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Lane Courtesy Month – June 2024

Lane Courtesy Month is observed every year in June. The month is celebrated across the country to remind people to practice safe driving and lane courtesy on the roads. On the road, drivers are tasked with keeping themselves and other drivers safe, but this is made difficult when other drivers don’t follow the rules.

In the U.S., lane courtesy refers to keeping the left lane clear for fast-moving traffic, so slower-moving drivers can keep right and drive at a comfortable pace. Very often, slower drivers block the left lane, which makes it difficult for other drivers to go at the speed they want to.

History of Lane Courtesy Month

Lane Courtesy Month is celebrated in June every year. This annual celebration is a reminder to drivers about lane courtesy rules to help ensure that everyone has a smooth experience on the road, and that people who need to get somewhere fast aren’t blocked by slower drivers.

Lane courtesy or lane discipline refers to the unwritten rules of the road that require slow-moving traffic to allow faster traffic to pass. In the U.S., to prevent slow traffic from blocking faster vehicles, drivers are expected to stick to the right lane, keeping the left lane open for faster vehicles to travel at their preferred speeds.

These rules are now part of traffic regulation and, therefore, they form part of lane courtesy and traffic laws. Laws have been modified to ensure that slower drivers have to clear the road and change lanes. Lane courtesy forms part of driving etiquette, which refers to general rules that all drivers are expected to follow on the road. These rules were developed over a period of time, beginning with horse-drawn carriages, and have evolved to meet the needs of modern vehicles and their drivers.

Driving etiquette is important for several reasons beyond being helpful and polite to all drivers. Following driving etiquette reduces the chances of a collision, road-related trauma, and road rage. Drivers who follow driving etiquette are able to reduce the chances of accidents on the road, especially when it comes to fast-moving traffic on highways across the country.

During the summer months, people start traveling to go on holiday, experience the nice weather, and generally enjoy the outdoors. As more people take to the road for the summer driving season, it becomes even more important to discuss driving etiquette, including lane courtesy.

Lane Courtesy Month timeline

Driving Etiquette Develops

With the advent of horse-drawn carriages, people start developing driving etiquette Rules.

Rural Speed Limits are Set Realistically

With realistic ideas of the speeds people drive at, it is easier to manage slow vs. fast-moving traffic.

The National Motorists Association is Formed

The N.M.A works to raise awareness and provide information about the rights accorded to motorists and the common rules they must follow.

Lane Courtesy Month

The N.M.A. sees the necessity of a reminder about lane courtesy, especially in the summer, and creates Lane Courtesy Month.

Lane Courtesy Month FAQs

Which is the fast lane in the U.S.?

The left lane is the fast lane in America.

Which highway lane is safest?

The left lane is the lane with the least crashes.

Which lane is the slowest lane on the highway?

The right lane is the slow lane on the highway.

How to Observe Lane Courtesy Month

  1. Share information about lane courtesy

    The main focus during Lane Courtesy Month is to raise awareness about which lane is for fast-moving traffic and which is for slow-moving traffic. Make sure you share this information.

  2. Practice lane courtesy

    The best way to celebrate lane courtesy month is to lead by example. Practice lane courtesy when you’re driving and ensure that you keep everyone safe.

  3. Join the N.M.A. and help their cause

    The N.M.A. advocates for motorists and is essential to drivers’ rights and safety. Join the N.M.A. and help them raise awareness about lane courtesy.

5 Facts About Lane Courtesy That Will Surprise You

  1. It helps save gas

    Practicing lane courtesy is important because it helps you improve gas mileage.

  2. It reduces driving stress

    Practicing lane courtesy reduces overall road rage, which, in turn, reduces driving stress.

  3. It keeps traffic moving

    Practicing lane courtesy ensures that traffic flows smoothly, preventing congestion on the road.

  4. It improves with higher speed limits

    Keeping speed limits low encourages people to break lane courtesy.

  5. Lane courtesy is on the decline

    According to most drivers, lane courtesy has declined over the last 10 years in the U.S.

Why Lane Courtesy Month is Important

  1. We want to stay safe

    We think that lane courtesy is important to prevent accidents. We want to make sure that we don’t cut off vehicles that are traveling at high speeds.

  2. It serves as a reminder

    It’s great to have the occasional reminder about how people should drive. This reminder is more important after long winters, during which time people might not drive as often.

  3. It educates new drivers

    Many people make mistakes due to confusion or ignorance. We want to ensure that everyone knows which lane is for fast traffic and which is for slow traffic.

Lane Courtesy Month dates

2024June 1Saturday
2025June 1Sunday
2026June 1Monday
2027June 1Tuesday
2028June 1Thursday
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