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Techno Day
MonDec 9

Techno Day – December 9, 2024

Techno Day is celebrated annually on December 9. It is a holiday dedicated to celebrating techno, a music genre that is growing globally. The date of the day was intentionally chosen to coincide with the birthday of Juan Atkins, who is widely considered the originator of techno music along with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. Jointly they are known as the Belleville Three.

History of Techno Day

Techno is a kind of electronic dance music (EDM) that originated in Detroit, Michigan in the late ’80s. The very first recorded utilization of the word ‘techno’ in reference to the particular genre of music was around the same time. It is now very popular around the world.

The exact origin of Techno Day is not exactly known. It began with people celebrating in small groups and it grew in popularity as news spread via the internet. Over the years since its origination, techno has developed and evolved to now boast variations that would not have been thought of at the time of it first being created.

Techno was considered a fusion of dance music with the avant-garde, futuristic sounds from the likes of German electro-pop group Kraftwerk. It is still regarded as intellectual and cerebral, with the sub-genre of ambient techno, which is designed to be enjoyed outside of the club environment, also known as intelligent dance music.

A number of different electronic instruments are used by techno artists. These include sequencers and synthesizers, drum machines, and digital audio workstations.

Today, many types of techno music exist, but Detroit techno continues to be viewed as the original building block for the genre.

Techno Day timeline

Synthesizer is Invented

The first electronic sound synthesizer is developed by American acoustical engineers Harry Olson and Herbert Belar.

Pioneer Techno Song

The first true techno song ‘NO UFOs’ is released.

German Counterparts

The German techno label Tresor Records releases the compilation album “Tresor II: Berlin & Detroit – A Techno Alliance”.

Due Recognition

American music technology publication “Keyboard Magazine”, acknowledges Juan Atkins’ role in techno music and honors him as one of 12 who counts in the history of keyboard music.

Techno Day FAQs

What is the difference between EDM and techno?

EDM (electronic dance music) is basically music made with electronic devices. It is the umbrella name for everything techno, house, downtempo, trance, and breakbeat. 

Does techno music help you study?

A number of different studies reveal that listening to upbeat, electronic music that does not have any distracting lyrics can help you to focus and also boosts your overall cognitive performance.

Why is techno music so good?

Techno music is a mix of complex rhythms and according to some studies, the more complex the rhythm is, the more difficult and intriguing it is for the brain to comprehend. This thus gives one a euphoric and pleasurable sensation due to the repetitive rhythms.

How To Celebrate Techno Day

  1. Go to a techno event and dance

    This is the perfect day to experience techno music in all its awesomeness. Attend one of the many techno events being held on this day, and shake that body of yours to some great music!

  2. Create your own techno music

    There are online tutorials available on how to create techno music. Check some of them out and start creating your very own sound.

  3. Encourage others to learn the music

    Share this great music genre with others on this day. They’ll surely appreciate you introducing them to such amazing music.

5 Facts About Techno Music That Will Intrigue You

  1. It is mostly repetitive danceable beats

    Most of it is 4/4 time (signature) and played at a tempo ranging from 120 beats per minute (bpm) to 150 bpm.

  2. It can be quite complex

    It uses a compositional technique based on looping a bassline and drum beat, over which a producer may add synth pads, diatonic melodies, or samples.

  3. Loved across Europe

    The original techno sound had amassed a large underground following in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium by the early 1990s.

  4. It has influenced the film industry

    A number of films about it including “High Tech Soul”, “Technomania”, “We Call It Techno!” and “Tresor Berlin”, have been produced and released.

  5. The U.K. especially loves it

    In the U.K., Glasgow’s Sub Club has been associated with techno since the early 1990s, and clubs such as London’s Fabric and Egg London have gained notoriety for supporting techno.

Why We Love Techno Day

  1. It gives us a unique experience of music

    Being a relatively recent genre of music, different from the traditional music that uses normal musical instruments, this day gives access to a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s one everyone would love to have.

  2. It benefits the mind

    Techno music helps the brain release the dopamine chemical that is responsible for us feeling motivated and energized. It is also responsible for positive emotions, including cheerfulness and delight.

  3. It helps us to socialize

    Through concerts and shows centered around techno music, diverse people get to come together to interact. This increases the platforms for socializing.

Techno Day dates

2024December 9Monday
2025December 9Tuesday
2026December 9Wednesday
2027December 9Thursday
2028December 9Saturday

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