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National Headache Awareness Week

National Headache Awareness Week – June 2-8, 2024

This National Headache Awareness Week from June 2 to June 2, vow to research and spread awareness regarding this common ailment. The benefit? You will come across interesting ways to help cure a headache. And yes, headaches get worse with age! The question is, what is the cause of the headaches? Is it stress-related, diet-related, or linked to a life-threatening ailment? These are some queries that can be answered only when extensive research is done on the topic. This is why special weeks such as National Headache Awareness Week provide help to thousands of people across the U.S.

History of National Headache Awareness Week

National Headache Awareness Week takes place every year in the first full week of June with the aim of spreading awareness regarding one of the most common ailments in the world. The first week of its kind took place in 1993 and was sponsored by the National Headache Foundation (NHF).

The NHF dedicates a week to headaches since the sole purpose of the organization is to spread information regarding headaches as well other diseases that can cause them. Headaches are more common than you can imagine. In fact, a survey conducted by the NHF revealed that more than 45 million Americans suffer from severe headaches during different phases in their lives. Here’s another fact that you didn’t know — there are about 150 types of headaches. The most common types of headaches include tension-, migraine-, cluster-, and sinus headaches. Each headache has a different impact and varying levels of pain that can be countered with specific medication.

Apart from bringing different types of headaches to the forefront, the NHF also aims to identify triggers that cause headaches in different people. According to research, the most common headache triggers are lack of sleep, change of weather, noise, menstruation, stress, and too much computer usage. Once these triggers are identified, people can ensure they maintain a lifestyle to combat them. Keep reading to find out more interesting facts about headaches and why celebrating this week is so important for everyone.

National Headache Awareness Week timeline

1200 B.C.
The Ancient Cure

An Egyptian papyrus document discusses rituals that relieve headaches.

400 B.C.
Note it Down

The physician Hippocrates records headache symptoms.

Spin Me Right Round

Erasmus Darwin’s theory says spinning a patient around can reduce headaches.

The Lab Rat

Harold Wolff studies headaches in a lab.

National Headache Awareness Week FAQs

Why do I get headaches in June?

Since June is a warm month, people tend to get dehydrated fast. Dehydration often triggers headaches and migraines.

What color is the migraine ribbon?

Headaches and migraines are represented by red and purple colored ribbons.

What is the most painful headache?

A cluster headache is the most painful and is often called the ‘suicide headache’.

How to Celebrate National Headache Awareness Week

  1. Research some herbal headache cures

    Tired of taking medicines whenever a headache strikes? National Headache Awareness Week is the perfect time to look for herbal cures for headaches.

  2. Teach a health class

    Find out more about headaches and volunteer to speak about the issue at the nearest elementary school. Kids also experience headaches often but rarely understand what the causes and cures are.

  3. Go medicine shopping

    Find the perfect headache tablet by browsing through the medicine section and asking a doctor to help you determine which brand will work best for you.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Headaches

  1. Money spent on medication

    $3.5 billion is spent yearly on headache medication.

  2. The common headache

    Tension headaches are the most common.

  3. A factor often ignored

    Misalignment of the vertebrae also causes headaches.

  4. The easiest cure

    Sleeping can fix headaches.

  5. Hereditary headaches

    Headaches can be inherited from parents.

Why National Headache Awareness Week is Important

  1. It increases awareness

    The week aids in creating awareness regarding the ailment that affects everyone in the world.

  2. It gives hope

    The week reminds people that they aren’t alone and a cure to even the worst headaches is within their reach. The solution lies in research and effort.

  3. It provides a solution

    Since a lot of discussions regarding headaches take place during the week, many natural and medical ways to relieve headaches are brought to the forefront.

National Headache Awareness Week dates

2022June 5Sunday
2023June 4Sunday
2024June 2Sunday
2025June 1Sunday
2026June 7Sunday

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