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Lost and Found Day

Lost and Found Day – December 9, 2024

We celebrate the official Lost and Found Day on the second Friday in December. December is brutal. Reeling from the Thanksgiving leftovers and being back in the office as the Christmas countdown officially starts can mess up our brains. As the year winds down and we begin taking a mental record of everything that happened, it is important to note everything we found and lost in the last 12 months. So, roll up your sleeves and get down to business as we launch the search party for every item we have lost this year.

History of Lost and Found Day

Do you remember your first encounter with a communal lost and found box? A single shoe, old keys, a sharpener, and a loose tie are all that we could find in that scrappy cardboard joint. Well, these boxes can trace their origin back to hundreds of years. The first code for tracing lost property was written in the year 718, when Japanese monks included the service of returning the belongings of people in their daily tasks.

This courteous gesture has followed us since. Today, every public place has a lost and found box, sustained by people who want to reunite the owner with their lost item. This establishes the power of community.

There is innate humanity in taking care of non-living things and mourning their loss. We develop affection for the things that surround us. Oftentimes, the loss of these things can devastate us. Likewise, finding a lost item can be a source of immense serotonin. This is why we celebrate Lost and Found Day, a day dedicated to searching for the things that we have lost.

As we continue to research the origination and designation of this holiday, let us take a pledge to become better guardians of our belongings. We can all administer more caution in our lives. Checking our pockets as we exit a venue, keeping records of the things we lend, and designating individual spaces for different things, are all ways in which we can improve our custodianship of valuable items.

Lost and Found Day timeline

The First Lost and Found

A lost and found code to trace lost property is written in Japan.

The System of Paris

French leader Napoleon establishes the first office for lost and found items in Paris.

The Return of the Order

Paris’ municipal Police Prefect, Louis Lépine begins tracking down the owners of the collected lost items.

The Day Begins

The second Friday of December is officially marked as Lost and Found Day.

Lost and Found Day FAQs

What is the best way to avoid losing things?

Be organized and keep your items in separate places. Additionally, be mindful of your things when you are exiting a place.

How can I take care of someone’s lost possession?

Try to look for identification on the found possession. Try to trace the owner by making loud announcements and handing over the goods to the nearest figure of authority.

What is the most commonly lost item?

T.V. remotes are the most commonly lost or misplaced item, followed by cell phone and car keys. 

How To Celebrate Lost and Found Day

  1. Organize your cupboard

    The best way to figure out what stuff is missing is to swipe your cupboard or look through your personal belongings. Soon enough, you will realize that you cannot find that shirt you wore last year or the necklace you wore to your prom.

  2. Return other people’s things

    Sailing in the same boat by hoarding someone else’s stuff? Let us change that. The second week of December is the best time to mend the bridges, fix relationships, and let go of things you have been holding on to all year.

  3. Go thrift shopping

    We do not need a reason to go thrift shopping — after all, it is good for your pocket and the environment. But since we are talking about the value of lost stuff, why not hit up our local thrift shop and stake a claim on someone else’s belongings.

5 Easy Ways To Track Your Lost Items

  1. Mark the crime scene

    Try to memorize the last time you saw the lost items and revisit the place.

  2. Play the piper

    Let your intuition take the lead and trace back to the places where you may have lost your prized possession.

  3. Roll the cameras

    Search through your phone for photographs of the lost items and analyze the timeline of the disappearance.

  4. Clean your room

    Shuffle through your room; there is a good chance your bed or the huge pile of clothes has claimed it.

  5. Call for backup

    Ring up your friends and acquaintances and form a search party.

Why We Love Lost and Found Day

  1. You never know what you are missing

    Due to the abundance of stuff around us and our love for novelty, oftentimes the misplaced stuff can truly slip our radar. Thankfully, we have an entire day dedicated to figuring out the things missing from our life — with a weekend ahead to search for them.

  2. It is a great way to wrap the year

    As we climb through our balance sheet and tally our assets and liabilities for the year, Lost and Found Day comes around to help us tally our lives. Add the task of tracing your belongings to your year-end to-do list and donate the stuff you no longer need to goodwill.

  3. It reminds us of the value of things

    In this fast-paced world of bills and deadlines, we often forget the purpose of life and the value of things. The somber knock of a weekend reminds us to value our things and cherish the memories we have with them.

Lost and Found Day dates

2022December 9Friday
2023December 8Friday
2024December 13Friday
2025December 12Friday
2026December 11Friday

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