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MonDec 9

National Opal Apples Day – December 9, 2024

National Opal Apples Day is on December 9, and we are celebrating a sunny fruit, unlike any other — Opal® apples! With a vivid bright yellow appearance, unique crunch, and sweet and tangy flavor, this fruit is a cross between a Golden Delicious apple and a Topaz apple. But what makes this apple extraordinary is its incredible natural non-browning properties, meaning it will remain fresh and crunchy after cutting. Gone are the days when salads and lunchboxes were opened to soft and mushy browning apples! Opals can be left sliced for hours and won’t turn brown!

Opal® apples are non-GMO and grown exclusively in the United States by FirstFruits Farms in Washington. Many people are choosing Opals, and we encourage everyone to try them out and taste the difference!

History of National Opal Apples Day

There are over 7,000 varieties of apples, but Opal® apples clearly stand out. Opal® apples were discovered in Europe in 1999 and are exclusively sold by FirstFruits Farms in North America. Today, it is one of the most sought-after apples on the market. Opal® apples can’t be compared to an everyday apple. From their striking golden appearance to their one-of-a-kind oxidation-resistive properties, more and more people are choosing Opals as their go-to for salads, smoothies, and light snacks. The fruit is also popular with children, who may be picky eaters.

We have FirstFruits Farms to thank for Opal® apples. Created in 1980, FirstFruits Farms has revolutionized the growing and manufacturing of products and is committed to producing high-quality fruit sustainably and equitably, bringing the best of fruit to consumers’ kitchens and tables.

First developed at the Institute of Experimental Botany in Prague, FirstFruits Farms obtained exclusive North American growing and selling rights to the Opal® apple, a naturally non-browning apple with independent non-GMO verification, in 2010. The fruit industry was abuzz with the exciting new variety, which rose in popularity, especially among health-conscious consumers.

Opal® apples are in season from November through June each year, and although they’re available in major grocery stores nationwide, they’re not as common as Honeycrisps or Galas, so don’t miss out! Enjoy them while you can!

National Opal Apples Day timeline

FirstFruits Farms is Created

Soon after planting their first acreage in Prescott, Washington, the grower FirstFruits is born.

An Apple Breakthrough

Opal® apples are discovered by a team of botanists in Europe.

Organic Production

Recognizing both the environmental benefits and the business opportunities presented in an expanding organic market, FirstFruits Farms purchases 400 acres in Wallula, along the idyllic Columbia River.

Exclusive Rights

FirstFruits Farms acquires exclusive rights to Opal® apples, with non-GMO verification.

Apples in Space

Opal® is sent to the astronauts on the International Space Station.

Pop Culture

World-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck serves Opal® apple spring rolls to the guests at Paris Hilton’s wedding.

National Opal Apples Day - Survey Results

What your apple choice says about you!

National Opal Apples Day FAQs

Are Opal® apples good to eat?

Opal® apples are tasty and healthy, they have a fantastic texture, and they don’t turn brown when exposed and left out in the air.

What are Opal® apples best for?

Opal® apples can be used in most recipes that require apples. You can add them to salads, coleslaws, and other meals without fear of ruining the dish.

Are Opal® apples the same as Golden Delicious?

While Opal® apples are a cross between a Golden Delicious apple and a Topaz apple, Opal® apples are unique in that they are more flavorsome and incredibly crisp.

How To Celebrate Opal Apples Day

  1. Find Opal® apples near you

    What better way to celebrate National Opal Apples Day than by buying them and tasting them for yourself? You can find Opal® apples at select locations across the country. Find a store near you or head over to

  2. Try a recipe

    They're nutritious and tasty! If you think apples are great, wait until you try recipes using Opal® apples as an ingredient . Some recipe ideas are Opal® apple overnight oats, Opal® apple cranberry chutney, and Opal® apple smothered pork chops.

  3. Share it with others

    Opal® apples may be the fruit that gives back but sharing them is even more satisfying. Let others know what they are missing out on by presenting them with sliced Opal® apples or by sharing information about them with your friends and food groups on social media.

5 Reasons To Choose Opal® Apples

  1. They're crispy, flavorful, and sweet

    Beautifully bright yellow, crunchy, and packed with flavor, we bet you won't be able to resist taking another bite of this delicious fruit.

  2. They're naturally non-browning

    Apples oxidizing and browning after being cut is the worst, but Opal® apples remain fresh and crispy!

  3. Non-GMO

    Opal® apples are not genetically modified; they're 100% natural!

  4. Opal® apples give back

    FirstFruits Farms sponsors the Youth Make A Difference program , which empowers youth leaders to contribute to their communities and tackle issues like food security and sustainable farming across the country.

  5. Opal® apples are super healthy

    The fruit is rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene, which are ideal for strengthening the immune system and promoting lower cholesterol.

Why We Love National Opal Apples Day

  1. Opal® apples are irresistible

    The question is, how can we NOT love Opal® apples? An aesthetically pleasing fruit with a sweet and tangy flavor bursting with every bite? We can see why people are opting for this variety more and more.

  2. Opal® apples don't turn brown.

    We at National Today are in awe of this unique characteristic. Apples that don't oxidize and turn brown? We are here for it! Add to that the fact that this is a 100% natural feature of Opals, and we have an apple that leads the pack.

  3. It helps to resolve food issues and gives back to the community

    Taste the difference and make a difference with every purchase of Opal® apples. FirstFruits Farms is a recognized leader in the apple industry, sponsoring the Youth Make A Difference program, which works towards resolving food issues and contributing to communities.

National Opal Apples Day dates

2024December 9Monday
2025December 9Tuesday
2026December 9Wednesday
2027December 9Thursday
2028December 9Saturday

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