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International Lace Day
SatSep 28

International Lace Day – September 28, 2024

International Lace Day is celebrated every year on the last Saturday of September. Lace has been used for years for a variety of things. Right from fashionable clothes to home decorative items. This day seeks to honor this intricate art form.

Lace has been around for centuries, and used for many purposes, from fashion to home decor – we celebrate this day to honor the timeless and forever trendy art of lacemaking.   


History of International Lace Day

The history of who created International Day is a mystery but not the history of this delicate fabric. It has been believed that lace arose in the early 16th century. Back then, lace often meant ‘ties,’ well into the 17th century. In 1627, an artist Frans Hals painted a portrait of Nicolaes Hasselaer showing to be dressed in a black garment with a lace collar.

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the origins of lace, but Venice was regarded as an important trading center. In the early centuries, around the 1550s, the first known lace pattern books were printed. Then in the 1600s, high-quality lace was being made in many centers across Europe. Even women who practiced textile crafts picked up lace making as a new skill. Lace has always found a strong footing in fashion as well. In 1976, lace also saw the formation of The Lace Guild, the publication of Pamela Nottingham’s “The Technique of Bobbin Lace,” and the first polystyrene (styrofoam) pillows.

A skill that was only performed by hand initially witnessed a change in the very fabric of the business. The industrial revolution in Britain introduced machines for lace-making and the first machine lace was made towards the end of the 18th century. The appeal of lacemaking now solely exists as a hobby, while the actual patterned fabric is produced on a wide scale for business purposes. While handmade lace still exists for sale, by the 20th century, people started taking lace-making as a craft for pleasure rather than a profession.

Lace trends come and go, but it remains an elegant staple throughout. Recently, the ‘cottagecore’ fashion wave of 2021 has seen a revival of vintage lace. The classic look and feel of lace is celebrated annually on International Lace Day.

Lace is still regarded as an elegant fabric that adorns clothes and houses. It’s multipurpose and the right design can truly uplift your whole look. International Lace Day honors this very purpose.

International Lace Day timeline

16th Century
Lace originates

This delicate and pretty fabric originates in Europe.

Lace Pattern Book

The book “Le Pompe” is published, featuring lace designs and patterns.

Nicolaes Hasselaer’s Portrait

Frans Hals paints a portrait of Nicolaes Hasselaer wearing a black outfit with a lace collar.

18th Century
Machines Takeover

The industrial revolution replaces human labor for lace with machines producing designs.

Machine for Mesh Ground

An Englishman, John Heathcoat, invents the machine to make a tedious element of lace, the mesh ground.

The Resurgence of Lace

The Duchess of Cambridge adorns an exquisitely hand-cut chantilly lace bridal gown for her wedding to Prince Williams.

Celebrities Rock Lace

Lace dresses are worn by celebrities such as Halsey and Kim Kardashian.

International Lace Day FAQs

Where did lace come from?

This decorative work called lace comes from Europe and has distinct types such as needle lace and bobbin lace. 

What is a lace worker?

Individual lacemakers would work out of their homes for a lace dealer. They would supply thread and patterns to the makers. Lacemakers were typically women. 

What is lace fabric made of?

The fabric is made from yarn or thread but was originally made from silk and linen. Today, both cotton thread and synthetic fibers are used in lace making. 

How To Observe International Lace Day

  1. Learn how to make lace

    On International Lace Day, how about making yourself a lace piece? If you don’t know how to sew or stitch, you can sign up for a class or seek out people who already know the skill.

  2. Decorate your house with lace

    Looking to decorate your house or give it a complete makeover? Try swapping some pieces with laceworks such as a tabletop cover or cushion cover. It will add an elegant touch to your ambiance.

  3. Buy lace clothes

    How does a wardrobe makeover sound? Gives you another reason to shop, right? Seek out a pretty lace piece for yourself and add it to your existing collection of clothes.

5 Interesting Facts About Lace

  1. Origin of the word

    The Latin word for ‘lace’ is ‘laqueus,’ which means to ensnare or entice.

  2. Type of lace

    There are many different types of lace such as whitework lace, needle lace, knitted lace, knotted lace, bobbin lace, etc.

  3. Lace material

    Lace typically uses synthetic fiber as the primary material for its manufacturing.

  4. Ways to make lace

    Lace is made in two distinct ways, either handmade or machine-made.

  5. Popular in bridal wear

    Many celebrities have adorned lace in their bridal wear, for instance, Amal Clooney’s $380,000 wedding gown which featured intricate French lace.

Why International Lace Day Is Important

  1. It’s a creative skill

    Lacework is a creative skill performed with great precision and meticulousness. The final product of the labor that goes into it is priceless. It is thus important to celebrate this day and honor the efforts that go into making lace.

  2. Lacework is pretty

    Lacework is aesthetically pleasing to look at with all the delicate work that goes into it. The art form looks rich and elegant, whether it's used in clothes or decorative pieces. It is perfect to wear whether day or night and even a preferred choice for bridal wear. A lace piece in your wardrobe or your house can really elevate the style quotient.

  3. Promotes an age-old skill

    Lace-making has been around for centuries and passed down from generations. Years ago people especially took extra care of their lace and it used to be part of daily wear.

International Lace Day dates

2022September 24Saturday
2023September 30Saturday
2024September 28Saturday
2025September 27Saturday
2026September 26Saturday

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