National Singles Day – September 22, 2020

Tue Sep 22

If you’re single and proud of it, raise your hand! You’ve got lots of company because National Singles Day every September 22,  pays homage to all those beautiful, single people in America. You wouldn’t know this based on the daily flood of couples pictured on Instagram, but the U.S. Census Bureau recently reported that there are 110.6 million single American adults – that’s up from 1.6 million from 2016.

You might ask: if singles are seemingly everywhere, why is it so hard to meet that one soulmate?  We can’t tell you why, but we’re here to  you let you know that you’re not alone — you’re spending time with yourself.  It takes time and meditation to know what (or who) you do and don’t like.  On National Singles Day,  get out there and live your own truth! 

National Singles Day timeline


Rihanna is single

"Guys need attention," she says. "I’ll give it to my family, I’ll give it to my work – but I will not give it to a man right now."


Taylor Swift builds a money empire out of her failed relationships

"1989," the best-selling album of 2014, is simultaneously Swift's break up with country music and a mourning of her one-month relationship with Harry Styles, referencing him literally and contextually in three songs on the album.


Barbie and Ken break up

Their business manager told the Associated Press that Barbie and Ken "feel it’s time to spend some quality time — apart." Since then, the two have lived separately in plastic paradise, their cupped hands ne'er to meet again.


Beethoven: too ugly and half crazy

Magdalena Willman said no to his proposal, later telling her nephew that Beethoven was "too ugly and half crazy."


Queen Elizabeth I shuts it down

In response to pressure from England's lords to choose a mate, Queen Elizabeth I replies: "If I am to disclose to you what I should prefer... it is this: beggar-woman and single, far rather than queen and married!"

National Singles Day Activities

  1. Delete your ex's number

    Do it for real, this time. Delete them off Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Venmo, and any and all platforms that might beguile either of you to slide into their inbox in a rare moment of weakness.

  2. Hit the club

    Or the farmer's market, or the gym, or a church benefit — but do it solo. No, you don't have to be on the prowl. It's not about meeting people — there's every other day of the year for that. It's about showing up as the proud single person you are. Let your single flag fly.

  3. Marry yourself

    This activity is for National Singles Day extremists ONLY. If you want to cement your single status forever, plan a ceremony, invite all your friends and promise to love, cherish and honor yourself in sickness and in health. This is technically legal but will not be recognized as a valid marriage certificate by the United States government.

10 Gifs To Cheer Up A Single Person

Why We Love National Singles Day

  1. The world is yours

    On every other day of the year, America revolves around couples. Valentine's Day. Wedding season. Halloween. Baby showers, bridal showers, children's birthdays. Not to mention the constant pressure from your friends and family to partner up ASAP, as if the perfect human could be ordered and delivered to your door in 30 minutes. But not on National Singles Day — it's all about you and that's perfectly okay.

  2. Singles are gaining ground

    With so many single Americans, either by choice or as the result of divorce or the death of a spouse; businesses are seeing this as an opportunity. Singles can check to see if certain cruise lines have solo cabins without paying a supplemental fee. Even if a single person eats out, there's no shame in that game anymore with restaurants sensitive to seating singles with everyone else (unlike back in the day when a single patron might be seated near the kitchen.) Our advice? Experience single life to the max!

  3. It's possible to be a single parent by choice

    One of the most annoying things that singles often deal with is all the pressure to marry and have children — but if there's no one to marry, what do you do? Today, more single people with great incomes are choosing to adopt children on their own. If this has been on your mind, contact an adoption agency that specializes in single parent adoptions.

National Singles Day dates
2020September 22Tuesday
2021September 22Wednesday
2022September 22Thursday
2023September 22Friday
2024September 22Sunday