DayPop CultureU.S.
Dec. 23FestivusActivities, Pop CultureU.S.

Where did pop culture holidays come from?

The term ‘popular culture’ has been used since the 19th century. Originally it referred to lower class forms of entertainment — separate from the ‘official culture’ of the aristocracy.

But today the term refers to figures, movements, and franchises even people who live under rocks have heard of. The holidays commemorating these phenomena come from one of two places. Fans or brands. For instance, Star Wars Day was started online by fans, who landed on May the 4th as a natural day to celebrate Lucas's creation; whereas World Emoji Day (July 17th), unsurprisingly, can be traced back to Apple — and Marvel got there before DC to create National Superhero Day (April 28th).

Still other holidays come from a middle-ground: groups of fans that have banded together into official, but unaffiliated organizations. Take JRR Tolkien Day (January 3rd), started by the Tolkien Society —a group that bills itself as an "educational charity and literary society devoted to the study and promotion of the life and works of the author and academic J.R.R. Tolkien."

Submit Your Favorite Pop Culture Holidays

Did we miss one of your favorite pop culture holidays? Here at NationalToday.com we're always looking to add to our roster, so head to our holiday submission page and let us know! But first make sure you add a little bit of information about the holiday you're submitting. What's the day about? In which countries is it celebrated? Has it been covered before in the media? We look forward to seeing what you've got!

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