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FriSep 27

National AJ Day – September 27, 2024

National A.J. Day, which was created especially for people with the name A.J., is celebrated every year on September 27. This day was founded by A.J.’s Seafood and Oyster Bar in 2019.

National A.J. Day is celebrated at all four locations of A.J’s Seafood and Oyster Bar with drink and food specials. They also give away celebratory shirts throughout the day. Everyone is greeted with a “Hello My Name is A.J.” and can have a great time over there throughout the day.

History of National AJ Day

A.J.’s Seafood and Oyster Bar founded National A.J. Day in 2019. They have been serving cold Gulf Coast oysters since 1984.

A.J’s Seafood and Oyster Bar started out as a popular hang-out spot in the Destin Harbor. They were known for their fresh oysters and cold beer. The food place has since grown into an iconic ‘hot spot.’ They have been very successful and have branched to four locations along Florida’s Emerald Coast, serving the freshest seafood, best live music, and most exciting water activities in the Destin area.

The four venues reflect the neighborly vibe in which they are situated. Each has a unique atmosphere and personality but they all share the common goal of serving the best live music, the freshest seafood, the yummiest raw oysters, and the coldest beer along Florida’s coast.

The original location is at Destin Harbor. A.J’s Oyster Shanty is on Okaloosa Island, A.J’s on the Bayou is located at the base of the Cinco Bayou Bridge in Fort Walton Beach, and A.J’s Grayton Beach is in Grayton Beach. A.J’s Grayton Beach is the newest location in the A.J family and was voted one of 30A’s Hottest Spots for Live Music.

A.J’s Seafood and Oyster Bar also hosts tournaments such as the Annual Destin Fishing Rodeo as well as runs A.J’s Water Adventures which offers daytime dolphin cruises, sunset dolphin cruises, sunset sailing cruises, snorkeling, and more.

National AJ Day timeline

A.J's Seafood and Oyster Bar Opens

Alan Laird opens the first A.J's Seafood and Oyster Bar.

A Change of Location

The restaurant is shifted "down the hill" to the west end of the harbor five years later.

National A.J's Day is Founded

A.J's Seafood and Oyster Bar creates National A.J's Day on September 27, 2019.

A Leader in the Restaurant Industry

Alan Laird is ranked number 37 out of 500 submissions in the category for “Most Influential Restaurant Executives in the Country” on its “Power List 2020.”

Annual Destin Fishing Rodeo

The 73rd Annual Destin Fishing Rodeo takes place.

National AJ Day FAQs

Is A.J. a real name?

The name ‘A.J.’ is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that is a combination of the letters A and J.

Is A.J a common name?

A.J. was the 1899th most popular boys’ name and 8878th most popular girls’ name in the year 2020.

Can A.J. be a first name?

Although A.J. usually comprises the initials for two separate names, it is sometimes used as a given name as well.

National AJ Day Activities

  1. Have fun with people named A.J.

    There are probably no holidays that are specially dedicated to a certain name. So, if you have an A.J. in your life, this is the day to take them out and celebrate!

  2. Go fishing

    While the ideal choice would be to drop by at A.J.'s Seafood and Oyster Bar and enjoy some fresh seafood, don’t be disappointed if you can’t go there for some reason. You could plan a fishing trip with your loved ones and simply catch your lunch.

  3. Recreate one of A.J.'s Seafood and Oyster Bar meals

    In case you’re looking at spending the day at home and using your cooking chops, then don’t worry. Just take a look at A.J's Seafood and Oyster Bar’s menu and recreate a dish to celebrate National A.J's Day.

5 Facts About Oysters

  1. Oysters can change their gender

    During their lives, oysters change their sex usually starting as males and then ending as females.

  2. Pearls don’t only come from oysters

    Pearls can also come from freshwater mussels.

  3. We’ve been cultivating oysters for eons

    Humans have been cultivating oysters since the times of the Roman Empire and eating them since prehistoric times.

  4. Oysters get their flavors from their environments

    Due to the amount of water that oysters filter, they develop a flavor profile from their environment.

  5. Oysters are rich in nutrients

    Oysters are rich in nutrients like vitamins, zinc, calcium, magnesium, protein, selenium, and vitamin A; they also contain high levels of vitamin B12, iron, and monounsaturated fat.

Why We Love National AJ Day

  1. It's a fun, quirky day to celebrate

    Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones whose name is A.J. Even if you’re not, who is stopping you from putting on a "Hello My Name is A.J." t-shirt and having some fun?

  2. It’s the perfect excuse to hang out at A.J's Seafood and Oyster Bar

    You don’t ‘have to’ have an ‘A.J connection’ to enjoy this day. Spending time with your loved ones while relishing seafood and live music performances at A.J's Seafood and Oyster Bar is the best thing you can do today.

  3. Supporting local businesses and tourism is cool

    A.J's Seafood and Oyster Bar is a hit with both locals and non-locals. Instead of going to the same old fast food outlet, supporting a local business can truly help the community thrive.

National AJ Day dates

2024September 27Friday
2025September 27Saturday
2026September 27Sunday
2027September 27Monday
2028September 27Wednesday

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