Lifestyle, while a broad term, defines the behaviors, interests, and values that make up who we are. When you compile all of those together, that makes up your lifestyle! Whatever you find interesting is worth celebrating, in our opinion. There are over 50 holidays dedicated to different lifestyles and interests, so there is no shortage of fun days dedicated to the things you love.

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National Hobby Month, , ,
National Umbrella Month,
Move More Month
National Decorating Month,
National Garden Month, , , ,
National Month of Hope, ,
Celiac Disease Awareness Month,
Correct Posture Month, ,
Melanoma / Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention Month,
Mental Health Awareness Month , ,
National Blood Pressure Month,
National Mediterranean Diet Month, , ,
National Salad Month, ,
National Men's Health Month,
Better Breakfast Month, ,
World Candle Month, ,
Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month
Eat Better, Eat Together Month, ,
Emotional Wellness Month,
Health Literacy Month, ,
National Book Month, ,
National Chiropractic Month
National Dental Hygiene Month
National Spina Bifida Awareness Month
No-Shave November,
Jan 2 Sunday
Brew Monday, , ,
Jan 3 Monday
Festival of Sleep Day
Jan 13 Thursday
National Gluten-Free Day ,
Jan 20 Thursday
Get To know Your Customer Day,
Jan 28 Friday
Data Privacy Day, ,
Feb 1 Tuesday
National Get Up Day,
Feb 9 Wednesday
National Toothache Day
Feb 12 Saturday
National Freedom to Marry Day, ,
Mar 2 Wednesday
National Old Stuff Day, ,
Mar 3 Thursday
National I Want You to be Happy Day, ,
Mar 10 Thursday
National Landline Telephone Day, ,
Mar 22 Tuesday
American Diabetes Association Alert Day, , , ,
Mar 27 Sunday
British Summer Time Begins, ,
Mar 30 Wednesday
National Virtual Vacation Day,
Mar 31 Thursday
Transgender Day of Visibility, ,
Apr 1 Thursday
Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action,
Apr 6 Tuesday
National Sorry Charlie Day, ,
Apr 13 Tuesday
National Scrabble Day,
Apr 15 Thursday
National Laundry Day,
Apr 23 Friday
National Take a Chance Day,
Apr 30 Friday
Honesty Day,
May 1 Saturday
Free Comic Book Day,
National Fitness Day,
May 6 Thursday
International No Diet Day, ,
May 16 Sunday
National Mimosa Day, , ,
May 17 Monday
Pack Rat Day, ,
May 20 Thursday
National Be a Millionaire Day, ,
Jun 2 Wednesday
Global Running Day,
Jun 3 Thursday
National Moonshine Day, , , ,
World Bicycle Day, , , ,
Jun 6 Sunday
National Eyewear Day
Jun 21 Monday
International Yoga Day, ,
National Smoothie Day, , , ,
Jun 23 Wednesday
National Hydration Day,
Jun 24 Thursday
National Work From Home Day,
Jul 3 Saturday
National Compliment Your Mirror Day, ,
Jul 7 Wednesday
Tell the Truth Day , ,
Jul 17 Saturday
National Lottery Day, ,
National Tattoo Day,
Jul 25 Sunday
National Wine and Cheese Day, , ,
Jul 29 Thursday
National Lipstick Day,
Aug 6 Friday
Cycle to Work Day,
Aug 8 Sunday
Dying to Know Day,
Happiness Happens Day, ,
Aug 17 Tuesday
National Thrift Shop Day
Aug 26 Thursday
National Dog Day, ,
Aug 28 Saturday
National Bow Tie Day
Sep 8 Wednesday
Pardon Day,
Sep 24 Friday
Sport Purple for Platelets Day,
Sep 25 Saturday
National Hunting and Fishing Day,
Sep 26 Sunday
Better Breakfast Day, , , , ,
Family Health & Fitness Day USA, ,
Sep 27 Monday
National No Excuses Day, ,
Sep 29 Wednesday
National Coffee Day,
National Starbucks Day, ,
Oct 5 Tuesday
National Be Nice Day,
Oct 6 Wednesday
National Plus Size Appreciation Day
Oct 10 Sunday
National Handbag Day,
Oct 11 Monday
It's My Party Day,
Oct 12 Tuesday
Farmers Day
Oct 17 Sunday
National Edge Day, ,
National Pay Back a Friend Day
Oct 18 Monday
National No Beard Day
Oct 23 Saturday
National Croc Day, , ,
Oct 25 Monday
​National I Care About You Day, ,
Nov 2 Tuesday
Recreation Day
Nov 3 Wednesday
National Homemaker Day, , ,
Nov 9 Tuesday
Chaos Never Dies Day, ,
Nov 15 Monday
National Clean Out Your Fridge Day,
Nov 25 Thursday
Shopping Reminder Day, ,
Nov 26 Friday
Buy Nothing Day,
Dec 6 Monday
Put on Your Own Shoes Day,
Dec 11 Saturday
National App Day,
Dec 15 Wednesday
National Wear Your Pearls Day
Dec 19 Sunday
National Emo Day, , ,
Dec 30 Thursday
National Resolution Planning Day,
May 9-15
National Women's Health Week
Jun 14-20
National Men's Health Week