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FriMar 14

March Full Moon – March 14, 2025

March Full Moon, celebrated March 14 this year, is a night of wonder and mysticism. The northern Native American tribes recognized this moon as the Full Crow Moon, the end of winter when the cawing of crows is nonstop. It is also called the Full Crust Moon due to the snow covers becoming crusted from falling by day and then freezing at night. The full moon is a time we feel the energy to express ourselves the most, solidify our relationships, discard the toxicity in our lives and make positive changes. When the temperature slowly starts to warm, and the ground begins to melt, the robins return, and earthworms appear, that’s when you know that March’s Full Moon will soon be here.

History of March Full Moon

March’s moon is usually a “super moon” The term was begun by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979, who said it pertains to either a new or full moon close to the Earth. Other names for March’s Full Moon include the Crow, Worm, Crust, Sap, and Sugar Moon. The name Crow Moon was created by northwestern tribes in the U.S who noticed that crows frequently cawed during the moon.

Other groups named it the Crust Moon due to the crust of snow that freezes at night. While other people call it the Sap or Sugar Moon because the moon brought on an early spring which is the time for tapping maple trees. In the Hebrew calendar, the full moon falls in the Middle of Nisan, which is linked to the observance of Passover. This holiday also celebrates the Jewish people leaving slavery in Egypt. For Hindus, this full moon corresponds with Holi, which celebrates the conquest of good over evil.

In Sri Lanka, the full moon is known as Madin Poya or Medin, which marks the Buddha’s first meeting with his father after undergoing enlightenment. And for followers of Islam, the full moon falls in the middle of the month of Sha’ban, the month before Ramadan. 

March Full Moon timeline

The Worm Moon

Captain Jonathan Carver refers to the March moon as a “Worm.”

The Supermoon

The nickname "Supermoon" is created by an astrologer named Richard Nolle.

The Super Full Moon

One of the biggest and closest moon sightings in history is observed on March 19, 2011.

A Bright Moon

The March moon in 2021 had an illumination of 98%.

March Full Moon FAQs

How long does the energy of the full moon last?

The power and energy that comes from a full Moon energy are accessible for about a week — three days before the full moon, on the full moon, and three days after.

Does a full moon affect sleep?

Adequate research has proven that, in the days leading up to a full moon, people go to sleep later than usual and sleep for fewer hours. A full moon can equally lead to a delay in entering into REM sleep.

Can you wish on a full moon, and does it work?

Absolutely. The new moon is a time when dreams come true, and wishes are granted.

March Full Moon Activities

  1. Observe the Full Moon

    Use a telescope or good binoculars but be careful! The full moon can be blindingly bright, and you don't want to hurt your eyes. If it appears so, you can use a moon filter and just enjoy the beautiful view.

  2. Forgive others

    A full moon brings new beginnings, so it is no time to hold grudges. Practice self-care on this day and improve your physical and cognitive health by letting go of hateful, negative emotions and forgiving others and yourself.

  3. Rekindle relationships

    The full moon fills us with more energy than ever to express our feelings, love our family, and be intimate with our partners. Rushing into new things is not advisable on a full moon, instead, try to rekindle your relationships.

5 Interesting Facts About The Moon

  1. There is water on the moon

    The water is in the form of ice trapped within dust and minerals on and under the surface.

  2. The moon’s surface is dark

    Although the moon appears very bright compared to the normal night sky, the moon's surface is completely dark.

  3. The moon is shifting away from us

    The Moon is shifting approximately 3.8 cm away from our planet every year.

  4. The moon and sun aren’t similar sizes

    Although the Sun and Moon look about the same size, the Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun but just closer to Earth.

  5. The moon is the second-densest satellite

    It is, among those whose densities are known. 

Why We Love March Full Moon

  1. We get to solidify our relationships

    The full moon brings along the emotions and guts to express ourselves the best. It helps us solidify our relationships, get rid of the toxic ones, and make the necessary changes to keep us going and growing.

  2. Moon bathing is healthy

    Moon bathing is healthy on all levels, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. A 30-minute exposure to moonlight can soothe and cool excess heat, anger, and imbalance from the body's system. It has even been used to help diseases such as migraines, hives, hypertension, rashes, urticaria, and other inflammatory conditions.

  3. We have fun

    A full moon is not the greatest time to start sleeping, so we engage in recreational activities to pass the time. There are several fun activities to do on a full moon, such as charging crystals and trying new looks and hairstyles among others.

March Full Moon dates

2023March 7Tuesday
2024March 25Monday
2025March 14Friday

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