Perennial Gardening Month – June 2022

Perennial Gardening Month is celebrated in June every year and the perfect way to honor this month would be to plant some perennials. These flower year after year, thus giving you a beautiful garden to boast about and admire. Small flowering perennials bloom every spring and summer, however, they lose their flowers in fall and winter.

History of Perennial Gardening Month

June is the month in which perennials bloom in abundance and, thus, the Perennial Plant Association designated it as Perennial Gardening Month. The right timing is key to planting perennials. The idea is to encourage perennial gardening or rejuvenating an existing garden in the month of June. The perfect time to plant them is generally in spring due to the warming soil and sun. If you already have planted perennials, this is an ideal time to replant them into different pots and locations if they have grown bigger.

Perennial plants are known to produce seeds over many years and they come with specialized features that allow them to survive in extreme conditions and even adapt to hot or cold temperatures. However, this does delay their growth spurt. Nevertheless, in a warm climate, perennials grow consistently and bloom in the right season.

It doesn’t matter which perennial you pick, find one that you love and plant it during Perennial Gardening Month. When they bloom, you will be treated to an aesthetically pleasing garden that will attract appreciation from many.

Perennial Gardening Month timeline

13th Century
Leisure Gardening

Rich Europeans start growing gardens for leisure, medicinal herbs, and vegetables.

18th Century
New Types of Gardens

More natural gardens without walls start emerging especially in Europe.

Horticulture Society

The Horticultural Society is formed.

19th Century
Gardenesque Gardens

Gardenesque types of gardens emerge, which showcase a wide variety of flowers in a small space.

Perennial Gardening Month FAQs

What are the best perennials to plant now?

Some of the best perennial flowers that will bloom year after year are false indigo, daylily, hydrangeas, asters, sage, and lavender, to name a few. 

What is the best time of year to plant perennials?

The best times for planting perennial flowers are during the spring and fall. 

What flowers stay in bloom all year?

  • Petunia. 
  • Calibrachoa. 
  • Sunflower. 
  • Stock. 
  • Sweet Alyssum. 
  • Begonia. 
  • Verbena. 
  • Rudbeckia or Black-Eyed Susan.

How To Celebrate Perennial Gardening Month

  1. Take a botanical garden tour

    Head out for a mini botanical garden tour in your neighborhood. Explore the new perennials out there. Educate yourself on the varieties available so you can decide which one to plant if you ever plan to.

  2. Attend a gardening workshop

    A little gardening workshop can help you improve your gardening game. Sign up for a local class that teaches you a few tips and tricks on planting and educates you on the care required for perennials. You can put your knowledge to the test by planting your own perennials during Perennial Gardening Month.

  3. Plant your own perennials

    Perennial Gardening Month is best spent planting perennials in your home garden. The month of June is perfect due to its ideal climate conditions. Ensure you take good care of the roots of the perennials as they set the foundation for your flowers.

5 Interesting Facts About Perennials

  1. Different varieties

    Perennial plants include a wide variety of flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

  2. Different species

    There are around five different species of perennials: evergreen, deciduous, monocarpic, woody, and herbaceous.

  3. First bloom

    Perennials don’t necessarily bloom in their first year but will bloom each year after that for their entire lifespan.

  4. Short bloom time

    Perennials’ bloom time is around three to four weeks.

  5. Rest period

    Many perennial plants have a rest period in which they remain dormant and do not bloom.

Why We Love Perennial Gardening Month

  1. Gardening is fun

    Gardening can actually be quite a lot of fun and even meditative for that matter. It requires precision and patience and it can help to destress.

  2. Perennials are not limited to flowers

    Perennials are not just flowers but also fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Some of these include apples, avocados, bananas, mint, oregano, fennel, chives, kale, and potatoes.

  3. Perennial gardening is easier than imagined

    Does the sound of perennial gardening seem intimidating to you? It’s actually not. Perennials are quite low maintenance and can even clean up after themselves. Perennial Gardening Month is a good time to start on your own little home garden.

Perennial Gardening Month dates

2021June 1Tuesday
2022June 1Wednesday
2023June 1Thursday
2024June 1Saturday
2025June 1Sunday
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