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FriSep 27

National Scarf Day – September 27, 2024

National Scarf Day is on September 27 and we are popularizing the most affordable way to accessorize your outfit… by wearing a scarf. Did you know that besides wrapping it around your neck or letting it dangle down your shoulders, you can tie a scarf around your head, or even use it as a substitute for a belt? Scarves range from antique scarves, infinity scarves, snoods, and cowls. A scarf looks best when its color matches your shoes.

History of National Scarf Day

Scarves were first worn by Ancient Egyptians, such as the infamous Queen Nefertiti, who used them as a head wrap. In the 17th century, higher-ranked Croatian soldiers wore silk scarves while the rest wore cotton ones. Famous music composer Ludwig Van Beethoven used to wear silk scarves to get the attention of his lover.

However, National Scarf Day was only created in 2018 by a retail brand named Echo New York. The brand is well-known for scarves with vibrant hues, beautiful patterns and made from numerous textiles. Due to this, scarves have been a part of fashion-forward trends. The objective of National Scarf Day was to recognize the dominance of a simple scarf in the world of fashion.

Echo Fashion was established on an impulse by its founders Edgar and Therese Hymann on their wedding day in 1920. When they were at the registrar to get their marriage license, they decided to get one for their business as well. After four generations of business, Echo Fashion has been established all over America, Japan, Europe, and the U.K. In addition to scarves, they currently sell nightwear and loungewear.

As of 2019, the brand even sells scarves with Pride Month colors to empower the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ community to wear their identity proudly on their sleeves (pun intended.) Apart from this, one of their specialties is the hand-painted scarves for the artistic soul.

National Scarf Day timeline

The Scarf Emerges During the Great Depression

Edgar and his wife’s scarf business becomes successful in cold-weather regions and is a prime example of a business that succeeds during the Great Depression during this period.

Scarves Become Manuals During WWII

Women’s scarves with printed instructions on how to escape air raids, deal with blackouts, and general patriotic slogans become popular around this time.

Models Debut Lankies and Status Scarves

Scarves become brighter and bolder with psychedelic hues, and new ways of adorning them are experimented with.

A Decade of Continued Growth for Scarves

Thanks to the partnership with Ralph Lauren, Echo Fashions becomes the sole licensee to manufacture scarves.

National Scarf Day FAQs

Why is National Scarf Day celebrated?

Another opportunity that has been identified as a reason to celebrate this holiday is to encourage former scouts to wear their scarves and continue the spirit of scouting.

What is a neckerchief used for?

Neckerchiefs are used by chefs while preparing food in hot conditions, to prevent their sweat from dripping onto the food.

What are the best scarves for women?

Cotton scarves are best for women because of their breathability and because they’re organic, ladies with sensitive skin can wear them too.

National Scarf Day Activities

  1. Wear your favorite scarf

    Embellish your outfit with a scarf. Drape it around your neck like a tie and capture the moment. Update your Facebook and Instagram accounts with your selfie.

  2. Indulge in a scarf shopping spree

    If there aren’t enough scarves in your closet, it’s time to add more to your collection. Shop for silk, wool, or cashmere scarves. Look out for any discounts during National Scarf Day at retail stores.

  3. Gift a matching scarf

    It’s time to twin and what better way to do that than to wear the same kind of scarf on a fun outing? Gift your daughter, sister, mom, friend, or pet a matching scarf.

5 Interesting Facts About Scarves That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Scarves were first made to wipe sweat

    The scarf was not created for winters but summers — in the Ancient Rome empire, it was also called ‘Sundarium,’ meaning ‘sweat cloth.’

  2. Scarves were used to distinguish hierarchy

    Within an army in the Roman Empire, the scarf was seen as a badge of honor and, depending on one’s rank, they would have to wear different kinds of scarves.

  3. It takes years to make one scarf

    Not by humans, by Mother Nature — it takes two mulberry trees producing 300 cocoons to make a single silk scarf.

  4. Scarves were used as crowns

    Move over, diamond- and gold-studded crowns — scarves were the preferred headdress in the Ancient Egyptian Empire, and Queen Nefertiti was known to have worn them.

  5. The longest knitted scarf is 14,978 ft 6.16 in

    The scarf was knitted by Helge Johansen from Norway in 2013.

Why We Love National Scarf Day

  1. Scarves keep you warm during chilly winters

    Winters are the time when many of us suffer from colds. Even stepping outside could result in the flu if we’re not properly dressed. A thick scarf can prevent such illnesses.

  2. There are many ways to wear a scarf

    You can get creative and wear one scarf in many ways such as a knotted loop, tucked-in loop, neckerchief, or twist and through styles.

  3. They protect you from sunburn

    A scarf comes in handy during the summer as well. Besides using sunscreen, the next best way to block out harmful U.V. rays is to channel Audrey Hepburn and elegantly drape a scarf over your head.

National Scarf Day dates

2024September 27Friday
2025September 27Saturday
2026September 27Sunday
2027September 27Monday
2028September 27Wednesday

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