Some holidays—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas—everyone has heard of. Others, not so much. At National Today we love celebrating [count] holidays that most have yet to discover!

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National Umbrella Month,
Jan 31 Monday
National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day,
Feb 4 Friday
National Wear Red Day,
Feb 11 Friday
Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day,
Mar 26 Saturday
Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, ,
Mar 27 Sunday
International Scribble Day, ,
National Joe Day,
Apr 7 Wednesday
National No Housework Day,
Apr 9 Friday
National Name Yourself Day,
Apr 11 Sunday
National Submarine Day
May 3 Monday
National Paranormal Day, ,
May 9 Sunday
National Lost Sock Memorial Day , ,
May 13 Thursday
National Frog Jumping Day
May 14 Friday
National Dance Like a Chicken Day, ,
Jun 21 Monday
National Aboriginal Day, , , ,
Jun 23 Wednesday
National Pink Day
Jun 28 Monday
Tau Day,
Jun 30 Wednesday
International Asteroid Day, , ,
Jul 2 Friday
World UFO Day, , ,
Jul 12 Monday
National Different Colored Eyes Day
Jul 13 Tuesday
Embrace Your Geekness Day,
Jul 14 Wednesday
Pandemonium Day,
Jul 29 Thursday
National Lipstick Day,
Aug 27 Friday
Tracky Dack Day, ,
Oct 3 Sunday
National Kevin Day
Oct 13 Wednesday
International Skeptics Day, ,
Nov 5 Friday
National Love Your Red Hair Day,
Nov 22 Monday
Love Your Freckles Day
Dec 22 Wednesday
Mathematics Day
Dec 26 Sunday
National Whiners Day, ,
Dec 30 Thursday
National Resolution Planning Day,
Jul 4-10
Be Nice to Jersey Week, ,