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SatSep 28

National Bunny Day – September 28, 2024

What’s up, doc? National Bunny Day highlights the value and contributions that pet rabbits bring to their owners. Held on the fourth Saturday or Sunday each September, National Bunny Day also centers on the welfare of rabbits — while promoting a healthy environments for those raised as pets. The House Rabbit Society hosts a number of events on the day, including a carnival and various fundraisers.

National Bunny Day timeline

Rabbits as pets​

Normans bring the first rabbits to Britain and establish them as pets.​

Association of rabbit owners​

A national rabbit association dedicated to all breeds was launched.

White rabbit breed

​A breeder in California's actually responsible for the classic New Zealand White breed. They are are exceptionally calm and docile rabbits.

National Bunny Day Activities

  1. Adopt a pet rabbit

    Many animal shelters offer opportunities to adopt pet rabbits. Do some research about local shelters and find out if there's are rabbits available for adoption.

  2. Learn about rabbit welfare

    Rabbits have welfare needs distinct from other domestic animals. Study up on things like diet — as well as the best ways to create a healthy environment.

  3. Contact your local shelter

    See if you can volunteer or make a donation. Even if you're not in a position to adopt you can still interact with them.

5 Rabbits We Love

  1. ​Bugs Bunny

    Bugs is a much-loved character and most well known for his antics with the Roadrunner.​

  2. Roger Rabbit

    Roger's suspected in the murder of a famous Hollywood film producer (and owner of Toontown) in Disney's 1988 smash "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

  3. ​Peter Rabbit

    Peter enjoys spending his days in a vegetable garden. What rabbit wouldn't?​

  4. ​The Velveteen Rabbit

    ​A toy rabbit who becomes real through the love given to him by his owner.

  5. ​White Rabbit

    Famous waistcoat-wearing rabbit featured in Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."​

Why We Love National Bunny Day

  1. Rabbits are cute

    Who doesn't love rabbits? From Bugs Bunny to the Energizer Bunny, rabbits have a long history in our culture. They also make great pets.

  2. Rabbits need a good environment

    Pet rabbits need to be properly cared for and live in a safe environment. National Bunny Day helps us remember that rabbits are on a par with other domestics pets such as cats and dogs.

  3. Rabbits need our help

    Not all rabbits are safe. National Bunny Day seeks to educate the public about rabbit hunting, medical experimentation, and product testing.

National Bunny Day dates

2021September 25Saturday
2022September 24Saturday
2023September 23Saturday
2024September 28Saturday
2025September 27Saturday

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