Some holidays—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas—everyone has heard of. Others, not so much. At National Today we love celebrating [count] holidays that most have yet to discover!

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National Umbrella Month, ,
Jan 31 Monday
National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day,
Feb 4 Friday
National Wear Red Day,
Feb 11 Friday
Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day,
Feb 13 Sunday
Get a Different Name Day, ,
Mar 26 Saturday
Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, ,
Mar 27 Sunday
International Scribble Day, ,
National Joe Day,
Apr 7 Thursday
National No Housework Day,
Apr 9 Saturday
National Name Yourself Day,
Apr 11 Monday
National Submarine Day ,
Apr 26 Tuesday
Richter Scale Day, ,
May 3 Tuesday
National Paranormal Day, ,
May 9 Monday
National Lost Sock Memorial Day , ,
May 12 Thursday
National Odometer Day, ,
May 13 Friday
National Frog Jumping Day, ,
May 14 Saturday
National Dance Like a Chicken Day, ,
May 27 Friday
National Cellophane Tape Day,
Jun 21 Tuesday
Canada's National Indigenous Peoples Day, , , ,
Jun 23 Thursday
National Pink Day
Jun 28 Tuesday
Tau Day, ,
Jun 30 Thursday
International Asteroid Day, , ,
National Handshake Day,
Jul 2 Friday
World UFO Day, , ,
Jul 3 Saturday
Disobedience Day,
Jul 12 Monday
National Different Colored Eyes Day
Jul 13 Tuesday
Embrace Your Geekness Day,
Jul 14 Wednesday
Pandemonium Day,
Jul 29 Thursday
National Lipstick Day, ,
Aug 27 Friday
Tracky Dack Day, ,
Oct 3 Sunday
National Kevin Day
Oct 13 Wednesday
International Skeptics Day, ,
Nov 5 Friday
National Love Your Red Hair Day,
Nov 22 Monday
Love Your Freckles Day
Dec 22 Wednesday
Mathematics Day,
Dec 26 Sunday
National Whiners Day, ,
Dec 30 Thursday
National Resolution Planning Day,
Jul 4-10
Be Nice to Jersey Week, ,