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MS Ireland Christmas Jumper Day – December 9, 2024

MS Ireland Christmas Jumper Day is observed on a particular day in December. This year, it takes place on December 9. This day is an annual Save the Children event that raises funds for kids in the U.K. and worldwide. Every December, millions of individuals across Ireland (and beyond) dress up in festive attire and make a contribution to help give the children the good life they deserve. The public donations collected help support the work of the international charity, Save the Children.

History of MS Ireland Christmas Jumper Day

MS Ireland Christmas Jumper Day is a yearly funding campaign in the United Kingdom and Ireland organized by the charity Save the Children. On a particular Friday in December, individuals are urged to contribute to a better world by donning a sweater, wearing a Christmas jumper, and trying to make a minimum deposit of £1.

Participants can wear a Christmas jumper, dress up in an old jumper with festive ornaments, or knit their own. Christmas Jumper Day is well-attended in schools and workplaces. On the day, groups often participate in extra fundraising activities in addition to making charitable contributions.

On Friday, December 14, 2012, Save the Children started the day. You can register to partake at any location of your choice, including your business, school, or group of relatives and friends, by visiting any Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day websites.

This annual event has helped raise millions of pounds thus far, so it is something worth taking into account and adding as a regular feature to your end-of-year festivities. Save the Children has a fundraising leaderboard that shows the sums that teams have helped raise, which is a good incentive. They also demonstrate images of some participants and provide information on how the money raised is being used.

Show your support on social media or in person. With our shared determination to create change in the world around us, there is little we cannot achieve. Don’t forget to donate to support the charity.

MS Ireland Christmas Jumper Day timeline

The Evolution of Christmas Jumpers

The gaudy knitwear we know today is said to be inherited from jumpers accessorized by Scandinavian fishermen.

The Catwalk Debut

Christmas jumpers appear on the catwalk, and the jumper becomes a symbol of the holiday season.

The First MS Ireland Christmas Jumper Day

On Friday, December 14, Save the Children introduces the day.

Students in Ireland Join the Cause

Students in Ireland's schools decide to join the drive to raise funds for Save the Children.

MS Ireland Christmas Jumper Day FAQs

What do you call a jumper with a zipper?

A cardigan commonly refers to a sweater with an open front closed by buttons or a zipper.

Where did Christmas jumper originate?

According to Dr. Benjamin Wild, the Christmas jumper can be dated directly to the sweaters crafted in Scandinavia and Iceland before the 1900s.

Who made Christmas jumpers prevalent?

Christmas jumpers became popular in the United Kingdom during the 1980s after T.V. broadcasters such as Gyles Brandreth and Timmy Mallett decided to wear them during the holidays.

MS Ireland Christmas Jumper Day Activities

  1. Put on a Christmas sweater

    For the day, put on your most Christmas-sy sweater/jumper. Wear a bright sweater with Christmas designs and contribute to making the world a better place.

  2. Share words of encouragement on social media

    Use the hashtag #Christmasjumperday to encourage others online during this time. Yours could be the words that someone needs to hear.

  3. Make a donation or volunteer

    You can donate or volunteer with Save the Children if you have the funds or time to help save the children! There is no such thing as a small amount or action.

5 Interesting Facts About The Irish

  1. The date

    Unlike many other cultures, which observe Christmas from the evening of December 24 through the actual day itself, the Irish only celebrate it on December 25.

  2. The sweater season

    Everyone, regardless of age, dons Christmas sweaters during this time of year; some even sport blinkers and play music while driving.

  3. The stylish decorations

    The Irish spend lots of money decorating their homes, and the city is covered in lights.

  4. The godly bunch

    Ireland has a long history of being a Catholic nation, and many still attend church on Christmas Eve.

  5. The advent calendar

    This is a cultural practice for young kids; it is a calendar for Christmas counting down from December 1 to December 24, with a little viewing window each day of the month and usually containing a sweet.

Why We Love MS Ireland Christmas Jumper Day

  1. It's sweater weather

    The best time of year to purchase finely knit, red and green sweaters embellished with bows and sparkles is now. This great season is the ideal time to display these magnificent garments.

  2. It's a lovely occasion

    For many people, MS Ireland Christmas Jumper Day is a terrific holiday tradition. We agree and think it's a fantastic way to spend the holidays!

  3. It promotes the giving spirit

    The joy of giving is central to Christmas celebrations. The day is another perfect example and a reminder of this.

MS Ireland Christmas Jumper Day dates

2022December 9Friday
2023December 9Saturday
2024December 13Friday
2025December 12Friday
2026December 11Friday

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