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SatJun 1

Wear a Dress Day – June 1, 2024

Wear a Dress Day is celebrated every June 1 and gives women an opportunity to sport their favorite dress. This includes dresses of all sorts, designs, and patterns — all that is important is that it’s a dress you love. Why create a day that is all about dresses, you ask? Well, the fact is, dresses are easy to wear and super comfy, especially in the hot summer weather when you begin to sweat the minute you step out of an air-conditioned space. So use this occasion to dump your jeans and adorn a cute dress that makes you look oh so lovely.

History of Wear a Dress Day

Amongst various interesting days celebrated across the U.S., one fun occasion is Wear a Dress Day. Dedicated to all women — or basically anyone who wants to wear a dress — the day is all about dressing up and having fun! The origins of the day are unclear but what we do know is, its observation started in 2010 and led to many women taking photos of themselves in dresses and posting them on social media with the hashtag #WearADressDay.

The question is, why are dresses so important to the ladies? Well, this is mostly because there is a long history of how dresses evolved over time and not all were the most comfortable. For instance, from the 16th century till the 19th century, dresses were often worn with uncomfortable corsets that made it hard for women to even breathe. While the dresses looked gorgeous, they were also extremely uncomfortable to wear since they were created out of various layers of heavy fabrics. In 1775, the dresses got bigger and fancier, making it tough for women to move around with ease.

It wasn’t until 1860 when the dress fabric became simpler and easier to wear, but the size of dresses only began to decrease in the 1900s. By the 1920s, the hemlines began to reduce and dresses became more enjoyable to wear. Today, women can wear short dresses, loose dresses, tight dresses, or full-length gowns without worrying about rigid social norms — and it’s this empowerment that makes us want to celebrate Wear a Dress Day!

Wear a Dress Day timeline

The Big Ones

Hoop-skirt style dresses are worn.

Shrinking Dresses

Dress hemlines are reduced to save money and cloth during World War II.

The Hour Glass Look

Christian Dior introduces dresses that highlight a woman’s figure.

Short Skirts

The mini dress becomes fashionable.

Wear a Dress Day FAQs

What is Wear A Dress Day?

Wear A Dress Day is celebrated on June 1 to strut your style in feminine and playful dresses!  

Who created National Dress Day?

Ashley Lauren founded National Dress Day as a way to relive and celebrate our dearest dress memories.

What is National Fashion Day?

Fashion Day is an annual holiday celebrated on July 9.

How to Celebrate Wear a Dress Day

  1. Throw a party of your favorite era

    This means you have endless options, ranging from the ’60s to the funky ’90s. The aim is to use the opportunity to wear one of your favorite dresses in public.

  2. Donate some dresses

    Since everyone loves dresses, use this day to donate some of the dresses you no longer wear to charity.

  3. Wear your best dress!

    Pick out your favorite dress from your wardrobe and make a plan with friends so you can wear it out. Whether it's a party dress or a cute skater dress, anything that makes you look and feel good will work.

5 Fun Facts About Dresses

  1. The longest wedding dress

    The longest wedding dress has a 1.85-mile-long train.

  2. Young Michael Kors

    The first dress that designer Michael Kors worked on was his mother’s wedding dress.

  3. Marilyn Monroe’s expensive dress

    The actress owned a dress with 6,000 rhinestones.

  4. The 19th-century black dress

    The black dress was worn solely to mourn a death.

  5. The ‘little black dress’

    The little black dress was compared to the Ford car due to its practicality.

Why Dresses Are Important

  1. They are easy to wear

    Short dresses and maxis are super easy to wear, they are comfortable, affordable, and make you feel powerful and feminine. Short dresses are also more desirable for ladies residing in countries with a hot climate.

  2. Dresses make a style statement

    While everyone likes to suit up once in a while, the variety of dress designs available make it easy for you to make a style statement — even on a low budget!

  3. What you wear affects your psychology

    The ‘little black dress,’ for instance, has become an essence of femininity, and women sporting this color often feel more confident and sure of themselves.

Wear a Dress Day dates

2024June 1Saturday
2025June 1Sunday
2026June 1Monday
2027June 1Tuesday
2028June 1Thursday
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